25 November 2012 @ 11:58 pm
Puzzle 038  
[Luke's voice doesn't sound much like his voice anymore. The usual enthusiasm is gone, and he sounds utterly exhausted. His voice is shaky, as if he's been crying for a while.]


Who else has talked to Zemekis? What did you learn from him? We [his voice breaks a little] w-we should put together what we've learned from him. He revealed something to me, but...

Well, if you really want to hear what he told me, then just say so. I'm not going to say it unless you really want to hear it. But just as a warning, you won't like it.

...We should find out what to do about Mrs. Johnson too.

22 October 2012 @ 01:42 am
Puzzle 37  
Warning for bullying, topics of adoption and divorce )
[Around Town]

[Luke will be taking his damaged bike home, along with a black eye and bloodied lip. He looks like he's in a sour mood and he's not paying attention at all to where he's going. He's not too eager to rush home, but he's not entirely sure where to go.]
03 October 2012 @ 03:36 am
Puzzle 36  

I-I think something may be wrong with my voice. It keeps getting all squeaky- [and right on cue, Luke's voice cracks as he makes a high-pitched noise] -when I talk.

[He coughs and clears his throat, trying to make his voice sound deeper.]

I think I might be [and again his voice cracks] getting sick. [Another cough before Luke tries to make his voice deeper again.]mean, I think I'm getting sick.

I-I think I'm going to just stay off the phones for a while. I've got a speech due in class tomorrow...

[Unfortunately for Luke, he's yet to realize that he's hitting puberty now.]

[Outside 726 Anderson Lane.]

[It's that time of year again - a set of pumpkins will suddenly appear on the porch of 726 Anderson Lane with a set of carving tools and a bucket nearby. Who's the culprit? Well, it's probably that boy rolling yet another pumpkin up the street, past the row of newer and smaller golems being built in the yard of 726 Anderson, and towards the porch.]

24 September 2012 @ 11:57 pm
Puzzle 035  

So it's no secret that the town's been falling apart lately, and I think it's worth to start combing over Mayfield for clues again. Obviously we shouldn't do anything too foolish, like storm City Hall, but it might be worth investigating around town to see if there's anything we couldn't find before.

In fact, I wouldn't mind taking a trip up to the highway in about a week or so. It's got a forest and a diner, right? It's not a bad place to start, and who knows? There might be something to find up there. Would anyone be interested in coming along?

...Hm, speaking of forests, that reminds me of a good puzzle I heard a while ago. I'm pretty sure it went something like this:

"You are lost in a forest. The forest is between two villages. The first village is full of people who tell nothing but lies. In the second village people always tell the truth. You want to go to the second village, but then you see a man who could be from either of the two villages. Which question do you ask him to know for sure where the second village is?"

Oh, right! One more thing: remember, the deadline for the second issue of the newspaper is coming up, so don't forget to send in your articles!
14 September 2012 @ 09:38 pm
Puzzle 34  
[726 Anderson Lane.]

[Luke had only been gone a little over three hours, but the way he's stumbling into the house makes it look like he's been gone for a week. The front of his shirt is covered in blood, and he has a nasty bite on his shoulder. Despite that? He doesn't look scared or traumatized, as he usually does with each horrible event the town puts them through.

Instead, he looks really tired.

He darts towards the kitchen, and rummages for something to eat and drink. He's tempted to find someplace to sleep, but there's still a few things he needs to do first. The first thing he needs to do is make a phone call...]


What all was found in those portals? What did everyone see? The more you can tell me, the better. We ought to start making a record of our discoveries as soon as possible.

[Around town.]

[After a fresh change of clothes, Luke doesn't look that much better, but at least he's not covered in blood anymore. His first goal is to check on the people he traveled with in the void and make sure they all came back in one piece. While he's mostly interested in checking up on people he knows, he'll stop for just about anyone.

When he's finished making sure everyone is okay, he'll go pay a visit to a certain sea creature at the lake.]

[462 Stone Street - Late night]

[The event may be over, but Luke's paranoia gets the better of him. He's spent most of his day fighting sleep and stalking his Mayfield family just in case they don't get eaten by a glitch or something. But even as he tries to go to bed, he still keeps waking up in the middle of the night thanks to some very nasty nightmares.

Deciding sleep is a lost cause, he slips out of the house in the middle of the night, still in his pajamas. He makes his way over to 462 Stone Street to check up on a certain puzzler. Worried about waking them up, he ends up sitting outside the door like a creeper while he decides if he should knock or not.

Unfortunately his lack of sleep catches up with him, because before he can make a decision, he dozes off on the doorstep of the Nigma family. If Edward or Ema checks outside in the middle of the night, they'll find Luke curled up and fast asleep on the porch.]

20 August 2012 @ 07:46 pm
Puzzle 033  
[So Luke's aware that he should be more worried about what's going on what with drones walking backwards and reality becoming a little more shaky.

But oh man he just learned he can walk through walls. So instead of preparing for what's to come he'll be abusing this new power to phase through any walls or doors in the house. He's a little too excited about this new found ability, finally he's no longer the only one in his family that can't phase through objects.

Of course it's all fun in games until said ability wears off and Luke manages to find himself stuck inside of the tree in the front yard.]

H-hey! Hello? I'm stuck! 
09 August 2012 @ 08:31 pm
Puzzle 032  
[726 Anderson Lane.]

[Ever since he came back from that strange carnival world, Luke's been unable to shake his depression. For a while he was fully prepared to give up, let the town do whatever it wants, and try to deal with the consequences the best he could. It was the easiest option after all, to just accept that one day the town will take away the people you care about.


But he didn't want to give up. Not yet. People have been trying to help him the day he came back from the carnival world, and he'd been too sad to realize it. And even though some days it all came rushing back to him, all that sadness, today he felt a little stronger. He had to do something. Anything.

And after he pays a visit to the memorial he made for Edward Nigma, in the yard of 726 Anderson Lane, an idea comes to him. He knew what he needed to try next.]

...I think I've got it! 


Has anyone thought about making a self-published newspaper before? Not like the one that gets delivered in the mornings, I mean a paper that's made and delivered by all of us. We could use it for um, important news that we happen to come across in town.

[Which is Luke's way of saying that it'd be a good idea to use it to get Mayfield clues out there to other people.]

And it doesn't have to be strictly news either! The papers we get already have cartoons, advice columns, puzzles - we could have those too! I'll be in charge of the puzzle section of course. I know for a fact that I could come up with better puzzles then the ones they put in the paper already. I mean, a five-year-old could solve some of...

[Wait he's getting off-topic.]

So um, what do you all think? I'd rather read a newspaper that's made by us, to be honest. I don't have the tools to publish one myself, but I think if we work together we can put together something worth reading! 

[ooc: This is the IC post for the self-published newspaper idea. I'd still love to hear some input!]
10 July 2012 @ 09:56 pm
Puzzle 031  
[726 Anderson Lane]

[The last thing Luke remembered was being dragged back through the funhouse by Lucas, right before he fell unconsciousness. He doesn't remember how he got home, but here he was, feeling exhausted and sick. A quick glance at his hand and he realizes that his fingers are still missing, but he doesn't dwell on it long before trying to climb out of the bed and towards the nearest food source.

At least it was over now and he was home again. Right as he clumsily lands on the floor, he's greeted to the sight of a familiar man in the doorway. Luke's face brightens in relief. As much as he thought he'd get used to how death works in Mayfield, it was always hard to watch a loved one die. But of course he was back and in good health again.]

Mr. Nigma, you're alive-

[Luke's relief is cut short, when he notices the blank stare and the eerie smile on the other man's face.]

Hey there sport! You're not gonna spend all day in bed, are you?

[...What? No no, that's not-

Luke frowns, a sick feeling in the pit of his stomach.]

...Mr. Nigma? You're-

Hey now, is that any way to talk to your old man? Anyway, I'll be in the garage. Why don't you help your mother out today by cleaning up the kitchen, eh?

[Luke watches as he leaves, a feeling of dread and horror washing over him. He stumbles forward on unsteady legs, trying not to collapse out in the hallway as he makes his way towards Edward's room, trying to find any trace of his Mayfield father's personal belongings.

But as much as he searches the room, going through closets and desk drawers, everything that was ever owned by Edward Nigma was gone.

A crash comes from the upstairs room, followed by a loud cry.]

[Outside 726 Anderson Lane - Evening]

[It didn't take long for it to sink in. After not being able to find a trace of Edward's things, it was obvious that Edward wasn't coming back. He feels a sense of numbness going through him as he approaches the swing in the yard, carrying the cane that Edward gave him as a gift.

Without saying a word, he sticks the cane into the ground hard enough to make sure it'll never be moved again. He takes a step back, admiring the makeshift memorial for a moment. It was foolish to get attached in the first place, after all the ones you loved where always the first to go. He thought maybe he could make up for the loss of his first family with his new family, but he...

He couldn't. He was weak and useless, incapable of protecting. He couldn't even hang on to the people he truly cared about.

Edward Nigma's number one apprentice. What a joke. It was...

...it was almost funny...

...if it weren't so sad.]
17 June 2012 @ 12:04 am
Puzzle 030  
Father's Day again, is it?

[He's been around long enough to know what this means, and he knows that there's no need to run and take cover from any crazy Mayfield antics. Still, it did make him a little homesick.]

You know, this actually reminds me of a puzzle! Let's see if you can solve it.

"A father and son are talking when the son asks this question: 'Dad, I'm 22 now, but just how old are you?'

The father replies, 'you wanna know how old your old man is, eh? Hmm, well, I'll tell you what. I'm as old as your age, plus half my age.'

How old was the father?"

By the way, does anyone know how to take care of a very, very large sea creature? She's been staying in the lake, but I want to make sure she's well taken care of.

[Because now that Loosha was back, Luke felt like he was responsible for making sure she was safe and happy here.]

[Action - Around the house.]

[On the kitchen table sits a card and gift box for Edward Nigma. Naturally the box is actually a puzzle box, making it pretty obvious who it's from.

Luke can be found outside, tending to the now animate golem standing guard outside the house.]

01 June 2012 @ 01:49 am
Puzzle 029 - Forwarded-dated to tomorrow  
[Forest outskirts.]

[Luke sits on the outskirts of the forest with two makeshift headstones in front of him. He knows getting too close to the forest is dangerous, what with those bears and all, but he wanted to make sure the grave site he's made won't be disturbed.

Two names have been craved into the stones: Clark and Brenda Triton.

Luke smiles sadly. This was want he wanted, right? He could visit their graves in Mayfield, so he might as well visit them here.]

It's about time I made a decent memorial. Isn't that right, mum and papa?

...I'm sorry. It's been a while since I had the chance to talk to you. You'll never believe the sort of place I'm in now, and some of the people I've met. I'd rather be home in London, to be honest, but it can't really be helped. I've grown up a lot since you last saw me. I'm almost fourteen now. You missed my thirteenth birthday, you know. ...I think I spent it here in Mayfield, not that it really matters. I guess it just feels like I've been here for a long time.

...Oh! I learned make a golem too! A really big one, he's almost done. You'd be so proud of you could see it. And I'm living with some people who are taking really good care of me, so you don't...

You don't have to worry about...

[Luke clenches his fists until his knuckles turn white. Here he was, making a fake memorial to his dead parents who weren't even buried here. Who was he even kidding? It's not like a fake memorial was going to change the fact that they were dead. He stands up, shaking in anger.]


This is so stupid!

[Around Mayfield.]

[Luke is making his way home after an unpleasant visit to his parents' "graves". He's in a terrible mood and not watching where he's going while making his way down the street, which is why he'll probably end up bumping into you.]

Oi, watch it!

[ooc: Luke is from a future London where his parents died in an explosion and he was never taken in by a Professor Layton. Also I'm still on hiatus. Shhh...]

21 May 2012 @ 01:25 am
Puzzle 028  
[Even though Prom was incredibly fun, Luke couldn't help but notice all the strange looks he got at Prom thanks to the mustache Annie had grown for him. And while he didn't want to accept that there was a possibility that the mustache made him look goofy, the mustache probably didn't look right on a boy his age. It also dawned on him that other people might not think his mustache is all that cool. And well, between friends and his awesome mustache, he knew what he had to pick.

The mustache.

No wait, damn. Friends. He means friends.

With a heavy heart, he knows what he has to do.]

[Filtered call to Annie.]

...Annie? I can't do it. I don't think I can keep the mustache.

[726 Anderson Lane]

[And Luke will be in the upstairs bathroom, staring into the mirror with a can of shaving cream on the counter and a razor blade in hand. He's never shaved before but that's not the reason he's stalling. He's giving his beautiful mustache one last look before he has to do the deed and shave it.

He looks so incredibly sad right now.]

[The Park]

[After a talk with Annie, she and Luke are handling the loss of Luke's masculinity the way any normal person would.

Which is why they're both out in a small corner of the park today, Luke holding a small white box with the remains of his mustache and Annie seems to be preparing the eulogy. There's a small hole in the ground.

It kind of looks like a funeral, or at least some kind of burial going on, but anyone approaching will have to get closer to find out what's really going on here.

ooc: The last option will be tagged by both Luke and Annie!]
12 May 2012 @ 11:15 pm
Puzzle 027 - Forward-dated to Mother's Day  
[Action - Various stores.]

[Mother's Day was here yet again, and Luke was planning to make himself somewhat scarce knowing what Mayfield usually did for this holiday. But even still, Luke wanted to do something nice for the ladies in his life. Which is why early on Sunday he can be found in various stores looking over jewelry, cards, women's accessories, and other gift items like he's making a life or death decision.

Even the drone woman working the jewelry counter seems to be getting impatient with him.]

Can I see that necklace again? The heart-shaped one, I mean.

Sweetie, you've already looked at the necklace. Three times.

I-I know but, I'm not sure what she would like...

[Action - Park.]

[After a long day of shopping, Luke's taking a break by sitting on a nearby bench in the park with some shopping bags. He wasn't planning to stay long, and surely nothing bad could happen in such a short amount of time, right...?

Not that he won't be compelled to follow any order that any girl gives him, though.]

[726 Anderson Lane]

[His knowledge of what Susan likes is limited to four things: 1) chocolates 2) the color black 3) rules 4) watching Edward suffer. Thus making it pretty difficult to find her the right kind of gift, although he's going to keep trying until he does. While chocolates is a pretty obvious answer, it's not the one he goes with. Instead, he'll slip into her room while she's elsewhere and leaves several small clay figures (thankfully not golems, although the temptation was there). Each clay figure is modeled off a member of the family, and while they clay figures aren't the most professional-looking things in the world, his skills with clay has improved quite a bit over the past few weeks.

All four clay figures are arranged in a box with a card sitting on top.]

[307 Miller]

[And for his grandma, Luke will be stopping by with a card and some flowers before knocking on the door.]

[5720 Cunningham]

[For his aunt, he'll be dropping by Ukraine's house with a card and a small box with a bow on it before he eagerly knocks on Ukraine's door.]

[ooc note: Luke is affected by all girls!]
03 May 2012 @ 02:38 pm
Puzzle 026  
[Outside 726 Anderson Lane.]

[Luke's golem has progressed a lot since he first started working on it. It's gotten so tall that he now needs a ladder in order to continue working on it.

But today's he's kind of slacking off, sitting on top of the golem and seemingly lost in thought.]

...I'm going to need a suit for this dance, don't you think?

[Naturally, the unfinished golem doesn't respond.]

Perhaps a tux. Tuxes are what you bring to these sort of things, right? ...Wait, why am I talking to a golem about this?


S-so um, this prom is coming up pretty quickly, isn't it? And you're usually supposed to bring someone with you, right?

[He swallows nervously. He's only gone through this sort of thing once before, and most of the women in his life are all much older then he is.]

So um, would anyone like to go? And um, if it's not too much trouble...is there anyone who could teach me a bit about dancing?
19 April 2012 @ 04:10 pm
Puzzle 025  

Hello everyone! This may sound like an odd question, but how many people here know anything about golem enchanting? To be more specific, who here can actually enchant golems?

On a related note, does anyone have any tips for building these things? I don't have much experience with it myself. And if anyone has any bricks I could borrow, I'd really appreciate it. Not that I'd expect them for free of course! I'd be willing to work for them.

Oh, but all this talk about golems and bricks reminds me of a puzzle I heard once! See if you can solve it:

"Say you had to complete a building entirely out of bricks. How many bricks would you need to complete this building?"

[Around town.]

[Luke's found a wheelbarrow and is currently wheeling it around town with the intention of collecting bricks. Gizmo, Luke's robot dog, is right on his feet as he makes his way around town - hopefully he'd be able to afford a few more bricks from the hardware store.]

Ow, please be careful, Gizmo! You'll make me trip!

[Outside 726 Anderson Lane.]

[For the past few days, Luke's started his own building project. Lots and lots of bricks are starting to pile up as Luke just kind of dumps them in the front yard.  He's already in the process of making the base of the golem, although to onlookers it just looks like Luke is attempting to build something large out of bricks.

He'll just be sitting inside the base of the golem, stacking brick after brick. He seems pretty content with his work.]

13 April 2012 @ 01:09 am
Puzzle 024 - Body swapped!  
[307 Miller Street.]

[The first thing Luke notices when he wakes up is that this is not his real room. The second thing he notices is that the bed feels really small, and when he climbs out of bed and heads to the nearest bathroom he quickly discovers the reason why:

This is not his body. This is Death's body.

...Why is he in Death's body?!

He tries slapping himself awake, and when he realizes he can't, will just stare at himself in the mirror in horror. There are so many things wrong with this situation he doesn't even know where to start.]

[726 Anderson Lane.]

[Death!Luke has two reasons for being here: one being that this is probably where his real body is, and two being this is where he's supposed to live. To anyone who's still inside the house, it may just look like Death has once again invited himself into the house as usual, however considering what's all going wrong with Mayfield today? This Death might not be as he seems.

In any case, he's on the lookout for his real body.]

[Around Mayfield.]

[Well while he may be in the wrong body, Luke is going to abuse his new height and new powers by going out into public and shopping around at various stores. He's quick discovered that instead of walking he can just teleport where he wants to go instead, which is why whichever store you're in a large skeleton in a robe and scythe will just appear right in front of you.]

[In the park.]

[After he's had his fun, Death!Luke is sitting on a park bench, uncertain of what to do with himself now. Before Luke can dwell too long on how he and Death switched bodies and how long he'd have to stay like this, he's greeted by a stray kitty. As he bends down to pet it, it's joined by another cat...and another...and soon he's been swarmed by several cats, all purring and rubbing against him.

While completely unexpected, he does love cats. So anyone passing by the park will see Death!Luke petting a swarm of kitties.]

[ooc note: All replies will come from [personal profile] dontfearthepuzzler ]
05 April 2012 @ 06:15 pm
Puzzle 023  
[Action - 726 Anderson Lane]

[Despite having his hat taken and falling for a few pranks, Luke had to admit that April Fools day was pretty fun. The house had quieted down since the army of cats had left (although the stench of them had not), and after getting home from school he found a large envelope addressed to him, which only happened when the town was giving something back. Excited to see what he got back this time, he snatches the envelope and goes to his room, tearing open the envelope.

Strangely enough, the envelope only contained a picture. One identical to the family portrait in his house - only instead of a portrait of him, Susan, Edward, and Slugger, the family in this portrait was different. It was him, Roshian, Giriko, and Latvia, which he instantly recognized as his old family from the last time he was here.]

What on earth is this doing in the mai-

[Before he can finish that sentence, he's suddenly flooded with memories. Every memory from the last time he lived in Mayfield, all of them coming back at once as if he were reliving them all over again. He remembered everything about his previous family, their fondness for murdering each other, the golems that Giriko would make, the frequent dronings, Luke dying several times - two of them done by his own family members, Soviet Mayfield, a couple years back in January where the town was killing people and sending everyone else on a witch hunt by giving list after list of suspects, his very first Christmas in Mayfield where his future self brutally killed four people and no no please I don't want to remember anymore of this-

Somewhere while caught in the middle of these memories, feeling sick from reliving each gruesome death he saw in Mayfield, these new feelings of anguish and fear, his head is pounding so hard that it feels like it's going to split in two.]


[Action - Outside 947 Beulah Street]

[A while after leaving his house, he decides to pay a visit to his old home - more specifically Rin. However he can't make up his mind whether or not to knock on the door so he's just kind of hanging outside like a creeper.]

[Action - 5720 Cunningham Lane]

[And after visiting his old house on Beulah, he goes straight to Ukraine - the one person he remembers being associated with his previous family. She'd know what to do, right? She could help him.

He'll knock on the door, sounding almost panicked.]

Miss Ukraine? Miss Ukraine, please open up! Please!

[ooc note: Luke regained all of his previous Mayfield memories! Details can be found here and here.]

01 April 2012 @ 11:00 pm
Puzzle 022  
[Action for Firo.]

[There's a small stand with a sign that says "Free Caramel Apples!". While it doesn't seem like anyone's around, the caramel apples seem to be quite popular! In fact, looks like there's only one left. But if Firo does decide to take a bite, he'll find that the supposed juicy apple is actually an onion coated with caramel sauce.

Meanwhile, Luke will be standing nearby looking inconspicuous, watching to see if his target will take the fake caramel apple. He feels a bit guilty about this one, as it's probably his meanest prank.]

[Action for Claire.]

[The moment Claire bends over, for any reason, he'll hear a ripping noise. While it might sound like Claire's pants just ripped, it's actually just Luke with some velcro.

Luke can't help bit snicker anyway.]

[Action for Moist Von Lipwig.]

[After spotting Moist on his way to work, Luke intercepts him with a hidden buzzer in his hand.]

Excuse me, sir! I had something I wanted to ask you!

[Action for Gumshoe.]

[As Gumshoe heads home, Luke has sneakily placed a large fake spider near the door of Gumshoe's house while he himself hides in the bushes. When Gumshoe tries to open the door, he'll pull the string attached to the spider and drag it across the porch.]

[Action for Latvia.]

[Luke's met Latvia once before, and they managed to get along pretty well, so when Luke see's Latvia's name on his pranking list he's pretty excited at first! After a while of wandering around town and getting pranked himself, Luke's had some time for some self-doubt. While his initial plan was to surprise him with a can of snakes, he doesn't want to jeopardize a potential friendship and Latvia seemed pretty nervous the first time they talked.

So when Luke finally bumps into Latvia, he'll hide the can of snakes behind his back. He can't bring himself to do this particular prank.]

H-hi Latvia!

01 April 2012 @ 05:27 pm
[event: Pranks] Losing control, yeah, I'm all over the place  
[ Ilsa received a letter from the Mayfield Census Bureau. Opening it with dread, she was initially unbelieving, and relieved. This was not the same gambit as last year, and even though nothing specific is stated in the letter about dire consequences, this is Mayfield. She spread out her large map on the kitchen table to start the planning stages soon after re-reading the instructions in the letter. ]

[ By the time she has found all of her targets, and figured out what to do for each that could be called a prank, it is after midnight. The rash had begun to manifest that afternoon, giving her impetus to act, but also being very distracting. No time to lose, she sets out into the night. ]

[ Blind Mag ]
432 Peepers Street )

[ Ivo Robotnik ]
309 Miller Street )

[ Reimu Hakurei ]
842 Hastings Boulevard )

[ Luke Triton ]
726 Anderson Lane )

[ Crona ]
945 Beulah Street )
Current Location: Residential Mayfield
30 March 2012 @ 02:52 am
Puzzle 021  
[Phone - Backdated to late Thursday night.]

[This phone call comes from a small English boy, in his PJs, sitting cross-legged clutching a phone in his hand with a book of mysteries in his lap that he found from a recent trip to the library.]

Good evening, everyone! It's getting pretty late, and I don't know about the rest of you but I know I like to spend the evening reading a good mystery! And I think I found a really good one too - see if you can figure out who the culprit is in this story!

[That's right, Luke plans to read a murder mystery bedtime story over the phone. Don't ask. Just...don't ask.]

10 March 2012 @ 11:32 pm
Puzzle 020  
[726 Anderson.]

[While today was the pretty usual Saturday for Luke - get up early, solve some puzzles, that sort of thing - he was trying to work on a particularly difficult puzzle while trying to organize his files that he's collected on Mayfield for the past few months he's been here. This was before the mouse he regained from home, Toppy, climbs up on Luke's desk seeming pretty upset over something.]


Toppy? What's the matter?

[Luke turns his attention away from the puzzle he was working on to get a closer look at the mouse. That's when he notices part of Toppy's tail is missing.]

Oh Toppy...did Slugger's cat get you again?

Squeak squeak!

It's really getting too dangerous for you to live here, you know? That kitten's only going to get bigger. Don't worry, I'll figure out a way to get you home. I don't think you're supposed to be stuck here like I am. Let me see what I can do, all right?

[Luke did have an idea in mind. A risky idea involving the Post Office, and while Luke had heard bad stories about what happened to people who asked for their stuff back at the Post Office, he didn't hear anything bad about trying to return something. So, scooping up Toppy, Luke heads to the Post Office to see if he can send his friend back home.]

[Post Office.]

[The Post Office surprisingly wasn't as sinister as Luke thought it should be. In fact as soon as he enters, it's actually looks pretty normal, not that normal really meant anything here.]

Here we are, Toppy. I'm going to try sending you back now, okay?

[Toppy squeaks sadly.]

Don't be like that, I'm glad I got to talk to you again. If this works, say hello to everyone in Misthallery for me, will you?

[Luke approaches the desk, making it clear to the drone working that he wanted to return Toppy home and making it especially clear that he didn't want anything in return for it. Surprisingly the whole process goes a lot smoother then Luke was expecting, as the drone cheerfully takes Toppy to send him back home and then proceeds to send Luke on his way once the order is complete. Luke makes his way back home a bit sadly -

- and that's when it hits.

Luke had no memories of the previous time he was here. All he had to go on was a few pictures and what others had told him, but then he starts to remember. It starts fuzzy at first, like a blurred photograph, but as he stops a few feet away from the Post Office it becomes a lot clearer.


It wasn't some kind of false dream. He could remember all of it very clearly - his previous fake family, a man named Giriko and a woman named Roshian. He remembered being convinced to reckless drive a car all over Westport, he remembered the Hazmats, he remembered spending the night in an abandoned house with Lucas, he remembered falling very ill on the last day he was there and his fake mother holding him even though they both knew they were probably going to die soon. And for some reason, he felt a sharp ping of sadness every time he kept thinking about it.

All these sudden memories, it was all so confusing and distressful that Luke can't to anything other then just stand there in complete shock.]

...I remember!


[Later that evening, Luke has had some time to sort out his feelings. But he's not sure what to do with this information.]

So um, say that you were supposedly here in Mayfield before but for the longest time you couldn't remember any of it...is it possible to get those memories back over time?