19 September 2012 @ 08:59 pm
[Phone; open to all]

I know what just happened must have been hard on everyone. But, if possible, I'd like to collect information on what went on inside each of the portals and gather it into one set of notes. I had only entered on the first day, a-and all we managed to find were some, um, boars.

Anyway, if you want, we can meet face-to-face at the diner or the park to speak. Thanks.

Action - locked to Silence )
20 August 2012 @ 12:15 pm
[While out on the street today, you're probably noticing all the weird things going on. Hopefully you're paying enough attention to hear the pitiful voice that seems to be coming from below you somewhere. Maybe from that storm grate nearby?]

Ah--! Oi, c-can you help me?!

11 July 2012 @ 07:51 pm
[Action A: household. Backdated to end of event.]

[Crowe had luckily made it through the crazy carnival world in one piece, thanks to Tachikoma, but he was in pretty poor shape. He barely had anything to eat or drink in the 5 days he was there, on top of the exhaustion of making it from day to day without being eaten by rats or maimed by a house or ride. He wishes he had gotten something for all of his troubles, though. A clue. Some info. Something.

When he gets home that day, he quietly goes to his room and sleeps for about 12 hours. It's hard to convince yourself into getting food when you're this exhausted.]


[Back on his feet a few days later, Crowe is out on his usual paper delivery rounds when he passes by Dist's house and notices a very conspicuous lack of large robot in the driveway. And also a conspicuously droned Dist watering the lawn and giving Crowe a friendly wave. Uh oh.]

[Phone call, open to all]

Ah. I-I hope everyone is well after... all that. I-If you still need help, speak up on the phones; Mayfield has some healers who can help.

I was wondering if anyone had information they may have learned there they would consider sharing. A-Ah, there was a boy... I'm afraid I never got your name, forgive me. You showed me that flyer that mentioned a-animations. I'd like to make a copy of that, if that's okay with you.

Also, um, I'm not sure who here knew him well, but Dist... He's droned, for good it seems. He was the one who had drafted the pamphlet we hand out to new people here. I've been handing them out for a long time, a-and I like to think I keep decent records, so I'd like to keep that tradition going in his place. If anyone wants to contribute, I-I'd be grateful. If anyone out there would like a copy, please let me know. Just give me your address, and there will be a copy in your mail box tomorrow morning.

Thanks for your help, everyone.

[The phone is set down, but it doesn't hang up. Seems like Crowe might have missed when setting the receiver down. If one is still listening, you might hear him sigh to himself.]

Sometimes I wonder i-if I'm the one who's been here longest now...

[A meow of cat can be heard, and Crowe chuckles softly.] Th-Thanks, Watson. I missed you, too.

24 June 2012 @ 11:36 am
100 - [phone]  
I... I've been here awhile and I have a lot of notes, but I don't remember anything about an "Annie" before. A-Am I just missing something, or is this new?

That recording... It's either old, or false, if you ask me. Grey shouldn't be alive. A-And "holes in the system"? I've long since suspected there would be something like that, but finding a way to exploit them or even figure out what they are...

[A sigh.]

It's been a long time since something really major has happened, hasn't it. For those newer to the town, ah... Things like a short zombie attack, the Mothers and Father's Day effects and the pranking war might seem like a-a lot, but... Things can get much worse. Much. Just please be aware of that. Stay on your toes a-and stay safe. If you have any other clues o-or information, please, don't hesitate to share it with everyone. The more we all know, the better.

15 May 2012 @ 09:48 am
[Crowe's been a bit quiet lately. Silence has been droned, and while so far it doesn't look permanent - Silence still has his wings, after all - Crowe can't help but be worried. He's had some other things on his mind as well.]

[Phone call, filtered from drones:]

Is it just me, or... it doesn't seem like too many people talk about getting out of here anymore? We really don't have many new information or clues, or angles to pursue, do we. I-It's not that I'll ever be comfortable here, even after two year in this town, but...

I-I'm not sure where I'm going with this. Just... please tell me you have all given up, too.


[Action: When it comes to a lack of recent clues, Crowe can't blame everyone else and not himself. So, back to the drawing board. He'll be around town today, observing. He'll be outside City Hall, the Police Station, the Smith's house, and the Dairy. He might be sitting in a tree, or a nearby bench with a notebook. Most days in Mayfield seem the same, but at some time, something different has to happen. One of their captors may slip up, or something might tip Crowe off. He needs a new angle. He needs something else to give him hope into not becoming complacent and giving up.]

08 April 2012 @ 12:08 am
[Action A: Crowe has been a bit quiet these last few weeks! Going to school, doing his job, playing sports and generally being pleasant as ever. Why? Because, he's been pretty happy! The weather's warming up, the end of school draws ever nearer, he was left out of prank nonsense and no one had to murder each other this year, and, well, being in love doesn't hurt either.

Today though, his fellow students will find him exiting the guidance counselor's office grumbling to himself and looking a bit frustrated as he heads to the lunch room and sits down. Care to see what's up?]


[Action B: After school, at the park, people will see Crowe climbing some trees, chasing something furry and white. His cat seems to be leading him on a merry chase. He's laughing as he does, and feels a bit out of practice as it's been a long time since he's done any climbing. He hasn't hung out in the trees as much since winter rolled in, and since Aisling left, they feel a bit empty to him. But the spring warmth, and the unusually mischievous mood of his cat brings him back. You might find him climbing up trying to catch him, or playing with the large white tomcat on the ground, in the grass.]

12 February 2012 @ 09:09 pm
97 - forward dated to Monday (event post)  
[It seems Crowe has received a delivery of irises today. Strange, he thinks, that there's no name attached. They smell nice, but almost too overwhelming. Well, whatever. Into a vase in the kitchen they go. He had a phone call to make anyway. He had one matter to address, but not it seemed like he had something else to get off his chest.]

[Phone call filtered from drones/NPCs:]

A-Ah. Hello. I wanted to call and tell someone thanks, though I don't know who you are. There was a doctor at the hospital during the, ah, last ordeal going on. I ran in there when a-all my old wounds reopened, and he did his best to help me. I-I wanted to thank you for trying your best.

Um. Also.

[There's an awkward pause.]

I-I just. Need to say. That. Um. Silence. I-If you're listening. I. I love you. A-And I don't care if the whole town hears it. They should hear it. I-I don't care. I just think that.. I. I only hope you feel the same way. Um. S-Sorry-- [CLICK.]

[Don't mind Crowe, not!family and visitors, as he hides in his room for awhile wanting to die of embarrassment.]

05 February 2012 @ 06:49 pm
Action A: There's an unlikely person out and about destroying stuff today. But after this whole event, feeling like he's been on the edge of death and panic for several days after dying and coming back, wounds all over that wouldn't heal, Silence had died, his friends were all suffering horribly and dying, and he was helpless to stop any of it.

So, fuck it. Right now he didn't care if this was a lie, a game, or if he was going to be killed or droned. He had some frustrations to work out.

He's out on his motorcycle today, the Ducati speeding around town at dangerous speeds. He's dodging anyone else causing damage as best he can. He's carrying a baseball bat in one of his hands, and is knocking down mail boxes as he goes with surprising ferocity. Better look out and not get in his way. Or maybe you want to join in?

Action B: Later, he'll hide his motorcycle back home - he doesn't want it to be a victim of collateral damage. He doesn't have magic or abilities to do a lot of destruction at once. He's got a gun, though, just a pistol. But he's going around town and teaching the scenery a lesson. He's pumping some bullets into things like trees, mailboxes, empty cars, whatever's around he can shoot and not hit someone. Hopefully.

Action C: Towards the end of the day, at the park, Crowe expending what's little energy he's got left with a soccer ball. He's kicking it as hard as he can, sweating, bandaged old wounds reopening with blood spotting through his shirt. If you're lucky to catch him at the right time, you might see him set up a crazy move that he only has energy to get one in, before he's sitting on the ground to catch his breath.

29 January 2012 @ 03:35 pm
So many wounds opened at once. So many past injuries. Crowe has seen too much violence in his two years in Mayfield, and with all of it happening to him again, he couldn't make it.

A few days ago, when it started, he managed to make it to the hospital. But no one would have heard from him since, until today. He's appeared outside the other "hospital", like so many others, unsure of how he got there. But he knows what happened. He died again. But unlike the other times, he remembers. He remembers nothing but an endless void, not even know where he was, unable to see or hear or feel. Just think. Nothing but desperation and loneliness for what felt like eons.

He was panic-stricken. He couldn't move, or talk. He felt wracked with fear. His chest and back ached where some of his old wounds were, still healing over.

Slowly, shakily, Crowe sinks to the ground, never moving from where he appeared. Anyone else nearby will find him curled against the fence, knees to his chest. He hates himself for feeling like this. Hadn't Ema just said to him the other day about how he's managed to maintain his mind, his resolve? And now here he was, terrified and broken. He felt like a liar and a hypocrite. But he couldn't turn these feelings off.

So there Crowe sits, a huddled ball. He's not going anywhere alone.

23 January 2012 @ 08:55 pm
[Action A: Crowe is surprised to find himself awake in his own room this morning. Why? Today is his 18th birthday. He was convinced that he would wake up next to a stranger, a new "father", with a boring job. But no, he was still at 1247 Williams.

He decides today is a good day to skip school. Housemates will find him early in the afternoon, sitting at the kitchen table, looking over a modern-looking set of lockpicks to make sure they're all in good working order. It might become important.]


[Action B: Crowe still has his paper route to do, and later in the afternoon will head outside to get it done as quickly as possible. The problem is drones. Crowe has a *lot* of friends who are drones, sadly, and as if programmed, will remember it's his big 1-8. You'll find him stop on a corner talking with a drone Aaron who's offering him a gift in the form of a small envelope. Crowe looks embarrassed and is trying to refuse. After some cajoling, Crowe takes it and opens it up. Inside is a gift certificate. Drone!Aaron pipes up.]

It's for that fancy French place! So you can take Ruri there sometime. She's still your steady, right?

What? N-No, she's not my-- [A long-suffering sigh.] Thank you Aaron. This was very thoughtful.

[Drone!Aaron cheerfully leaves, and Crowe is left standing there still looking mortified.]


[Phone call, filtered from the drones, Smith house and the Mayor, for what it's worth:]

I'm not sure how many of you were here back around March, leading into April Fool's Day. We got into the Dairy, and saw the inside. Quite a few did, myself included. But... I don't know how much of it was real and what was a ruse, considering everything turned out to be a joke in the end.

...I'm willing to go investigate again. Has anyone seen the Milkman lately?