15 April 2012 @ 08:48 pm
One Hyena  

Housemates---hell, anyone within earshot---will be greeted with the sound of a ferocious roar cutting through the air. If they track the noise down to its source, they'll find what looks to be an African lion with a black mane and a scar over his left eye, pacing viciously around the doghouse he's been unceremoniously chained up to. And if they stay long enough? They'll hear the lion talk.]

Traitors! All of you! You dare put your King in chains?! This is an outrage!

[He pulls tight against his restraints, snarling in fury, before eventually wearing himself out and flopping lazily onto the ground. He seethes:]

Where's that blasted buzzard when you need him?


Soon enough, once he's managed to get himself free...

There's a lion racing through town. And in the process, looking more and more out of place. Though it hasn't always been the happiest life, Scar's very much attached to the Pride Lands. He's scoured the Savannah, even explored Elephant Graveyards, but these... these settlements are not only massive, but numerous. He's never seen anything quite like it.


Finally, Scar reaches the highest point in Mayfield and comes to a halt, staring out at the cozy little cul-de-sacs, the little cars buzzing around the streets like beetles. The people wandering around like ants in a line. Practically all of Mayfield is visible from up here. And the longer he stares, the sooner that look of confusion transforms itself into something new. A familiar, greedy look.

"Everything the light touches..."

If this place has truly taken him from Pride Rock, then he's going to need a new Kingdom to rule over. He leers maliciously, suddenly content at the sight of Mayfield's unending horizon. Perhaps this town, these strange, foreign lands... would be the perfect Kingdom for a ruler as worthy as Scar.]