13 July 2012 @ 11:17 am
☘ 026; [action]  
[A; morning; around Mayfield]

[With most of the danger averted, the Command Spell that Rin had used on Lancer wasn't driving him crazy anymore. It had been impossible to ensure Kariya's safety as she'd ordered him to, and the resulting contradiction between what he was compelled to do and what he was able to do had resulted in what one might have lightly phrased as a 'clusterfuck'.]

[But whatever, no point in looking back now. As it was? Lancer decided it was probably a good idea to just find Kariya and check in with him before Rin elected to flip out on him as usual.]

[B; afternoon; 1335 Benny Rd.]

[When he gets home, Lancer would find something waiting for him. In the driveway a short distance away from his two very confused horses would be this sweet ride.]

...the hell?

[Having never seen it before, he was understandably confused as to who designed a car after his Noble Phantasm.]

[...Which he promptly stopped caring about, because holy shit that was cool.]

[C; late afternoon; highway]

[What's the best way to test out such a fantastic piece of machinery, you ask?]

[Going top speed down yonder endless highway, of course. If you get his attention, he might just figure out how the brakes work.]

[But be careful.]

[Dragsters can't turn.]
13 April 2012 @ 01:28 am
☘ 025; [action/phone]  
[A; morning; 310 Miller Street]

[Hm, weird. He didn't remember falling asleep to begin with, so waking up was something of a surprise. More so that he woke up in what looked like a different house...no, wait a second. This room was one he'd seen before.]

What th-- [What. That was not his voice. That was not his voice, those were not his legs he stood on, and that was not his hair in his face. It was clear at a glance that Mayfield was acting up again, but this time? He had to admit this wasn't too bad. He might actually enjoy this.]

...let's see, where's she keep those ribbons?

[B; late morning; phone]

How're you doin' Mayfield? [If you think Rin's voice sounds notably rougher and more informal...well, it's not your imagination.] This is Rin Tohsaka speaking, and in case you haven't noticed, I can't do a damned thing without my Servant, Lancer. In fact, he's probably the best Servant that's ever been summoned.

Yep. Without a doubt, Cu Chulainn is the greatest heroic spirit ever to go with the best Master ever, and I just don't appreciate him enough.

[C; afternoon; around Mayfield]

[Something is wrong. Fundamentally, horrifyingly wrong.]

[Not only is Rin Tohsaka's hair pulled back into a single ponytail, and not only is she seemingly going out of her way to cheerfully greet everyone she meets...she's wearing pants.]

[All is not well in Mayfield, folks. And if 'she' notices you on the street, she'll bounce right over with a cheerful:]

Mornin', how're you doin' today? It's a great day, isn't it? Yep, I think this might be the best day of my life.
27 March 2012 @ 08:49 pm
☘ 024; [action]  
[action; olney's tavern]

[He was used to it.]

[How many times had he seen someone he knew, someone he'd spoken to or even confided in reduced to the level of a blank, empty drone? Too many to count, not that he'd have tried. Though he tried not to let on, it was just as painful each and every time. And though he'd never let on...though he maintained the appearance of fearless, unshakable Cu Chulainn every moment of every day, it scared the hell out of him to think how quickly and without warning he could lose those close to him.]

[He didn't want to be alone. And just as much he didn't want to be forgotten. There was no fate worse than looking at someone he knew and being met with an uncertain, unfamiliar stare. And the frequency with which that happened in Mayfield was alarming at best.]

[But he was used to it. By now he took everything in stride, every little pain and loss with quiet acceptance. Because this was not something he could change with the stroke of a sword or the twirl of a lance. There was no tangible enemy to be fought as the source of all this. There wasn't someone he could just kill to bring it all to an end. So what else could he do but wait, and accept the inevitable losses as they came?]

[It was simple.]

[Right up until the second he saw Connla that afternoon. That was not a smile with conscious thought behind it, and after nearly a year in this hellhole he knew the smile of a drone when he saw it.]

[But remarkably? He didn't react, past a shocked expression and a few seconds' silence. The look on his face passed and he turned on his heel to leave with a deadpan expression. He had to stay calm, to keep his temper in check. He hadn't returned that one unwanted regain to the post office yet in the vague hope it could somehow be useful...so he had to tread very carefully when it came to that which could so easily enrage him. Without a word he vanished into spirit form and didn't rematerialize until he was behind the tavern and out of sight of most passerby.]

[WHAM. His fist collided with the wall as he leaned against it, legs threatening to give out from under him. Useless, useless, useless guard dog. He couldn't protect anyone that mattered. Twice now he'd failed to protect his only son even though he would have given anything to do so.]

[Nothing he did would save anyone. Every one of them were the puppets of this town to be tormented and discarded at a second's notice, and he was powerless to help them.]

[In that moment, when that realization was painfully and insurmountably clear...after a year, the one person that would never give up simply broke. He sank to the ground without a word, crimson eyes completely devoid of life or the fierce spark that blazed against anyone that challenged him. The Servant that constantly spoke about how he was the greatest there ever was just pulled his knees to his chest and buried his face in folded arms.]

[And if anyone thought they could have heard the quietest sound vaguely like a sob, of course they were wrong. 'Cu Chulainn' never cried, never despaired, and never showed fear.]

[But powerless, helpless Setanta had nothing else he could do.]
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18 March 2012 @ 02:02 pm
☘ 023; [action; dated to 3/17]  
[all day; Olney's Tavern]

[Where's Lancer, you may ask? Where else?]

[Cu Chulainn, one of the most Irish people in all of history, would be working at the tavern all day, and was quite happy to do so.]

[You'll find him there no matter the time, morning until night in an awful shirt and looking very pleased with things. He may or may not have a drink of his own in his hand, depending on when you catch him. And if you catch him while he's breathing, then that probably means he's drinking.]
03 March 2012 @ 06:13 pm
☘ 022; [action]  
[A; late morning; outside 1335 Benny Road]

[On the front lawn today, there is a kid apparently arguing with two large black and gray horses.]

Do not look at me like that. Both of you are being ridiculous; surely you know that I am Culann's Hound, no matter my age. Cease being so foolish and get down here so that I can ride you properly. [Eloquent HUFF. Meanwhile both horses just exchange a look like 'is this seriously happening...']

[B; early afternoon; outside the tavern]

[There is a blue-haired kid being chucked out of the tavern. Ow.]

How dare you--who is it that you think you are treating so foolishly?! I am the son of the king's sister, not to mention that I work here!

[Double eloquent HUFF.]

[C; afternoon; John Doe Park]

[Sulking? Of course he's not sulking. A tiny seven-year-old Lancer would just be sitting under a tree, arms crossed and definitely not sulking even a tiny bit.]

[Except he totally is.]

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13 February 2012 @ 10:30 pm
☘ 021; [phone]  
So listen up, Mayfield. I need to know if anyone saw some kind of inhuman monster running around tearing the town to pieces recently. Let me know, it's pretty damn important.

[Well, that's the srs shit out of the way. On to a lighter and more amused tone.]

And while I'm asking questions, does anyone know why it looks like I got flowers from someone? Oh, and I think there was one more thing I needed to say...

Attention Mayfield: I love Rin Tohsaka.

That's all. [One can just hear the stupid grin on his face. Damned irises.]

05 February 2012 @ 06:30 pm
☘ 020; [action]  
[Destroy things? An invitation to lay waste to this pathetic wretched town?]

[At this point, Lancer didn't even care if it was a trap or another game. Rin was suffering at Mayfield's hands. She was in agonizing pain, and as her Servant he was aware of every single second of it. It lingered like a constant presence beside him, the knowledge that his Master was in pain and he couldn't do anything to help her; he was useless useless useless and just as it always had been he couldn't protect the ones who really mattered to him.]

[Worthless. No, worse than that, he was utterly powerless and that ached like a knife in his heart.]

[So if he had a chance to destroy everything he could? Fine. He didn't even care about possible consequences, someone had to suffer for hurting someone vitally important to him.]

[A; action]

but you never gave up this easily before )

[B; action]

so why do you choose today to give it all away )

[ooc: Should you go with option B, important things to note:
-Running on not a whole lot of magical energy, Lancer is going to snap out of it and back to actual conscious thought within half an hour.

-I would rather no one kill him, but injuring him to stop things from going much more pear-shaped is a-ok.

-On the off-chance you should be alright with your character getting killed/injured, feel free to specify. Otherwise he will just be flipping shit and destroying the general area as only a mythological Lovecraftian horror can.]