06 September 2012 @ 06:26 am
47 Δ Phone  

[Phone: Backdated to before the fifth portal]

I suppose it's only a matter of time before I had to get involved. I doubt many of you are familiar with Second Magic so it was a waste to let you go and explore those portals on your own. [ Quite the charmer, isn't she? ] I plan to visit one myself soon enough and when I do, I'll be sure to figure out what's going on here.

Seven portals though and only three left. It's hard to decide on just one. [ And in typical Tohsaka fashion: ] So I'll go whenever I feel like it. If you wanted to work together, you should know that I do better when I'm on my own. I can't really have someone else slowing me down. Try to understand.

Or don't. It doesn't bother me either way.

[ In a sterner tone, she continues. ] I do have to ask though if there's anyone who could catch me up a bit on the missing holes of history in this town. I've only been here for a little over a year and there's so much that's happened before. With people going off and getting themselves droned before anyone can gather all of the information in a single source... ugh, it really pisses me off.
17 August 2012 @ 09:54 am
46 Δ It's a tsun!  


Hey, listen up. It looks like I'm running the risk of repeating the last grade of high school a third time in this stupid town. [ Honestly, Rin's too lazy to get up that early every day again, so she's ready to get out of this commitment by using another method. ] I've devised a plan since the powers of this town refuse to acknowledge my age. If I get married in the town, I can just sit at home all day long.

[ Brilliant plan in her mind. What's sad is she doesn't sound like she's joking. ]

What does this mean for you? [ HANG UP THE PHONE NOW!! ] If you're an adult man stuck in a house with one of those creeps for a wife, you can stay on the phone with me.

[ What sounds like a pen tapping against a clipboard can be heard in the background. ]

What I need to know is how many jobs you currently hold--[ Oh! ]--and how much money you don't spend on the necessities. If the house is already stocked with precious gems, that would be nice. Additionally, I require information on your culinary and cleaning abilities, as well as that of the children already stuck there. They can take care of themselves, can't they? [ Sounds like the perfect wife, doesn't she? Spoilers: she's not. She comes equipped with two very angry father-like figures and who knows how many heroes willing to fight for her sake. ] Well, start talking. I don't have all day.

[ For the rest of the day, Rin will be bumming around in her house at 310 Miller Street. Researching prospects is a lot of hard work. Or none at all because who in their right mind would even attempt to humor her? ]
27 June 2012 @ 11:57 pm
45 Δ Bedazzled  

[Action A (MORNING): 769 Bunker Street]

[ The cost had been too great. While she's known for months and months that approaching the Post Office was a bad idea, there was no Archer to stop her. Lancer? Why would he even bother to stop her so long as she was still an effective Master? While she remains ignorant of missing memories (her own have been so jumbled for so long that she's given up trying to sort them out), she does know that she's no longer to perform magecraft well.

That was a problem considering the carnival around.

It mattered not to her in the end though. Her skills were due to her father, so what better way to thank him than by giving him the gems he asked for? The ones she held in Mayfield weren't nearly as strong as the ones the Post Office gave her, so it's only natural she give him the superior jewels.

So Tokiomi, congratulations, your daughter doesn't remember most of the significant events in her life. At least there's a box of jewels tucked under her arm as the other knocks on the door. ]

[Home (NIGHT): 310 Miller Street]

[ Unable to use spells meant that Rin was going to have to find an alternative to use during whatever madness Mayfield had planned. So for those who manage to sneak their way into her room, they can see her doing a variety of things; swinging an Azoth dagger around like it's a sword, swinging an actual sword (a thin rapier) around like she's an idiot, or eying a pink and red stick with a star on it as though it was the greatest evil Mayfield's ever known. ]
17 June 2012 @ 12:41 pm
44 Δ Father's Day  
A gift left at 769 Bunker )

[Home (MORNING): 310 Miller Street]

[ It's early morning. So early that it's borderline OOC for her to be up, but here she is, not acknowledging anyone around her. In the kitchen, she's either calmly sipping tea or preparing a backpack full of food to last an entire day (as well as any other guests she might run into). Go on and try to call out to her: she won't hear it at all. Provoking her might not be a good idea. ]

[Action B (ALL DAY): Throughout Town]

[ She remembers last year all too well. With the memory of that and Archer's recent droning, she's not in the mood to talk to anyone. Those who are capable of hunting her down through their various methods are free to find her in any of her usual hiding places, but she's not sitting out in the open. That's too much of a risk with anything that might be going on today. Her earplugs are in tight in her ears, hidden underneath a full head of hair, but she'll pull them out if she recognizes any of her gal pals.

Boys are free to pester her, but they might end up feeling sick for a good week after. Rin doesn't play around when it comes to being told what to do. ]
04 June 2012 @ 09:02 pm
43 Δ Reversed Fate  
AU information and additional links )

[Action A (EARLY MORNING): 310 Miller Street]

[ Rin's not sure when she's fallen asleep, but when she wakes up, she certainly does feel it. The way her pajamas stick to her make her feel sick, despite the thin straps that barely cling. She's half dressed with bottoms that can hardly be called shorts, but the sweat that dampen her sheets makes her skin crawl. Another dark dream of blurs and overwhelming pleasure. The only thing that frustrates her is the fact that her Servant may have seen it, the girl rolling over onto her face to bury it in her pillow. Her alarm continues to go off, loud enough to wake up anyone else in the house, and she doesn't seem to be making any movement to turn it off. ]

[Action B (MORNING): Rec Center]

[ Now that there was a lack of school to attend, Rin found herself with a lot of free time. Maybe it was habit due to the first "father" she had in Mayfield, but as per usual, she left the house in the morning to spend the day out. What better way to do that than at the swimming pool at the Rec Center? She's a bit reluctant to enter though. The last time she was here was whenever one of the big heads of Mayfield was found dying and that conversation she shared with them kept itself in the back of her mind. A silent reminder that people will never leave this town no matter what. So she'll be lingering in various places such as outside the doors, the girl's showers, and the doorway to the pool. ]

[Action C (AFTERNOON): The Record Store]

[ Her adventures at the pool didn't last very long, so it was time for the next best thing: shopping. With little interest in baking, gardening, and sewing, this left her very few places she could go for actual entertainment. It's during her uneventful walk through Downtown does she notice the record shop. She'll be picking through the records, trying to make as many classical choices as she can because she was raised... wait, how was she raised again? She remembered it being classy, but she was a Matou. She can be found standing in confusion or giving the evil eye towards some rock record as she moves to the register. ]

Private phone calls to Yuna Akashi, Hakuno Kishinami, and Garviel Loken )

[Phone (NIGHT): Filtered from drones]

I've got only one question for you tonight, Mayfield. Why are people calling me 'Tohsaka' and not by my proper last name? It's unsettling because the man who is the head of the family is now within this place and I really don't feel like drudging up bad memories. Although a proper confrontation would be a bit of fun. Lancer, are you free?
09 May 2012 @ 11:17 pm
42 Δ One magic, two magic...  

[Action A (AFTERNOON): 1335 Benny Road]

[ For well over a week this one girl has tried many attempts to ask a certain adult man to go along with her to prom, but they all seem to have failed. Maybe it was a bad idea to decorate the car of the fastest Servant alive in an attempt to ask, but come on. It was brilliant to decorate his horse with balloons. Even the flowers she bought had failed, so what was she to do?

So there's one girl peering around the side of this house as she waits for the front door to open, camping for one specific individual. Things never go as they seem though and since she's in plain sight, just about anyone could sneak up on her. ]

[Action B (EVENING): L'Déplaisant]

[ With the loss of Minato Arisato in Mayfield, this young woman's come to the realization that she doesn't really keep up with most of her comrades. Mayfield has always been tricky in this manner; people come and go, leaving those with suspicions of the town alone to deal with their feelings. Honestly, she thought she could handle it better than she had been. Sitting at the restaurant all on her own (after being shown to her seat by a drone waiter of course), she doesn't actually give the impression she's brooding.

He wouldn't have wanted her to be upset. Even with the knowledge of what awaits for him "back home", she doesn't feel any sadness. When she first heard the news, she was filled with rage, but then the kind words of a certain Chief left her feeling melancholy. He didn't go home. He was still here and that meant someday he will have to return here. Maybe by then she would know more about online games or about Persona. ]

Where is he? [ With a sigh to display her agitation, her head turns to look over the area. There's only one person she comes to this place to see, so she'll be impatient enough to grab at the next person passing by. ] Hey! Where's my waiter?

[ Garviel Loken, the tsundere really wants to exchange a few words. Might not be wise to keep her waiting too long. ]

[Phone (NIGHT): Filtered from drones]

Did you guys know you can make it so that none of the drones can receive your calls? [ Rin has been here for fifteen months and just now made this discovery. Give her a pat on the back the next time you see her. ] You can thank me for this information later. For now, I've decided I want to know about magic in your world. Is it a legend or is it something common? I think it'd be worthwhile for those of us that do study magic to come together sometime to discuss it. [ There's a brief pause as though she's contemplating something within her mind. ] Bazett, no, you're not invited. You better not find a way to eavesdrop in on my conversations either or else I'll have my Lancer distract you.

[ This is what happens when you get a reputation, alright? ]

I normally wouldn't go out of my way for something of this nature, but someone mentioned the Force to me about a week ago. Since then it's been on my mind. Why would anyone bring up magic they can't even describe is frustrating, but that just leaves me to do a bit of work on my own. Right, right. So let's talk about magic. I can't think of a better way to waste my night personally.
29 April 2012 @ 01:27 am
41 Δ Promlem?  

[Phone (MORNING): No filters]

Is it already that time of the year again? I honestly can't wait for summer. Getting up early in the morning to continue to go to school to repeat the same classes I did last year is such a bore. It really isn't fair that the town recognizes Arisato-kun as an adult, but not me. Really, I wonder if there's a way to prove my adulthood... Forget that though. I want to know the best way to ask someone to go as your date to this stupid prom. [ Crap, she sounds almost desperate so it's time to whip this back around in her favor. ] Tell me of your embarrassing attempts to ask someone out. I could use the laugh.

[Action A (AFTERNOON): Neighborhood]

[ After her phone call, Rin decides the best way to deal with the impending embarrassment is to practice her magecraft. Now that her house is full of strangers that may or may not be too keen on , it's better to do it away from there. While she's careful enough to pick selective houses that may be abandoned, she didn't really spend the effort to thoroughly check if they are empty. So if there's a girl in a short skirt in the backyard, good chances are she's oblivious to being watched. Especially since she's performing various bits of magic such as building crystal figures out of powder or extinguishing an accidental fire with water. ]

[Action B (AFTERNOON): Throughout Town]

[ With prom coming up, Rin is going to have to do a bit of shopping. While she's already have a couple of nice dresses, it seems weird to wear the same one she wore with Sakura last year. In fact, the idea of giving Sakura her best dress was a nice gesture to welcome her to Mayfield. So after dropping off a package with Rin's old dress at Sakura's home, Rin's off to go shopping herself. Rin can be found in various stores and asking around for tailors in town. ]

[Action C (NIGHT): 310 Miller Street]

[ When she's certain that no one will bother her, Rin will shut the door to her bedroom to practice. The combination of prom and having a date meant she would have to learn how to dance. Which means anyone who's brave enough to open that door, look in the window, or suddenly materialize in her room will have one hell of a sight. It's along the equivalent of:
WARNING!! Anyone who gets caught by her is more than likely to suffer a nice week+ cold due to Gandr spam. Despite that, it seems she has no idea how to dance whatsoever even with this 'practice'. ]
13 April 2012 @ 08:48 am
40 Δ Lancer’s Day Out  

[Action A (MORNING): Neighborhood]

[ The sound of rustling leaves is what alerts Rin to something unusual. With a yawn despite a lack of exhaustion in her body, she discovers herself waking up with ease. Now that she was thinking about it, she realizes that she's actually thinking about it. Never before in her life has she woken up from sleep this quick. Yes, quick and up high in a damn tree. With a shriek, she easily falls over. So for those out and about this morning, be careful to not trip over the stunned heroic spirit sprawled out all over the ground. ]

[Phone (MORNING): No filters]

[ It doesn't take Rin very long to figure out who's in her body and that this was an occurrence that one has to take advantage of. Being able to think in the morning is GREAT. ]

Good morning, Mayfield. [ Yes, that's the heroic spirit Lancer sounding like a cheerful little girl. Even the pitch of his voice is even higher. ] If you see my beautiful, loving, and super amazing Master, Rin Tohsaka, please go out of your way to call her by her cute nickname 'Setanta'. Ah, speaking of names... [ Suddenly everything is Serious Business. ] Since my own is impossible to say and there's another Lancer around, you can just call me Cuchoochoo. Just as though it were a train. Cu-chugga-chugga-choo-choo! Oh and while it's on my mind, anyone know a good hairdresser? I'm not fond of blue and my hair honestly feels as though it's never been cut in my entire life. [ A pause. ] You know, how am I an Irish hero with blue hair? Shouldn't it be red? Mythology really doesn't make much sense, does it?

[Action B (AFTERNOON): Throughout town]

[ After spending a suitable amount of time trolling on the phone and in the bathroom, people might happen upon one Lancer with twintails skipping around town trying to do a variety of things. One of them is the attempt to summon Gaebolg, but once she does have it, she's eager to show it off. Specifically by trying to throw it.

Rin's aim with Lancer's natural speed is an atrocious combination though. Watch out for the flying red spear through your window or your shopping bag or through your favorite stuffed toy... ]

Ah crap! [ And suddenly just as quick as the spear appears, there's an adult man with twintails fumbling over to try to pull it out. ] I didn't think this thing could actually hit anything!

[Action D (NIGHTTIME): Olney's Tavern]

[ Rin's a good Master ultimately and that means doing Lancer's job just to prevent him from getting droned. She can't be sure if he's been there enough times to not risk it, but better to be safe than sorry. The last thing she wants is to be stuck in the body of a droned adult man. So if anyone planned on visiting the tavern tonight... ]

No, we're out of everything. [ Despite what might be assumed, there's one Lancer sitting there sipping his damn tea with a pinky out. ] I decided to replace it all with tea and water. Olney's Tavern is now Tohsaka's Tea Shop. Isn't that a much better name for it?

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39 Δ tohsaka in tsunderland  

[Action A (MORNING): Neighborhood]

Father! Father! [ Is that Rin Tohsaka's voice? Yes, it most definitely is, but she seems to be a lot shorter than usual and hot on the trail of a certain drone. ] Father, we should return home to prepare for my studies for the day! Father, you don't work as a mechanic! Father!

[ Despite all of her cries, the man continues on ignoring the little girl as though he's never seen her before in his life. She'll pause to consider this, watching the man dressed like a mechanic disappear around a corner. Funny.. he didn't remind her too much of her father, but how else was she to explain this closeness? Something was up. Way up. In fact, this man wasn't the first to ignore her in this manner this morning now that she thought about it. ]

Alright! [ It's as though she came to a conclusion on the strangeness of the situation already. ] Time for the great Rin to solve this mystery once and for all. Don't worry, father, I'll save you from this horrible sorcery!

[Action B (MORNING): Mayfield High]

[ First things first: school. After all, it was fairly important she kept to her studies even if she thought they were pointless. She's not too sure why she's shown up to the school for older students, but it seemed like this was the place she's attended for the past year. Has she been here a whole year? It's strange, she thinks, to be away from Fuyuki City for so long. Her family must have their reasons though as she pushes open the door to her classroom.

Only to be greeted with emptiness. ]

Wha-? [ Was she not remembering things too clearly? ] Is there no school today..? I thought.. [ With that, she'll scratch the side of her head and leave the school in her confusion. ] Geez.. how can I make such a mistake?

[Action C (AFTERNOON): L'Déplaisant]

[ There's a very short girl with twintails looking around the restaurant expectantly, as though there's something here she needs to do. Perhaps there's someone here she needs to see specifically. Regardless, she'll act as though she owns the place as she moves to seat herself at her own table all while demanding the attention of some waiter. While she is pushy, she's rather polite about it all the same. ]

[Action D (NIGHTTIME): Olney's Tavern]

[ This was another place that Rin's sure she'll find the answers she seeks. All she needs to do is practice not getting kicked out. After three attempts of sneaking in through the front door, she'll begin to try a more clever route: the back door! Proceed to a) point, b) laugh, c) assist in kicking the little girl out! ]

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38 Δ technologically paired  
Backdated to January 29 )

[Phone (DAYTIME): No filters]

[ Days later and Rin's still managed to survive. Guess it's impossible to die when all of your organs are robotic and your body is composed mostly of metal. While she's willing to spare most of Mayfield the pleasure of seeing her in this state, she's not in the mood to be quiet. No, she's rather livid. Except Rin Tohsaka's bitchiness has been cranked up to 11, so she's really pissed off. ]

That's it! I'm tired of just hiding around and letting people protect me! What good is it if I'm going to end up like this regardless of their intentions? Archer may have thought it a good idea for me to behave like a proper lady, but if he was here right now, if he could see what I'm going through, he would kill you all! Maybe he could even see that he was wrong, so wrong, he was so wrong and I hate him for it! [ Yes, she's been shouting this entire time. When she's not, the sounds of machinery can be heard in the background. ] I want to know who's responsible. I want to know who to attack. Most importantly, I want to know where the hell they got these pieces!! Because Garviel might find them useful.. That's all! It isn't as though I want these stupid things permanently!! [ And nooow she's sobbing furiously into the phone. ] Forget it, I'm not lonely or anything! I just thought maybe I should try to talk to people!

[Action (ALL DAY): 310 Miller Street]

[ While Rin's managed to be taken home by this point (out of fear of being droned WHILE suffering in this manner), she's not feeling any better. Her body's covered in various infections that leave her in pain, but no amount of wishing death upon herself will work. Her hair's pulled up into a ponytail to try to keep cool, but at the same time it reveals her new Command Seals along her neck, the girl's pact with Lancer once again formed. Even if she feels as though she should be in her room, she remains in the living room on the couch. Those who may be brave enough to visit her can find her easily, as she tries to hide under a blanket despite the glistening remnants of sweat. ]
15 January 2012 @ 02:39 am

[Action A (MORNING): 1335 Benny Road]

[ Even though it's well known that Rin doesn't live here, someone else ([personal profile] riastrad_ridire) she's quite familiar with does, so it should come as no surprise that he carries her through the door shortly after three in the morning. A few hours later and she can be found patrolling around the house, inspecting it as close as she can with as little sleep as she holds. It might be difficult to tell what she's doing since she's looking at a variety of things - the roof, the windows, and a few rocks on the ground. ]

[Phone (NOON): No filters]

Geez, I wonder if this town is out to get me or something. I set up this really mean joke to play on Lancer about his birthday and then the town not only decides to make me miss it, it makes me miss my entire weekend. So not only did I not get any sleep due to the stupid sirens blaring off, I had to deal with the idiots from school on top of it. [ Following it up with a groan. ] Isn't it supposed to be an American holiday today or something?

[ Isn't it sad being "popular" and all, Reen? ]

If anyone finds out who's responsible for any of this, do me a favor, and I'll do you one in return. Let me know who's at fault and I'll beat them black and blue! That's one of the better deals you'll find in this place, so you should follow through with it.

[Action B (AFTERNOON-EVENING): Throughout the town]

[ Watch out those who might be familiar with Rin. She's had no sleep and also has made the decision to check up on all of her close allies. Bundled up for the weather, she'll be visiting door-to-door or if she knows they're the working type? She'll take a moment to swing by their place of employment. Interactions may not go so well since she is running on no sleep. ]

Locked to house mates at 310 Miller Street )