17 May 2012 @ 02:03 pm
38 ★ overcoming grief  
[A. ACTION; 747 Partridge Drive]

[At first, Miakis doesn't make a big fuss when she wakes up and sees her Princess droned. Yes, it's unfortunate, and yes, it is very, very unnerving, but when you've been in Mayfield as long as she has, droning eventually just becomes a... thing that happens sometimes. She probably just skipped school one too many times! It sucks, but she'll snap out of it soon, right? Right! The idea that it might be permanent doesn't even cross her mind right away, as optimistic as she tries to be.

But as she wanders around the house this morning, she notices that a few of Lym's things from home are gone. This is a very bad thing.]

Oh, no... no no no no no...

[She continues to mumble "no" under her breath repeatedly as she runs downstairs, into the basement. There, her fears are confirmed - the bust, and the Sun Rune along with it, is gone. The Princess is gone. And Miakis lets out the sob that she's been holding back all morning.]

[B. PHONE; public]

H-Hiiiiiii everyone~

[Anyone who's familiar with Miakis at all might notice that she sounds a little off today. Her voice cracks every now and then, and her usual cheeriness is very obviously forced. Not even she can be made of sunshine and happiness all the time.]

I know she had a few friends in town, sooooooo... Her Littlest Majesty Lymsleia's been droned. [She pauses and takes a deep breath.] For good, I mean! Lucky her, she gets to go home and see her big brother again~

Anywaaaaaay, hey, do any of you ladies still need a prom dress? I don't think I'm going anymore, so someone can borrow mine, if they want. That can be my good deed for today, yup yup~!

[C. ACTION; the park]

[Eventually, being around both Lyon and Lym's drones gets to be a little too much. As part of her plan to avoid the house as much as possible, Miakis can be found at the park for the rest of the day, sitting under the shade of a nice big tree, playing a sad little song on her flute. Pike, her dragon horse, lays beside her with his head in her lap, grinking at her morosely. He misses the tiny human too. :c]
06 April 2012 @ 07:44 pm
37 ★ caper | backdated to during the event  
[Like most other Mayfield residents who were present for the last census, Miakis found herself worrying about what the town had in store for everyone this year. She couldn't think of anything worse than being ordered to kill each other, but she knows Mayfield can do it.

So imagine her relief when she discovers that there are no orders to kill each other this time around. Then imagine her complete and utter joy that she gets to prank everyone instead! Being her birthday, this April Fools thing was pretty much made for her, so screw it, she is going to enjoy herself for once.

After spending some time scoping out her targets, she sets to work gathering supplies and making her plans.]

April )

Olivier )

Clover )

[And anyone looking to prank or say hello to the little knight can find her anywhere around town~]
09 February 2012 @ 08:48 pm
36 ★ the squee heard round mayfield  
[PHONE; unfiltered; morning]

Oh boy, would you look at that, I got droned again~... [Miakis stifles a yawn; she sounds almost bored.] So, what'd I miss this time?

Nice of them to give me a welcome back present, though! Almost makes up for the lost time. Mayfield: the town that keeps on giv--

[She cuts herself off sharply as she discovers what it is that's been returned to her. For a moment, she's silent, but soon enough she lets out a very loud, very high-pitched squeal. You might want to cover your ears.

Someone got a nice regain for her trouble.]

[ACTION; around town; ALL DAY LONG]

[That regain she was making noise about earlier? Was one of these adorable things. ISN'T HE PRECIOUS? Miakis certainly thinks so!

You'll find her riding it around town and looking like she is having the time of her life. Because she totally is. And every now and then, she'll stop and dismount, only to smother the lizard in pats and cuddles and lots of love.]

Who's the cutest wittle dwaggie horsie there ever was? Is it you? [YUP BABY TALK AND EVERYTHING she is totally cooing] It's you! You're such a good boy! Yes you are~ Yes you are~