15 June 2012 @ 12:16 pm
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[Backdated slightly to post-Zombiefield!]

[A.1129 Taylor. (Morning } Midday)

The zombies have gone, and now it's time to clean up. Archer can be found outside of his house today working to remove the makeshift barriers he had hastily thrown up before he departure for first the park and then, eventually, the Church. He's not being especially careful about how he goes about this, unfortunately, so passerby might want to be wary of any 2x4s or half-busted chairs or whatnot being unceremoniously chucked their way.]

[B.John Doe Park. (Noon } Afternoon)

Those who visit the park today will likely find themselves in for a surprise, as Archer has laid down several traps carefully hidden in the foliage. The majority of them are snares set to yank the target up into the air, once they unwittingly step into the concealed noose and trigger the trap, and leave them dangling there to struggle. These traps have been made more with entertainment in mind than survival, as Archer's enlisted some very strong branches and thick cordage in their construction; being caught in one will be humiliating and somewhat painful, but not lethal.

The deadlier traps are of a smaller scale and concealed within the thickest part of the trees; these were created and placed with a more serious earnest, their targets not blundering humans but quick and wily squirrels. Archer checks on these routinely from his perch high up in the branches, albeit with less frequency than he does the bigger, sturdier snares.]

[C.Eeeeverywhere. (Evening } Night)

It seems that setting up snares isn't the only trick Archer feels up to practicing. Once the sun has gone down enough to obscure everything in the dusky shadows of approaching night, Archer will take to the rooftops. He moves stealthily, quickly, a nimble figure flitting from house to house. He relies solely on the agility and strength of his now-very-human body to do this; after all, there was little way of knowing that he'd be regaining his Servanthood first, when the time came, so slacking off was simply not an option in a dangerous town like this.

He will cover every block at least once, sometimes twice, seeking to familiarize himself with the town's layout until he knows it like the back of his hand. Often, Archer will pause in his scouting to peer down at any pedestrians below and watch them with keen, intelligent eyes from the gloom. He will also listen at windows on a whim, either from the roof or as he's climbing his way up there.]