11 February 2012 @ 12:14 am
Second Spark--[Action]  
[Action, all around Mayfield]

[With such a high population of flying people, surely another shadow added to the mix wouldn't be terribly amiss.

Or at least that was the idea. Iskierka stopped thinking within a few blocks.

The dragon's flight pattern was particularly wobbly almost as soon as she took off, until the dragon finally lands somewhere, anywhere there was some open ground. The pony-sized dragon skips like a stone a few times before sticking in place, as if ill.

...though she does look like she's about to have a fit of sick all over the nearest surface. Her back is arched like a cat and her body all puffed up like there was some bizarre bubble stuck inside her torso, making her long spines stand out at sharp attention. So maybe she was a bit under the weather.

Then her jaws part and, instead of vomit, an abrupt plume of fire a solid fifteen feet jets out of her throat and melts the snow directly in front of her. The burst is short-lived, only a handful of seconds, but the bubble of distress is gone completely. Her spikes seem to come to life, venting jets of heavy white steam from whatever mechanism powered this particular dragon's pyrogenesis.

Oh, yes. That is much better.

[Apologies about your lawn.]