15 July 2012 @ 01:41 am
Fourth Solar Flight (backdated before the Shindig, July 13th)  
952 Beulah Street

[Jim has awakened to another morning in Mayfield. Great, stuck in a town that pretty much sucks. He really wished he was back on the RLS, at least he was going to find Treasure Planet and going on an awesome adventure in the process. He slumps downstairs, coming to the kitchen and opening it up lazily. Grabbing a jug of orange juice, he grabs a glass from the cupboard. But before he can have his drink there's a knock at the door.

He looks towards the door, yawning as he slides the glass and jug on the table. Opening the door, he looks around, only to see a very long board lying on the porch, with a tool kit lying across it. His eyes widen as he reaches down, picking both things up. These were his. It was his solar board ! The same one the cops took. Ha! Take that police! He throws his arms up into the air, still holding onto both things and yells.]


Anywhere around town

[If someone were to look into the air, they could see a streak of orange flying across the blue sky. It's no star because a star wouldn't be hanging in the air that long or in the middle of the day. Plus it's moving around. There's only one thing to it.

Jim got his board back.

He's yelling with excitement and enthusiasm as he flies through the air. He swerves in and out, doing complex tricks all the while. He dives downwards towards the streets and soon takes to them, swerving around the cars and people. He's flying straight towards a giant truck as well and it's honking at him. He grins and flies straight at it.]


[He's closing the distance as the truck honks, but soon he pulls up just moments before the truck and him collide. He levels out soon coming closer to the ground, not going as fast as before but he's still flying faster than those on bikes.

Maybe you'll have the chance to wave him down.]

17 June 2012 @ 03:14 pm
Third Solar Flight  


[So Jim has seen on his calender that it's father's day. Since it was invented in the early twentieth century, Jim has no knowledge of it really.]

So...what's father's day anyways?

952 Beulah Street

[So hearing about what father's day is, Jim is now subsequently very depressed. He has taken to the garage where he has just found a tool box. Since some of these technologies are  bit unfamiliar to him and well...and very primitive by his world's stand point, he's taking a part the family's car in the garage. Hope you're okay with that not parents. The garage door is wide open so anyone can come in and ask what he's doing.]


13 June 2012 @ 04:34 pm
Second Solar Flight  

1. 952 Beulah Street [Open to anyone]

[Jim is getting over the stress of being nearly mauled in this town. He hasn't had quite as many near death experiences as being attacked by zombies. But it made him realize something...what if he had died here? Would his mother ever know what happened to him? Sure, he was told that people were brought back to life in this town, but currently that sounds like a huge lie.

He's sitting on his roof, tossing rocks down off of it. He's looking rather gloomy. Want to approach?]

2. Phone

So, this is a regular thing, huh? Just people randomly going psycho and trying to eat your face?

3. At Make out Point

[Jim climb all the way out there so he could stare out over Mayfield. He liked high places, he usually went to them when he was feeling rather down on himself.]


07 June 2012 @ 12:44 pm
First Solar Flight  

1. 952 Beulah Street

[Jim was expecting an adventure of a life time. A chance to show his mom he wasn't a screw up. Instead he was made a cabin boy and had to clean up the stupid ship. Worse was he had Silver breathing down his neck twenty four seven. Things couldn't get any better could they? (sarcasm much?) Well they could.

Jim awakes grumbling incoherntly. He probably slept in again but whatever, wasn't his fault; Morph usually woke him. However when he gains consciousness he finds himself...not in a hammock, but a bed. Why was he in a bed? More importantly why was he in this room? This room he doesn't remember sleeping in.

Getting up slowly he makes his way downstairs looking around cautiously. Did he get kidnapped and not know about it? Or was this some kind of lucid dream?

Hope Juliet and Obi-wan are excited for this new addition.]

2. Phone

[Jim picks up this strange looking device. He hasn't seen something like this where he's from. It was like the seventeenth century okay? They may have flying space sea ships that were powered on solar energy but they didn't have phones yet...for some odd reason. Raising it to his ear he sighs agitatedly. Might as well talk to it and vent a bit.]

Where am I? First I'm being nagged by an old salt and now I'm in some weird house? If this is a joke it's not funny.