01 June 2012 @ 04:08 pm
♠ 13 ♠ - Phone  
[Claire has woken up in his makeshift bedroom like he did everyday. But today was different. Everything seemed unfamiliar to him, like something out of an old movie or TV show. He wonders out of the den and the first thing he noticed was the wall of pictures (and the Dracula poster he put up). He Stares at at it for a while, trying to make sense of it all before going to the phone.]

So, um...what is this place? Don't tell me I'm stuck in Pleasantville or somethin'. Also I'm sorry but I don't have kids...yet, and to make matters worse the woman who is apparently my wife is not Chane. So whoever made these pictures, though however good of photoshop job they may be, should go back an' recheck their facts.

Pictures aside, has anyone seen woman with black hair and gold eyes that answers to the name Chane? Just when we meet up again, Chane and I get split up. It's almost like the whole world is against me! But if it happened once I truly believe that we will meet again! After all we did make that promise to each other~.

((OOC: AU info is here.))
04 April 2012 @ 02:04 am
♠ 12 ♠  
[Claire looked at the list he got and just smiled. He really didn't know anyone on the list or anything, but that didn't stop him from coming up with plans. After all, it was April Fools, everything's all in good fun right?

He'll be out all day tracking Padme, Niou, Kotomi, and anyone else that might be on his list (Milla and Sakuya) waiting for his time to strike. Don't worry. He'll just be pulling generic, more than harmless, pranks on people.

As for those out looking to prank Claire, he appears to be wide open. Thinking out loud isn't helping matters much.]

Ya know, The least this place coulda done was give me people I know or better yet a little more information. That would've made things a hundred times easier for me.
14 February 2012 @ 05:29 pm
♠ 11 ♠  
[Action // Around town // ROSES // locked to whoever responds to this option first.]
Cut for the set up. )

[What a lovely day, the birds are singing and love is in the air. Claire's currently enjoying a nice relaxing walk through town.]

I don't know why I had the sudden urge to leave the house. I knew I had to pick somethin' to pick up at the store...but I completely forgot what it was. This is gonna bug me until I remember. Then again, there's no harm in getting some fresh air. So maybe it's a good thing I can't remember...

[Whatever happens he will feel a deep sense of regret for days to come...Randomly stop him and say hi?]
24 January 2012 @ 10:14 pm
♠ 10 ♠ - [Phone]  
[Claire is not happy. He was there the whole time and was going to go inside after scouting out the area. Unfortunately the little explosion kind of put a damper on his plans so he just decided to go home.]

Considerin' that little announcement, it seems like someone messed somethin' pretty important up back there. Don't get me wrong here, I'm not sayin' I like this place. I don't not one bit, especially since it seems to have the power to overwrite what I try to bring into this temporary world of mine. Oh 'n I congratulate whoever came up with the plan to blow up the place. But still, couldn't you have just held off just a little bit longer? I mean I bet that...ahh...what's her face...the one-eyed chick...would've had a little more self control than what you people had. 'N believe me, that's sayin' somethin'.

Now, anyone care to explain why my left arm's suddenly decided to stop workin' 'n start beedin' all over the place?