07 June 2012 @ 12:00 am
4th Spell Learned  

Well, that was fun.  So that's the kind of thing that happens here regularly? 

For any students that actually care, I take back all of the F's that I gave out on Friday.  I . . . honestly don't know what that was, so I'm sorry.  Cade, if you want to talk, let me know.  But I can understand if you'd rather not.

Ilsa . . .  Would you like to get some tea?

[Around town]

[When Caroline needs to think, she goes out for a run.  With some of her abilities regained at the scrambled state of her brain, she has a lot to think about.  The completely distracted young woman is running all about town and it's perfectly possible that she'll just run into someone due to her lack of focus.  Anyone with magical talent will probably be treated to a double take.

Hopefully she won't run into anything when that double take happens, but it's perfectly possible she'll be spotted having a run in with an innocent tree after spotting someone magically inclined.]

[ooc:  Caroline has regained her ability to sense energy, including her fellow magic users.  Permissions post is

04 May 2012 @ 11:01 pm
Ninth Voyage.  
[ Action: Mayfield High. ]

[ Even though Cinco de Mayo was on Saturday, that didn't mean that there had to not be a celebration of some kind! And so, with some careful planning and asking the principal to do a joint lesson, those who had Spanish as well as World History would find the classes being held in the cafeteria instead for today. The captain was ushering in the students and then walking over to the table to join Caroline's side. ]

I wasn't expectin' there t' be so much of a turnout here, did ye?

[ Caroline looked over the teenagers, just as surprised at the numbers. She'd set up with the makings for salsa and had copies of instructions for them, all in Spanish. ]

I figured just the drones would show up. I guess they like the idea of free food.

[ Ambrosia was thankful that she had lessons in reading, writing, and talking in Spanish, because otherwise, the instructions would all just read as gobblygook to her. ]

Well, obviously. It's food, everyone likes it.

[ Caroline sets out the three sets of instructions the students can pick from: mild, medium, and her Nana's 'ay dios mio' recipe. ]

Teenagers are easy to manage. Feed them and they'll follow you anywhere. Hopefully none of them try to follow me home like that random guy at the bakery.

[ At that, Ambrosia will laugh in a heartily way. Oh, how did she know that - both of them, really! She decides for herself to try the Ay Dios Mio recipe just to see what it's like. ]

Well, if it happens, just throw 'em into somethin'. That won't be too hard, aye?

Pretty sure that's in the teacher's handbook to not throw the students. Or, I guess it is, since I haven't read it. [ Caroline eyeballs the kids that are sitting and waiting for them. ] Think you're ready for this, Captain?

Teacher's handbook, smeacher's handbook. Don't make no difference who they are, just tha' ye've gotta exert dominance when it comes t' people. [ For emphasis, she'll crack her knuckles before nodding. ] I'm ready fer anythin'!

[ And now she's feeling rather like she's charging into war with the Captain. Armed with the fixings to make salsa. Those poor kids. ]

Let 'em have it.

[ This is what people tend to get when they decide to be friends with the captain. She nods as she clears her throat. ]

Yo, everyone! Shut up 'n siddown! We're gonna have ourselves some salsa, 'n so tha' none of ye decide t' cut yerself open with a butter knife, ye better get th' cotton out of yer ears 'n listen up!

[ Don't you just feel safe in their hands at that? ]

( OOC: Joint post between Caroline ([personal profile] fifthtimearound) and Ambrosia to celebrate Cinco de Mayo! Let us know if you want them both of just one of them when you tag. )
30 April 2012 @ 01:52 pm
3rd Spell Learned  

Does anyone in my Spanish class have any food allergies?  I'm going shopping for Friday's class and I don't want to accidentally send anyone to ER.  It's Cinco de Mayo this Saturday, a little fun is in order.

[Grocery Store]

[Caroline's pushing a cart through the produce section, picking up the makings for salsa and other goodies for her class.  It does look a bit odd, as she's picking up a ridiculous amount of tomatoes, onions, cilantro, and other produce.  Either her household goes through a lot of vegetables or she's up to something.]

16 April 2012 @ 09:00 am
2nd Spell Learned  
A. Phone

I just got a phone call from some secretary wanting to know why I'm not at the high school to teach.  Is that how you get a job here?  Because I don't remember applying for a teaching position

B.  Mayfield High School // Teacher's lounge

[There is a rather confused young woman sitting in the teacher's lounge with a large cup of coffee and a set of lecture notes in front of her, thumbing through them and trying to figure out how she's going to manage this teaching thing.  It's obvious that she's new and has been thrown into the deep end.]


C.  Mayfield High School // Spanish classroom

[For the non-drones, there is a new face in the Spanish classroom.  Caroline is sitting on the edge of the teacher's desk, waiting for her new students to arrive.  Not that she has any idea what she's going to do with them when they get here, since the lessons in the lecture notes are terrible.  Who actually speaks Spanish like that, anyway?  She's going to have to wing it.]

11 April 2012 @ 08:50 pm
1st Spell Learned  
A. [Action // 1664 Nelson St]

[There was a new arrival in the household.  'Mother' came down the stairs, looking around the house with a completely confused expression.  Who's clothes did she have on?  Who's house was she in?  She was studying for that stupid philosophy final, and then . . .]

Hello?  Is anyone here?  I'm not an intruder, really, I'm just lost.

B. [Action // Nelson St]

[A new face was out in the front yard at 1664.  She wandered to the sidewalk, looking up and down the road at all of the identical houses.  What horrible alternate dimension had she been dropped into?  She leaned on her white picket fence with a frankly horrified expression.  Clearly she needs a random stranger to harass her and make her day worse.]