22 October 2012 @ 12:54 am
11 Apple Cider  
Action A | 503 Ricardo Street | Morning

[Despite what the town might be trying to make Applejack think at the moment, she's not about to forget her friends or home. And while she was making plans to do this before, she almost seems angrily determined to gather up the apples from Bloomberg and using the cider press she regained to fill up barrels she's getting from the barn in the backyard.

It's slow going by herself, and hard work, but Applejack is never one to turn away from hard work. And anybody walking by will hear the farm pony making some delicious cider from homegrown apples. Maybe she could use a helping hoof?]

Action B | 503 Ricardo Street | Afternoon

[There is a wooden stand on the sidewalk in front of the house. Hoof built and sturdy, a sign proclaims the stand is selling Sweet Apple Acres Cider. And there are two ponies sitting by barrels and mugs trying to get passerby's attention.]

Come a get some fresh apple cider! Just made this morning! Made from some of the best apples ever grown! Now who's thirsty?!

((OOC note: Applejack and Apple Bloom are both running the stand, so feel free to address either, or except reply from one or other as well.))

Action C | 503 Ricardo Street | Evening

[Applejack has spent the entire day making and selling apple cider, mostly because it's something that helps cheer her up, but also because it's a simple thing that reminds her of home. And while she did enjoy serving up the delicious cider to friends and others, she couldn't help but remember the friends who aren't around anymore. Which is why after the day is over and she thinks no one is around, Applejack is out on the lawn with a mug of cider. Taking a look around to make sure she's alone, Applejack removes her hat with her free hoof and upturns the mug with a solemn look on her face.]

Dash, Rarity, Ah wish you two were here to try this batch yourself, but Ah keep up mah hopes you're just back in Ponyville now. Ah miss you gals. Hope you all are doing alright wherever you are.
20 September 2012 @ 11:36 pm
10 Applesauce  
Action A | 503 Ricardo Street | Early Morning

[Applejack has been sleeping in the barn she got back the last few days, familiar surroundings and all. Plus hay is a lot more comfortable than floor any night. She also still gets up at sunrise to head into the house and make breakfast even if the house is full of drones but for Gentarou. For one thing, it's one way to start her day without dog food, and it's also a way for her to help out now and again.

However the sameness of Mayfield houses will work against her as she will begin the process of cooking up some eggs and hash browns not at 337 Brady Lane like she believes to be doing, but at 503 Ricardo Street, where Mayfield decided to move her during the night. She even takes a moment to head upstairs to knock on what she still thinks is Gentarou's room door to see what he'd like.]

Hay Gentarou! How do you want your eggs? Ah think Ah could make you an omelette if ya really want...

Action B | Bakery | Later that day

[The smells in the bakery are always some of the most delicious, but for some reason, they seem to be a little stronger today. And mostly of apples. Applejack is cooking up a storm of treats in the kitchen. She seems to be on a mission, a look of focus and determination on her face. She'll of course step out from the back to put some of the newly baked goods on the shelves, but most seem to be piling up on a table in the back...]

Action C | Brady Lane | That evening

[Applejack is coming down the road to check on a few people. There are a couple of baskets, full of delicious apple-themed baked goods, balanced on her back. While it's not her fault that the town has suddenly moved her, she can't help but feel a little guilty. Especially with Gentarou being the only one left in a house full of drones. Plus she liked some of the neighbors, and wanted to make sure they're doing alright too. So there may be an orange pony knocking on your door.]

Hello? Anypony home? Ah brought some treats...
08 August 2012 @ 08:29 pm
Third Cup: The Price of Magic  
Post office

[So Crown has ventured into the post office. He's heard of it and knows what might happen. He could end up dying if he goes in, but he needed to at least start from somewhere right? Everyone had something in this town back from home and he couldn't afford to wait for anything. But he decided to bear the weight of whatever it cost alone. He wasn't going to have someone come in with him and watch him mutilate himself. Even he wasn't that pragmatic.

It's only a few minutes and after signing the forms and receiving his magical potential back, it hits him all at once. Inside of him he felt like something had stabbed their hand into his side and raggedly broke off one of his ribs. But it's not over with just that. It feels as if another hand stabs into his side and just rips out one of his kidney's, and still as unclean as the first. He clutches his side, there's no blood but he can feel it. He just lost one of his organs.

As he stumbles out of the post office, he's just stumbling around in the streets. It's not so much the loss of the organ and the rib, but the blinding pain of having both ripped out so unceremoniously.]


[He's managed to make it home, but he's still in a lot of pain. Picking it up weakly he presses it to his ear.]

Remus...I will have to cancel our lesson today.

But if anyone has healing powers in this town, I would greatly appreciate them right now.

19 July 2012 @ 08:25 pm
[A - The Front Yard of 503 Ricardo]

[Ted was rather surprised to see three packages for him arrive in the mail today. The first, largest one, contained his Blue Beetle suit. The second one contained his BB Gun. The third, a small envelope, seemed to contain only a picture of his ship, The Bug, but when he opened it, he heard a huge thud come from outside in the front yard.

Ted rushes outside, and sitting there in the yard is The Bug in all her glory.]

I don't believe it! She's here!

[B - The Skies of Mayfield]

[So Ted's got The Bug back now, and there's only one thing to do--put his baby through her paces! Anyone looking to the skies should see a strange blue insect-shaped aircraft zipping around town today.]

[C - John Doe Park]

[Ted's landed for a little bit so he can check over his ship and make sure she's running as well as she should. Talk to him?]
12 July 2012 @ 08:48 pm
First Cup  
508 Ricardo Drive

[Crown has awakened from his sleep to find himself in a strange room. This was not his bed. He didn't remember these decorations, the things that hung over his bed. Pictures hanging around the room, himself in them with strangers. More over, how the hell did he appear in these pictures. This was too odd. Too bizarre. But he couldn't panic. He looks around the bedroom for his sword but...it's not there. This is getting bad. What was the logical thing to do right now?

Well, get dressed and walk outside to look at these strange surroundings. Gain familiarity with this foreign territory. His eyes are narrowed, dark even as he suspiciously looks about. Where had he been taken? For what purpose even? Was someone trying to remove competition from the Hierarchy's cup? If that was the case why not cut his throat? No it had to be unrelated. But they took his sword, which almost answers itself. Who would want their captive to have a weapon?

Well at least he can still summon swords. Crown lifts his hand to create a sword, only to find no sword was appearing. All right...magic is blocked too. Definitely a prison of some form.

If someone comes by, he's standing at the side walk looking very deep in thought, a hand to his chin as he ponders what is going on.]

[He has picked up the phone, eyeing it with curiousity. Cross mentioned these things, it was how non magical people communicated. They would often lift it to their ear and talk, right? Doing so he speaks clearly and with purpose.]

Hello, if I am speaking with my captives I would like to inquire as to why you have put me here. Also I would like to know where 'here' is. I would even so go as far to question as to how you can block my magic. Though it almost seems fruitless to ask at this point. After all, you would probably like to keep your captive oblivious and break under the pressure. No matter, I will find the answers myself if that is the case.

Around town

[Crown has taken to the streets. He has a kitchen knife tucked in his belt, but scowling as he moves. A knife was no weapon, especially something so flimsy. If he see's you he turns to you, his stance becoming composed but his expression looking very serious and possibly a bit annoyed.]

Excuse me, are you one of competent speech and thought or are you one of this massive collective that will grace me with platitudes and be otherwise unhelpful to me?

[Blunt much for you?]

17 June 2012 @ 11:51 am
♛Father's Day preparations  
Action : Annie's Flowers : OPEN

[ Maya has never actually been to the shop before, but she like the scents and the pretty flowers that is there, the moment that she steps inside. She's looking for flowers to put on the dining table, but also for flowers for Otoya. She has heard of this Father's Day, and while Otoya isn't the real father of Soul and Django, he is the father of the child in her belly. Whom she is a bit concerned about, in all honesty, but she has decided to ask about it on the phone later on, and perhaps, if it goes further on the same way it has been doing this recent month (that is, nothing happening at all) she might go to the hospital. She is going to give it another week or two, just to make sure she's not simply mistaken, but it does worry her.

Either way, she is looking at the different flowers, trying to decide what to purchase, which flower language she should go with, if she is going to follow any, and such things. ]

Action : Acewood Bakery : OPEN

[ After she had gotten her hands on those flowers, she has gone onwards to the bakery. If you work there, you might be approached with a question. ]

Excuse me. Do you per chance have any cakes that you would recommend?

Action : 503 Ricardo : ONLY NOT!FAMILY

[ Maya has just arrived home, and has placed the cake she has bought in the refridgerator. At the moment, she is pruning the edges of the flowers, and is putting them in a vase. ]

((ooc: super late intro is super late, I'm so sorry. Not!family, feel free to pretend that you know her already. ))
03 June 2012 @ 03:16 pm
??? Purification...?: The Dark Sun (All across the AU event)  
Action: 503 Ricardo

(The sun...that infernal sun is too bright. It hurts Django's eyes to even be this exposed to it. He shouldn't feel this way, but he does. His head is pounding and despite not having any of his vampiric powers, he can feel the darkness engulfing his mind...

...it's too much for him to bear. It was too bright, too cheerful and too happy. His world was dead...he helped it die. To see another world still shine after giving in to evil and surrendering all that made him good...

...he screamed. And he is now going tearing through the entire house in rage and confusion. Nothing is well with the Solar Boy anymore...

Action: Around Town; morning to afternoon

(The sun...it didn't burn his skin anymore. Without his powers, it couldn't hurt him, but he instinctively drew away from it. Getting through the town without touching the sunlight was proving to be a difficult task, but like an animal, he sticks to the shade. You might want to avoid him, though; he'll only draw back once before attacking you!)

Action: Makeout Point; Night

(The sun...it was finally gone. With the night comes relief and the surfacing of the Solar Boy(?) himself.

Up here in Makeout Point, he could see the moon brightly. He didn't know enjoyment anymore, but he was able to take much more comfort now than under the sunlight. The darkness was his strength now. As uncontrollable as it was for him, it was his power. It didn't matter if he didn't regain it yet; the darkness was all he knew...

...looking up at the night sky, he extended an arm towards the moon, roaring out for the one thing that would stay with him in this altered town, what would linger in his body even when absent: the darkness.


((OOC: Django's now from an AU where instead of avenging his father's death and saving the world, he sided with darkness and became their "Black Sun," helping the villains destroy his own world by terrorizing and killing innocent people and releasing Jormungandr itself to devour everything else. He won't be doing much talking like this, but Django has a much more violent and feral vampire-like behavior without any of the vampire powers. He'll be attacking people on sight, so if you're looking for a fight, here's the post for one! I'm entirely up for Django losing each one, so have fun kicking his ass...unless you want to lose for some reason. o.o))
14 May 2012 @ 02:05 pm
04 | Backdated to Mother's Day  
 [Action - outside 508 Ricardo Street]

[Any of Bart's neighbors or anyone that happens to be walking down the road may notice a blur speeding around his yard. Bart's busily attending to the garden at superspeed, trying his best to be as caring as their "mama" had been before her droning.

But despite how careful he's trying to be he's still a bit clumsy, so that hinders him a bit.]
[Action - the flower shop]
[Anyone else buying flowers for Mother's Day might notice Bart at the flower shop buying an unusually large number of them.
Poison Ivy loved flowers, after all.]

Do you think it's weird to do things for people even after they're droned? My real mom's not here but she lives in the future so I probably wouldn't be able to do anything for her back home either...but I had a mom here, too. Her drone still lives in my house.
Even if she was kind of mean sometimes...she was the nicest supervillain I've ever known, I think. 
I've never done this Mother's Day thing before, though. So I hope I did it right. 
Also...I think she'd've liked it if I told all of you to be nice to the plants here. 
07 May 2012 @ 04:20 pm
016 ~*~ "The lifespan is the same, whether it is spent laughing or crying."  
[ Action : Multiple addresses ]
[ Do you like gardening? Meiling certainly does. All this week, she's going to be at this when she isn't at her job cleaning Mayfield Elementary. You can find the redhead in the following yards, planting new flowers, trimming hedges, pulling weeds... just being a happy little busybody.

+ 1647 Albright Lane
+ 340 Brady Lane
+ 752 Partridge Drive
+ 506 Ricardo Street

Poke her. Help her. Wonder what the hell she's doing. Meiling is focused on her work, performing all tasks by hand even if a spade would help most. It doesn't matter to her if she gets dirty or scratched. She feels that she has to do this.

—though hard work IS hard, so she can just as easily be found napping in those yards, too, as she takes a break. ]
05 May 2012 @ 09:30 pm
2 - Ideas of a bored teenage superhero  
[A - 506 Ricardo Street, Saturday Mid-Morning]

Oh good. I'm still here.

[Sarcasm alert! Jaime is not impressed at still being confined to Mayfield. He was kind of hoping his superheroes companions may have broke him, as well as Ted and Booster, out by now. No such luck. After washing and getting dressed he heads down into the kitchen ready to meet Ted.]

Morning 'Dad', I've been thinking about something while I've been in school here.

[School. If losing your abilities wasn't bad enough whoever ran this place made you STILL go to school, talk about pure evil...]

If there's you, me and Booster here... I was wondering who else we know is? And if there is more of us around, maybe we should have a meeting, or 'Dinner party' as the drones would say. I know we don't have powers but maybe if we joined forces we could figure something out.

[Doubtful, but it would at least feel like they were trying something new at least.]

We could even form the JLM - the Justice League of Mayfield!

[That sounded more excited than it should of, but really in this place... it probably WAS the most interesting thing that had come to Jaime's mind of things to do.]

[B - The Malt Shop - Saturday Lunchtime]

[Jaime is sitting alone in a booth of the Malt Shop, stirring his drink with his straw and looking into space. He still hasn't really made any teenage friends in Mayfield, mainly thanks to holding himself back a little while he was adjusting.

Now he is used to Mayfield... he is kinda needing a pick me up. Apparently this was a good place to meet fellow teens, so he has come and is waiting to see if anyone approaches him or if there is anyone who grabs his attention that looks at least mostly sane that he can confide in who is his own age.]
28 April 2012 @ 11:48 pm
5th Purification: The Great Tree of the Sun  
Action: 503 Ricardo Street; open

(So Django got something in the mail after all of that pranking stuff, but kind of got too busy with going around Mayfield and only recently remembered he had one.

Once he took a look at the picture, he heard a rumbling from his backyard. Rushing on over, he witnessed the commotion and HOLY CRAP THAT IS A BIG TREE! While it might take up a good chunk of the backyard, Django couldn't be any happier to see it. He knew exactly what this tree was: a solar tree.

So yeah, anyone passing by, living next door or in this house will notice this really big tree with pink leaves in Django's backyard. It might give off a bit of an unnatural feeling since it's not normal, but it's a benevolent feeling. Also, this guy is totally pumped to have it and just might be that much more active around the neighborhood. Dare to approach?

Phone; filtered away from Black Dainn Because you're a meanie face

Hello Mayfield. My name is Django; I've recently regained something very important to me and I feel it can greatly assist everyone in town. The solar tree is a proud and mighty thing in my world; it protects the innocent from the vampires and legions of undead they control. It can grow fruit all year round while the sun shines brightly, a factor I won't have to worry about here..

...anyway, the most important thing about this tree is its morning dew; each day at sunrise, it drops a single drop of dew that can completely heal anyone it touches. If anyone is in need of such assistance, whether its providing fruit or healing, then please feel free to ask me.

Action: Church; specifically for Merem Solomon and Ciel, but open to all

(Django's been very very anxious ever since someone from his world made his way into Mayfield: someone who haunted Django to his very core. It wouldn't be long before he regained his powers, but the Solar Boy wasn't about to simply wait for it to happen! He actually remembered a previous conversation he had with a girl about a group the church was putting together, so he was finally going to take up her offer!

Once he finally arrives at the church, he'll be anxiously looking for people and asking about them.

Excuse me, Would you know where I could find Ciel or Merem Solomon? I was told I could find them here.
23 April 2012 @ 05:38 pm
Day 1 - In Blackest Night, In Mayfield's Brightest Day  
[A - 506 Ricardo Street, Monday Morning]

[Jaime wakes to find himself in a strange room, totally different to the one he has in El Paso. He practically jumps out of bed on full alert, has he been captured by one of his crazed rogues gallery!?]

What the! Where am I!?

[Why oh why do I always get into these situations!? One minute I am fighting the evil zombie version of my predecessor Ted Kord, the next I am in some strange room that looks like its been caught in a time warp...]

Where are we... Hey Scarab, wake up!.. OK this isn't good...

[Khaji-Da isn't responding either? What is this place?]

I guess the only thing to do is to find out who or what else is here, outside the door...

[Jaime heads to the door, opens it, and proceeds into the hallway, not sure what he will come across now...]

[B - Around Town, Later that day...]

Man I feel like I am in a movie walking around this place...

[Jaime is aimlessly wandering the streets. He is still unnerved about waking up in this strange place without his powers. Hopefully some fresh air will clear his mind and let him take everything in.]

I guess I should be thankful the things keeping us here are friendly... Small mercy's I guess.

[He comes to a halt at a random bench and takes a seat, not sure what to do next. This is one of those times where he misses Milagro, his little sister. It must be bad, if he is really missing her so soon...]
22 April 2012 @ 08:19 pm
02 [Poison Joke]  
[Ted has been through a great many traumatic events in his career as Blue Beetle. One of the worst involved getting turned into a chipmunk by a powerful queen he had a little fling with...and now he's being forced to relive that after messing with some weird blue flowers that had popped up in his flowerbeds overnight. Unfortunately for him, the Poison Joke didn't kick in until he was out and about his daily business, causing him to decide to run back home as quickly as possible.]

[A - Around Town, backdated to Friday]

[If you're observant, you may notice a chipmunk dressed like a blue bug darting through the streets. He's quite focused on not getting stepped on and generally getting the heck out of wherever he is.

I! Can't! Believe! This! Is! Happening!

[B - Phone]

Hey! Has anyone else been going through any...interesting changes?

Or have I just ticked off a wizard queen again?

[C - 506 Ricardo]

[There's a strangely-dressed chipmunk lounging in the tree outside the house. Or perhaps he's inside watching TV while sitting on the couch. Either way, he's kind of funny-looking and adorable.]
20 April 2012 @ 05:04 pm
Ⅰ The King has entered the building  
Sweet Narrative )

A. Morning, locked to 505 Ricardo Street

[ Saber is cooking, your argument is invalid.

She's also carefully avoiding everything in the house that shows her being all wifey to the dude she was sleeping with. And is that Hakuno? Saber is too scared to check the other rooms, not that she would accept she is scared, shut up. For now, she's fixing herself from breakfast, and doing extra for whoever might need to be fed as an apology. If she feels like untying her fake hubby. Maybe.

She's humming.

B. Around town, most of the day. Open to everyone.

[ Being the amazing person she is, Saber has taken to explore the city, but not before modifying the ridiculous clothes she had been given into something a lot easier to deal with. Shorter skirts and less restraining shirts, boys and girls. She can found either staring at pets, buildings, or other people. Perhaps you? You don't even need to look weird, just...be around. Her walking is taking her all over Mayfield, but she's not entering any place just yet. ]

C. Phone. Evening. Open to everyone.

Greetings, Mayfield. You will call me Saber.

I'm not impressed.
17 April 2012 @ 01:24 pm
Equius Zahhak ♐ 3 Little Hoofbeasts ♐  
[1. Action | Afternoon | Downtown | Open to All]

[While you're wandering downtown today, about an hour or two after school has let out, you might happen across Equius near the grocery store. He's definitely not approaching it, as he's sitting on the ground across the street from the parking lot. Rather, he's just looking at it uncertainly, clearly in deep thought about something. But what's so interesting about the grocery store? Only he knows.

Will you ask him what he's up to?

[2. Action | Evening | 507 Ricardo | Inside]

[There's some shouting from the drone-wife at 507 Ricardo around dinnertime, when she discovers Equius doing something with a particular piece of paper in his school bag that he was definitely trying to dispose of in the least suspicious way possible. It's a letter of reprimand from Equius's homeroom teacher, chastising him for being "rowdy" and "disrupting the class", and Drone Mom definitely informs Equius very loudly that she got a call from said teacher earlier this afternoon while Equius was in detention, and she was expecting him to bring this letter home.

Just wait until your father gets home, young man, she says, waving the letter around. The windows in the kitchen are open, and anyone walking down the street can probably see the whole debacle taking place, as well as Drone Mom testily attaching the letter to the fridge with a magnet and going back to cooking dinner, while Equius is forced to sit at the kitchen table and wait for Benson to get home.

Bug him in the meantime at your discretion. He's not happy, though.
15 April 2012 @ 04:05 pm
[A - 506 Ricardo]

[Ted wakes up, no big deal. He does that every morning. Now, what is a big deal is that he rolls over and suddenly finds his arm draped over some woman he doesn't know or remember bringing home at all...and wait, this isn't even his home. Not his bed, not his pajamas, not anything he remembers. And yet he does not remember going home with this woman who frankly does not look like his type at all.]

Oh, good morning, dear! Did you sleep well?

[And the woman looks glassy-eyed and weird and just not right. It is at this point Ted realizes that there are family photos scattered around the room and they have him and the woman, is she some sort of creepy stalker? And then there are kids in those pictures and WHAT IS THIS and...]


[Housemates may hear the sound of a manly scream shout as Ted rapidly extracts himself from the bed with the creepy zombie-woman and runs out of the bedroom clad only in his boxers. This is way more than he's ready to wake up to.]

[B - Downtown Mayfield]

[Ted's calmed down quite a bit. He's a superhero, after all, and these sorts of things tend to happen in his line of work. He's now walking through town, trying to get a sense of where he's ended up. There have been a few more of the glassy-eyed unnatural people that seemed to know him and think he was a mechanic, which was unnerving, but he was hitting a point at which he could roll with it.

Now he's just trying to get his bearings and a sense of where exactly it is he's found himself.

And to find a way out. A way out would be nice.]

[C - Library]

[Ted's wound up at Mayfield's library, and it's obvious from the way he's pulling books off the shelves, flipping them open quickly, and scowling at them that he's not finding what he's looking for at all. He's not yet realized that the library won't be giving him anything he'd find useful.]
13 April 2012 @ 11:24 am
Fifth Apology | That Isn't Normal...  
-Morning: 503 Ricardo St-

[Housemates feel free to hear a scream. Tsubaki will just be in Soul's bedroom freaking out at the fact that she is in a boy's body for a bit.]


[Tsubaki isn't used to hearing Soul speak her thoughts, so the voice might sound a bit hesitant.]

I don't know what's going on, but today is Friday the thirteenth. Is anyone else not in their own body? Black☆Star, are you there?

-Action A: Around Town-

[Another thing she isn't used to is being a Death Scythe, so one might see Soul's arm flickering back and forth from the scythe blade to his arm. And she may be too distracted to notice anyone calling out to her, especially since she's not used to being called Soul.]

-Action B: Around Town-

[She's headed for her house, and if she happens to notice anyone she knows, she might approach them to make sure they're ok.]

10 April 2012 @ 08:55 am
Ding Level 5  
[502 Ricardo and Neighboring Areas]

[Thrall had found a card in his package that morning from the mailman. Turning it over, there was a rushing noise and the similar light swirling around him. As if something was unlocked once more. Reading the text he chuckled.

Ghost Wolf
6% of base mana
2 sec cast.
Turns the Shaman into a Ghost Wolf, increasing speed by 30%. As a Ghost Wolf, the Shaman is less hindered by effects that would reduce movement speed.

Walking out the door he concentrated as his hands glowed with power as he cast the spell. His body changed in an instant and a cloud of smoke and sparkling magic as he was now a Ghost Wolf which scratched his hind leg.]

How interesting. Perhaps I will go out for a run today then.
03 April 2012 @ 08:41 pm
Drink Count: 26 || Super-Gluing valuable coins to the sidewalk is not proper demonic activity.  
A. [505 Ricardo, locked to Gawain ([personal profile] white_knightin)]

[Crowley has a special surprise for Gawain. When he goes in for his shower, he finds that the suddenly turns to soup, noodles and all, when he's rinsing off soap suds.]

B. [Anytime, Anywhere]

[Need to be pranked by Crowley? Just want to hang out? This is the prompt for you!

Also, you may find some valuable coins super-glued to the sidewalk across the street from the Tavern. If this is the case, Crowley is definitely watching.]