16 March 2012 @ 06:04 pm
♎ S33R: B3 TH3 S4SS13ST F41RY  
[hello Mayfield!! wow, Terezi sure is dressed as a fairy today. as a matter of fact, I have even rendered her symbolically for you. she looks just like this:]

[maybe Vriska had the right idea, and fairy costumes are the true path to Getting What You Want Out Of Boys. Karkat seems to be a fan of this sassy fairy that happens to hate everything, so Terezi assumes that if she emulates her Karkat will be totally impressed. either way, she hasn't spent the past week pricking her fingers with needles repeatedly for nothing. it's really hard to sew when you're blind, okay.

of course, Terezi knows that fairies aren't real. they are the fakest most unreal imaginary fakey fake things that ever were, and no amount of wishing can make them real. they are just so fake! fake. they do not exist. not at all. but she has deemed it okay to dress up like one, as long as she continues to acknowledge their inherent fakeness.

she's wearing her fairy costume everywhere. everywhere. she's walking to school in it, sitting in class in it, going to her job as a carhop in it, and picking up groceries in it.

she is also pestering everyone she runs into, because it's just a thing she does. she has a sack of glitter with her, and everyone she comes across gets a little pinch of it.]

I am a fairy! Except not really. You shouldn't believe too hard in me, because only wigglers believe in stuff like this. [tossing more glitter-] Did you know that if you think really, really happy thoughts, you'll be able to fly?

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13 February 2012 @ 01:56 pm

[the cacophony of wet swallowing sounds is occasionally broken up by agonized sounds of a boy who wants to keep all his peanut butter in the jar thank u very much]

If it isn't too much trouble, for someone, to possibly send assistance, on account of me, and my current position, of being-- uh, Terezi, I don't think that is supposed to, oh, no--

[Terezi interrupts him with a screech.]

OH MY GOD, Tavros, sucking on your tongue is like a Skippy peanut butter nirvana!! Hold still and let me just mrrrrffphhprhrpfhghghh OH YESSSSSSSS.

Only the sound of a strangled sob, before he manages to wrestle himself free long enough]

It would be really nice, if you would stop biting it, please, because I do have to use that for other things, also, at this point, even if it would be sort of inconvenient to come help, it would definitely still be a great thing to, um, auuuuughh??

[Terezi gives a strangled shrieking sound that to any normal person sounds like an animal dying; to those that know her, they will recognize it as her typical cackle.]



I am gonna touch the fuck out of your rump. Because that is a thing I can do now because it is not made of metal. Yes, it is, and- YES. Yessss.

It is plush, Tavros. It is so plush.

[A terrified squeaking noise.]

I think maybe it might be best, to take a moment, and reconsider, the thing I explained, about, UH, PLEASE DON'T SQUEEZE IT--

Too late, it is already considered squeezed! I will squeeze it once more for good measure- ah- there.

So tell me, Tavros.
[Terezi lowers her voice to what she thinks is her best sexy whisper but is really just generally fear-inducing.] Are you chunky or smooth down there?

[Only the sound of sweet, sweet peanut butter tears before the call cuts off.]


[Tavros can be found hiding (badly) in the park, and suffering Post Makeouts Stress Disorder, so you're free to hound him there too - just avoid cackling too loudly, using your tongue, or any vague mention of licking/rumps or he might actually pass out.]
15 January 2012 @ 01:41 am
( phone )

It's Terezi and my auricular sponge clots are still frothing teal from all of those alarms, and I guess everyone is still in a big panic about it but I just wanted to let everyone know that Dave Strider- hard cherry candy red Dave, not delicious orange creamsicle Dave- is gone. Back to... to our universe, I guess, and I mean, I just-...

[Terezi actually sounds pretty miserable about it. ]

I bet he will be back soon. I mean, that's just like a coolkid, to get himself panscrubbed ironically. He will be back in a few days, won't he, I just know it, he's going to swagger on in and be like 'Hey, TZ, hey, everything's totally cool and I was just seeing what it was like to be a drone for a while.' Yeah, that's what's going to happen. Blargh. I think I am going to give him a good hard drubbing the moment he snaps out of it. He's leaving me hanging and-

[Her voice shrinks.] ...Anyway, um. That's all.

Oh, except, by the way, can I ask if there are any people out there who were born between the human calendar dates of... September 24th to October 23rd? [She sounds a little bit hopeful, curious.] Let me know!

( filtered to castmates but easily broken )

I discovered this thing! [She seems to perk up a little bit, although she still sounds a bit tired. There's some rustling on her end of the line.] It's called 'the zodiac'! Humans have this wheel of 12 signs based on the stars in the sky and the way they're laid out and... There's a machine that dispenses something called a 'horoscope'. That's how I figured it out. I don't know how we didn't ever learn about this sooner!

[She gives a huff.] I'm going too fast, but it's pretty exciting! They're our signs, if you haven't figured that out yet. All 12- they're ours. And they're all based on real star patterns. We really did have an influence on this universe. Apparently all humans born on this planet fall under one of our signs. Amazing, isn't it!

The machine's at the comic shop. But I found a book on the zodiac, too! Here, for example, I'm going to read about my sign. It's called 'Libra'. [She pauses for a moment to lick the paper.] 'Diplomatic and urbane, romantic and charming'- hahaha- 'Easygoing and sociable, idealistic and peaceable'... They're all qualities that are supposed to represent our signs, I think! Naturally I am incredibly sociable and romantic and diplomatic and peaceable so this is all one hundred percent absolutely undeniably true.

But the coolest part is, [she takes a breath-] the coolest part is that my sign represents the scales. Equality and justice. And the rest of the signs, are, um, well, you'll see! I think it's all kind of amazing. You should go to the comic shop if you want to see! It's just... I guess even here, it's kind of encouraging to know that we had an impact on things. Somehow.

( action; the comic shop )

[Terezi, dressed in tribute to a certain coolkid, is standing before a rusty machine mounted to the wall. It has a number of different options on it, and after inserting $0.05, it dispenses small tubes of paper containing horoscope information. Terezi is basically choking the thing with nickels and stuffing a bunch in her pockets. She has a lot of Libras and Cancers. Once she amasses enough, she sits down on the curb of the sidewalk and begins sketching on the ground in chalk.]

picture )