10 February 2012 @ 09:33 pm
[ Phone - Evening ]

Ladies and gentletrolls, wigglers of all ages, welcome to the dark carnival Come for the juggling and stay for the subjugglating! See most amazing of chucklevoodoos I got just for you.

This motherfucker's done gone and finally saw he went mutant underneath this fake fucking husk of his. And it's all going clownhill from here.

Motherfuck, does a brother need to be peeling every peach-skin to get down to the meat of his business?

[ Action - Evening - Immediate Vicinity of 1336 Benny Road ]

[ There is a horrifyingly large human sitting atop his rooftop in the evening hours, dressed well but with cosmetics smeared all over his face to approximate his usual greasepaint. He's freakishly tall, looming as his face is pulled into a vicious snarl that is not nearly as intimidating as it should have been when he had fangs. He's just watching and waiting for now, but anyone unfortunate enough to walk by the house and not look up as they do so will be greeted with a deep: ] HONK!

[ An increasingly agitated one. If one more peach-skinned hornless motherfucker greets him in a friendly fashion, he's going to jump clear off of there and rip their head off.

He might do that anyway.

After all, the fact that there's a little splash of blood on the sidewalk gives away that he's already done something similar once. This is exactly how you investigate getting turned into a filthy red-blooded alien.