22 August 2012 @ 11:59 pm
21st Fight  
[Action, Stone Street: Good morning, someone's breaking into your garage! Barton was out on the street this morning playing fetch with her pet, the blue German Shepard. One of those times, though, the ball goes bouncing off and through your garage door. Which is then followed in by the dog. When he doesn't come back out again, Barton will come over to investigate. That was pretty damn weird. And like hell she's going to bother to ask, she's just going to open up your garage door and let Buster out. Unless it's locked, then you might find her knocking on your door instead.]


[Phone call to all:]

This stuff goin' on... This is some pretty bad news, ain't it. What do we do?
05 July 2012 @ 12:29 pm
20th Fight  
[ACTION A: the hospital]

[Candy Striper Jane Barton is seen all over the hospital today, instead of her usual spot of looking bored and irritated behind the gift shop counter. Today, when the drone doctors and nurses aren't looking, she's making off with supplies - bandages, IV bags, disinfectants, blankets, whatever she can grab. She heard Pokey's call and agreed that they'll have to be ready on this end for if and when the people who got sucked into the fun house world come back.

When leaving that day, she'll be carrying several large bags with her, which looks like more than she should be able to carry. She seems okay though. And is that last bag just floating after her...? Yep, sure is. Feel free to stop her and see what's up now or while still inside the hospital.]



[Barton makes a quick call to the town.]

I got a buncha stuff from the hospital. First aide supplies 'n' all. I ain't good with this kinda stuff, but if someone who does wants 'em, I'm at 487 Stone Street. the more people with some, the better. Come pick 'em up.

[After that, she's in the garage as usual, tinkering at her various carpentry projects and engineering studies. The large bags of supplies are sitting near the garage door. Come say hi?]

24 May 2012 @ 11:10 pm
19th Fight  
[Action A: 1450 Mitchell. Barton, a frequent visitor to RED Engie's garage, shows up there today to find all her tools and work in the trash alongside the curb. Quick investigation shows her that he's been droned, and what looks like for good, and he's cleared out all her things.

Residents of the house, neighbors and passersby will find her getting her things together from the trash can, trying to see which of her projects were still salvageable. She'll also be taking her large tool kit from the garage - the one Engie had given her for Christmas.]


[Action B: 5723 Cunningham. A quick look up with the operator, and Barton find her to the residence of one Mr. Tony Stark. She's looking for the man in question.]

[Action C: the open garage of 457 Stone. When Doofenschmirtz had gone, Bail had taken his place. Since then, Barton noticed the garage had been untouched. Figuring Bail wasn't much of a mechanic or tinkerer, it was time to set up shop in her own home again, without a drone father giving her a hard time. Household members or anyone else is free to stop in, to find a frustrated Barton trying to put things back together.]
10 April 2012 @ 03:36 pm
18th Fight  
[Barton doesn't usually use the phone much, but she figured she better make this call.]

... Heinz Doofenschmirtz is droned. For good. His stuff's all gone.


Does anyone have garage space I can borrow? Damn drone kicked me out and tossed out all my stuff. "Not fit for young ladies", my ass.


[Later, housemates and passersby will find Barton out on the driveway and lawn, sorting her tools and projects, looking them over, and boxing them up. She'll be using her telekinesis to move the bigger things. Why yes, that box is floating over the lawn.

She'll also be sitting with a drawing pad, sketching out some plans. With Gohan's beach under way, she might not have much room. But if she can't use that garage, she'll just build her own work shed. Feel free to stop by/pester/etc.]

06 February 2012 @ 11:46 am
17th Fight  
Action A: Locked: Barton's room, over the course of the event )


Action B: The effects of the surgery have worn off. Barton's hellish nightmare is over. She may be a strong girl, used to a harsh life as a soulless person, and the pain and confusion over psychic abilities. But Mayfield played on her only fear, and it's going to take some time to recover.

So, housemates and visitors. Don't mind her if she just stays in her room awhile, curled up on her bed. The door is unlocked now, at least.


Action C: Later today, Barton will make it outside. She needs air, and sky. She's used to a life outdoors, so she won't stay inside forever. She'll be at her usual haunt - the trees around Makeout Point, bundled up in her coat, a small fire going. Her big blue German Shepard is at her side, keeping her company.

28 January 2012 @ 10:50 pm
16th Fight  
[Action A: On the morning of Saturday, Jan. 28, Barton will be released from the factory like the others. However, she looks quite different. Besides her head being bandaged, looking utterly exhausted and moving slowly and carefully, she looks twice the age he was just yesterday. Instead of being 15, she now looks to be around 30. Anyone sharing the room with her in the "hospital" would have seen her curled up on a bed throughout this ordeal, stifling screams of pain. The process was agonizing.

She shuffles to her house at 457 Stone Street, staring ahead, focusing. Occasionally, she stops to rest for a moment against a telephone pole or building, before heading on her way again. Feel free to stop her, offer help, ask questions, whatever. Otherwise, she will soldier on alone.]

Action B: Locked to household )

19 January 2012 @ 10:52 am
15th Fight [action]  
[Oh hey, family, you didn't need this car, right? A bored Barton is a dangerous Barton. And when she's not out exercising at the park or sleeping through class, she's usually tinkering in the garage. Today, though, she's putting the tools Engie gave her for Christmas to use by seeing what makes the family vehicle tick.

The car is out on the driveway, and there's parts lying on the ground around it. The hood is popped open, and Barton is hovering over it, studying it. She's frowning slightly. She's trying to learn, trying to figure out what all this stuff does on her own. This was some complicated stuff. But, Barton's a determined individual.

Family or anyone passing by will find her looking over the engine, underneath the car after figuring out how the jack works, or sitting with some parts in her hands on the driveway, looking them over. She's covered in oil, dirt grease, and doesn't really give a damn.]

Hope this bit wasn't important... [She tosses onto the driveway with the rest, and gets back to tinkering.]