15 September 2012 @ 07:51 pm
♥ → houses are overrated anyway  
Action ♥ 335 Brady Lane }}
tl;dr, smoke is now coming out of the house, help maybe? )

Phone ♥ }}
[ Satou eventually comes to her senses and puts out the fire, even if she probably needed some help to see that it was a bad idea. The house still smelled of smoke when she decided to calm herself with a phone call. ]

Good afternoon, this is Satou Kuroneko. I'm um... just checking, to be sure? If everyone got back from the portals okay... Um, in case you need it, I was going to make something for supper? Maybe someone would like to join me and discuss what they saw? I'm very curious...

[ a pause ] I know it's a lot to ask, but also, if you're okay... If you're okay, please let me know. Please? I'd... appreciate it a lot.
11 July 2012 @ 03:11 pm
♥ good life choices  
[ action ♥ 335 Brady Lane ]
Housemate Action )

[ phone ]

U-um... I'm back! I'm back... Hello. Sorry about being in the carnival, um... I got some mail. Did anyone else get packages?

[ She fiddles with her two new cards. One has her favorite magical girl dress on it and the other has a classic demon. ] I hope everyone got back from the carnival okay. Haruhi-san, do you have the newspaper I gave you? Um, maybe we should get together and look that over... Did anyone else find newspapers or anything useful in the carnival? Could you let me know? I'm Satou, um and. I'm curious.

[ Satou pauses, looking at the card with the demon on it and frowning. Unimpressed with her regain and not sure what it means. ] And um... Alphonse...san, Mr, um... If you're listening, um... I'm sorry, sir... I about not being nice.

[ action ♥ makeout point ]
[ Despite what would be considered "good judgment", Satou heads to makeout point a few hours after her initial phone call to try training her magic. She's frustrated after letting herself get killed again, even when she had her magic, and needs to vent some steam. ]

Hm... no one is here, I hope? I wonder what that second card means...
21 June 2012 @ 09:36 pm
♥ summer is for...  
[ School was one experience for Satou. For the first time in years, she could attend school like a normal girl and not have to worry about traveling. And now another new experience is upon her; a proper summer vacation. Unfortunately, recent events have left her a bit confused, depressed, and (shock) full of self-loathing. So it's time to both spend summer properly and distract herself! ]

[ Phone ♥ ]
Soccer!  Volleyball! Swimming! Hiking! Picnics! Ice cream!
It's summertime! I need to start doing all of the summer-y things! I've never had any hobbies before and I'm probably not good at anything, but I'd love to learn if someone would like to show me!

A-and also um! I didn't do too great in math class this year... and I could do better in my other subjects, um... does anyone have some good books I could use to study? I don't have my textbooks anymore...

[ Action ♥ Park ]
[ Regardless of whether or not people want to do things with her, Satou can be found in the park doing various "summer-y things" all day in order to distract her miserable thoughts. In particular, you may notice her up a tree reading a book or on the ground with a volleyball, trying to practice by herself.  In the case of volleyball, she eventually decides to try a practice serve-- tossing the ball up a bit and hitting it over a tree branch.

Unfortunately, being distracted by her thoughts, she isn't paying much attention and accidentally hits the ball a bit too hard. Which wouldn't be a big deal, if that didn't mean using her magical strength and giving the volleyball dangerous force.

Eek!!! L-Look out! [ She chases after it. ] S-sorry! Are you okay?! I'm sorry, I'm sorry!

28 April 2012 @ 08:47 pm
♥ house changed  
[ action ♥ 335 Brady Lane ♥ backdated to Friday ]
[ Satou's gotten used to living with a bunch of drones. She's been waking up early (read: crazy early) to make herself a non-dronetastic breakfast and pack lunch before her drone mother wakes up, so that's what she's doing now. Oblivious to the fact that she has new housemates who aren't drones.

Though some of the ingredients she's used to using aren't there and there are some things she's never seen before, Satou finishes cooking and sets the table for four... then goes off to wake up her family members. You'll be getting a knock on your door before a really annoying magical girl lets herself in.

Good morning, sleepyhead! It's morning! Morning time is now! Time to wake up and smile all day, again~! 

[ school ♥ Friday ]
( ♥ Action A )
[ Are you a boy? Or a teacher? You poor soul. Between classes, Satou is summoning her courage to locate adults and boys her age. And after another burst of courage, approaching them and tapping their shoulders. ] Excuse me? Are you busy after school today, by any chance? [ Someone wants to abuse your section of the library. ]
( ♥ Action B )
[ Alternatively, Satou has told herself that she's allowed to have friends in Mayfield. Not just that, but she should be allowed to have a lot of friends. Then if she decides to go to prom she'll have a lot of people to talk to. So if you're a girl at school, no matter who you are or how unfriendly you may seem to be, Satou will pester you between classes. ] Um... um, excuse me! I'm Satou! um... Hey, let's be friends! [ And let's also get straight to the point.

And if you already know Satou then never fear!  She's essentially on autopilot after the first three encounters and will approach even people she knows, asking them to be friends as if they'd never met before.
22 April 2012 @ 03:41 pm
♥ daisy-head mayzie, anyone?  
[ Satou's Sunday started with an awful realization; her 'friendship flowers' were  not just dying. She'd been spoiling them rotten, taking care of the flowers that she picked out and named after friends as if they were her actual friends. But today she woke up and found that her drone mother had thrown out the dead flowers. ]

[ action ♥ anywhere ]
[ Luckily, the town is growing many a flowers today! Satou cleaned the tears off her face and went out to buy new flowers, only to find some very pretty ones already growing along the way. She picked a couple and was on her way home-- stopping in a few places to buy school supplies and groceries-- with a bundle of poison joke in her arms. She hasn't passed any mirrors or looked at herself in any windows, so doesn't realize that her ahoge hair has disappeared and been replaced by a daisy. Feel free to alert her, or even watch it as it sprouts. ]

[ phone ♥ ]
[ After Satou discovers the daisy growing on her head she abandons the flowers and rushes home. Curled up on her bed now with the blankets over her head and phone to her ear. ]
Um... Hello, I um... Does anyone know how to take care of flowers? Specifically when um... they're growing on top of your head. Should I put dirt on my head? Water it? Is there a fertilizer I can use? I've never heard of this sort of thing before... I don't seem to have much of a green thumb either... And I don't want Daisy-san to die. [ Yes, she's named it. ]
12 April 2012 @ 02:13 pm
[ action ♥ high school ]
[ After blowing up a few things in her house, Satou has confirmed for herself that yes. Some of her magical abilities have returned. Unfortunately, she's still trying to sort out just which abilities have been returned. During class, Satou is actually distracted. For the first time in months, she is not attentively following along with her lessons. Instead, Satou closes her eyes to concentrate and then scribbles the results on a sheet of paper. She doesn't respond immediately when classes end, choosing to let the school clear out so she can avoid running into the drones of her friends. ]

... This is stupid. [ She looks down at the slip of paper, which mostly tells her what she can't do yet. Then bangs her head productively on the desk. ] Maybe I'll just study. Obviously this isn't working out.

[ action ♥ park ]
[ After cheering herself up and curing her depression, Satou decides to spend the rest of the afternoon and evening in the park. She has set out a couple empty cans and can be caught blowing them up, shooting them with magic sparks, and kicking them with enhanced kicks for most of the night. If one hits you then she's really sorry about that! ]

[ phone ♥ ]
So I guess I've figured out what came in my package! It's pretty useful, but I still don't have everything I need to use it at full power... So I was wondering! Does anyone have any weapons? Or um~. Know anything about that science-y stuff? If you could let me know then I'd be eternally grateful?

[ phone ♥ filtered to anyone who offered to teach her things ]
Hello~! This is Satou~! Do you have a minute? I have a question about something!
19 March 2012 @ 09:05 pm
♥ all of the things  
[ phone  ♥ ]
Um... hello! I'm sorry to bother you guys all of a sudden! But um~!

I want to learn! Lots of things! I don't know much about math. Or science. Or literature stuff. Or that music note stuff. Or um. Much. Are there any people who know about those things? I want to learn how to do them! And how to play sports! And card games! And everything! Since I've got time to learn those sorts of things here and I think it would be fun! Maybe I'll even get a bit smart...er.

Um but... if that's troublesome... then I don't want to burden anyone... I'm just curious. I'd like to learn...

[ park  ♥ ]
[ After school, Satou can be found in the park. She isn't doing anything right away. Just staring around, debating what to begin with. When she spots you, however, she stops staring around blankly and walks over quickly. ]  Um-! Hello um-! Are you... are you busy today? [ This is when you should run. ]
08 February 2012 @ 06:25 pm
♥ 04  
[ action ♥ 770 Bunker Street ]
[ Satou woke in her bed with a start, as if from a nightmare. She last remembers being stabbed, over and over, until she just couldn't bear to be conscious anymore. The memory keeps knocking on her thoughts as she forces herself to get out of bed and stumbles to the vanity in her room. ] It's okay... It's okay, don't freak out, it's okay... [ Then she stops. Standing in front of the mirror, in the middle of changing her clothes. It takes a moment for the sight to completely register. Her wounds are still there. They're not bleeding and they're not fatal, but they're still there. Satou tries to calm herself again by searching for her pulse, to remind herself that she might be wounded but at least she's still alive... unable to find it, she stumbles to the nearest bathroom and skips breakfast that morning.. ]

[ action ♥ High School ]
[ Despite her physical state, Satou does all in her power to be cheerful at school that day. She'll greet anyone and everyone with a smile, even if she's never met the before.  ] Good day! Are you excited, for, um... February? Let's make it the best!

 [ But she will never take her gloves off. She has long sleeves on, long stockings, and is making all possible effort to keep her body completely hidden. Though she seems to be social and friendly, get too close to her and she'll back away from you nervously. At lunch, she sneaks away from the cafeteria to avoid eating anything. Satou doesn't want anyone to know her revival wasn't perfect.  ]

[ phone ♥ Evening ]
[ Just barely an hour after school and Satou is finally healed up. Since she is no longer freaking out over her failed revival state, Satou now has the time to open the package addressed to her. Despite the strange lack of contents, she sounds relieved as she finally picks up the phone. ]
Good evening! Is this too late to be making a call? I just, um, wanted to know. Did anyone else get a package today? I got one and... there wasn't anything in it. Is that normal? [ Her tone does from relieved to slightly upset. ] Did I get ripped off?

{ for any action tags, please respond to Satou's permissions post for her empathy, if you have a moment! Thanks so much! }
16 January 2012 @ 10:13 pm
♥ 03  
[ Action ♥ High School ]
[ Up until now Satou has been gradually becoming a more cheerful and friendly person. She's usually paying a lot of attention in class and tries to be nice to all of her classmates. But today is different. She's been actively avoiding people, in and outside of the classrooms. If you happen to sit next to her or get to close she'll try to make some distance and frown apologetically in your direction. ]

Excuse me... could you go away? For a bit? It's for your own good, I think.

[ Action ♥ Around Town / School Hours ]
[ Despite her best efforts Satou will be giving up on school around mid-afternoon. She sneaks out and begins wandering the town with the goal of adjusting to her regained abilities. For Satou, this means  finding random people and staring at them very hard. You might even notice her staring at you, for no particular reason, with a very determined expression. She might even start following you around like a lost puppy. ]

[ Phone ♥ ]
That alarm this morning was really annoying. It doesn't happen often, does it? I heard it came from the Dairy...? Why would a Dairy make such an annoying sound?

[ She sighs. Tired and grouchy from both the alarm and the stress of her empathy, despite her attempts to hide it. ] Also... I was wondering. Does anyone else here... Does anyone have "empathy"? I'm um, curious about something.

(( Satou has regained her empathy and "sinpathy"! If you have a moment, could you maybe check her permissions' post? Thanks! ))