11 June 2012 @ 10:19 pm
4th Spellcard: "Highly Responsive to Prayers" (Post-Zombiefield)  
Action: 913 Bilko; locked to housemates

(Oh, what a great sleep that was! Totally not a worry in the world and-

...oh shit. This isn't her house. Why was she in someone else's house? She was pretty sure she didn't get this smashed last night...whatever, just gonna go downstairs and walk back home.

Except she nearly tripped over the package at the front of the house. She was just about to kick the damn thing when she realized it was...addressed to her? Creepy. But when she opens it up, she gets noticeably excited about her regain: the Hakurei Yin-Yang orb. Things would've gone terribly wrong if she lost it forever, but she was glad to see it again! This meant she could totally defend herself again! After giving the orb a hug, Reimu returns indoors since oops, might as well celebrate here...wherever she is.

I should drink more often if this'll happen!


It's Reimu. So I got moved without my permission...whatever; I got back something very valuable from my world, so I think it balances it out nicely. Apparently, I'm now at...damn, what's this address again? Uhh...

(Just scrounging around for it...)

...oh, 913 Bilko. I'm not sure where that is, but yeah. I think I've been droned or something; it's somehow been days since I last remember going to bed. Did something happen over the weekend?

Oh, and Marisa? I don't know if that paint job we did transferred over here as well...sorry about that.

Action: John Doe Park

(So what's a shrine maiden to do after getting such a valuable and powerful treasure? Have some fun with it; that's what! She's been rusty with her hacky sack skills, but now's a great time to pick up on them! So don't mind Reimu as she practices her epic skills right there in the park...with a big yin-yang ball...awesome.)
14 April 2012 @ 10:09 pm
3rd Spellcard: Haphazard Exchange "The Priestess and the Immortal Flame"  
Action: Around Mayfield

(Moar Mayfield madness for Miss Miko...yeah, fun stuff.

Anyone who knows her probably won't recognize her:

But hey, she's just walking and/or flying about Mayfield and accidentally lighting things on fire. She'll try to put them out, but those attempts really end up as "turn on the person's sprinkler system as fast as possible. Still, here she is: fire and flight and all of that fun stuff. Catch her if you can~

((OOC: All replies will come from [personal profile] hakureivictim))
07 April 2012 @ 12:45 pm
2nd Spellcard: Divinity Sign "Power of Hakurei"  
(Minimalist Reimu only bothered to complete one prank out of her entire list, and was appropriately rewarded with a spring loaded boxing glove...that landed a hit directly to her face. Not happy about that.

But with more caution, she opened up an envelope with a picture of gohei. Just as she felt after that trip to the post office, Reimu felt her divine power return to her. However, she wasn't as thrilled to get it back this time. In fact...

Action: Outside 842 Hastings

(Reimu stood from the roof of her house, wearing her usual shrine maiden outfit (though she has no idea where it went in the first place) and seemingly deep in prayer. Eventually, she opens her eyes and extends an arm outwards and walls of divine power form around the plot of land her home is in, flashing brightly for a moment before seemingly disappearing. Giving herself a nod of approval, Reimu climbs back down and enters her house.)

((OOC: Anyone wanting to talk to Reimu will find that a powerful barrier has been formed around her house. She's essentially locking herself in, so anyone who wants to talk to her can always shout for her attention or give her a phone call...unless you can hax your way through barriers, in which case, feel free!))
01 April 2012 @ 05:27 pm
[event: Pranks] Losing control, yeah, I'm all over the place  
[ Ilsa received a letter from the Mayfield Census Bureau. Opening it with dread, she was initially unbelieving, and relieved. This was not the same gambit as last year, and even though nothing specific is stated in the letter about dire consequences, this is Mayfield. She spread out her large map on the kitchen table to start the planning stages soon after re-reading the instructions in the letter. ]

[ By the time she has found all of her targets, and figured out what to do for each that could be called a prank, it is after midnight. The rash had begun to manifest that afternoon, giving her impetus to act, but also being very distracting. No time to lose, she sets out into the night. ]

[ Blind Mag ]
432 Peepers Street )

[ Ivo Robotnik ]
309 Miller Street )

[ Reimu Hakurei ]
842 Hastings Boulevard )

[ Luke Triton ]
726 Anderson Lane )

[ Crona ]
945 Beulah Street )
Current Location: Residential Mayfield
12 February 2012 @ 02:10 pm
1st Spellcard: Transcendence of Faith "Armed Only With Prayer"  
Action A: 842 Hastings Boulevard; locked to housemates

(Greetings, housemates! You have a new daughter/sister in your home who's understandably worried about her new location and the loss of her powers; unlike typical Mayfield newbies, however, Reimu here has gone and pretty much littered decorated the entire house with paper charms to ward off the evil that brought her here. You just might see her writing up a few more charms or hanging up the finished ones, but she's taking as much of her shrine as she can into this new place.)

Action B: Outside 842 Hastings; Open to all

(With the house now buried protected by charms and seals, Reimu, in an unfortunately gray plaid dress, sits outside her home in a state of meditation and prayer. With her hair bow gone, her long hair flowed with the wind. While she should investigate the area, the lack of her power and even her normal clothes made her feel vulnerable. With her shrine gone (again), the yin-yang orbs missing and the Hakurei border nowhere nearby, Reimu resorted to prayer as her only means of leveling her mind so she could think rationally.

Translation: this is the best time to annoy her and disrupt her with whatever you want. Fellow Touhou girls are more than welcome to taunt greet her and tease comfort her regarding the formerly powerful miko of Hakurei losing everything but her sense of self.