25 May 2012 @ 05:28 pm
✞ 01 ✞  
I - [morning, 1336 Benny Road]
cut for tl;dr introspection and Madoka-Magica spoilers )

II - [phone, later that afternoon]

Uh...is this thing working? Hell, I don't know how to use this...dial-thing...where are the damn buttons.... [A very small pause combined with the mashing of plastic and fingers.]

There, someone tell me it's working...?

[A sigh.] I guess I'm...new here, or something. If anyone who hears this is from Mitakihara, Japan, gimme a ring.

[Another pause, this one sharper. When she speaks again, her voice is harsher, more disgruntled, as if part of her doesn't want to be saying the words that come next:] This is Kyouko Sakura.