19 August 2012 @ 03:28 pm
transmission 002 [Action]  
[ A.  At the Hospital ]

[Aria can't believe how primitive the technology is, needles and drugs that's she's sure haven't been in circulation in millennia from what she knows. Even the life support machines and equipment she believes should be a museum. She's not even sure why she's there as a nurse, she's better at killing people than patching them up.  So Aria will be wandering the hospital, muttering to herself, trying to avoid as much of the outdated equipment as possible, lest it kill her.] 

I can't believe how primitive this place is, I'm pretty sure they wouldn't even know how to scan for basic toxins in someone's blood. They probably think radiation will give them superpowers, not kill them. 

[B.  Around Erwin Road - Evening]

[Aria will be sitting on her front stoop, picking the petals off of several flowers she picked from the garden while her drone kids run amok in the yard and street. Does she really care? Nope. So if anyone cares to actually parent go right ahead.]

14 July 2012 @ 10:47 pm
First transmission  
A. [ Action | Outside 3476 Erwin Street ]

[Aria has not had a pleasant morning. On top of waking up to find herself in a strange place, in stranger clothes and an even stranger body beside a random human male she now also has no pants. After having a minor panic attack at how disgustingly primitive everything in the house is she's stolen her husbands pants, stolen a jacket and decided to figure out where she is and what the meaning of all of this is.]

B. [ Action| Olney's Tavern ]

[After being slightly unsettled by the ant-like conformity of Erwin Street, Aria has found the Tavern. If the shouting isn't loud enough to be heard by passers by then she certainly can be heard inside the bar giving the drone a piece of her mind about his service.]

C. [ Action| John Doe Park]

[Seeing as she has no where better to be and the biggest open space happens to be the park, hopefully she can find someone here that isn't going to berate her for wearing pants or wanting a drink.]