18 April 2012 @ 11:49 pm
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A ] ACTION | 952 Beulah Street | morning

[ This isn’t how Juliet wants to start her mornings. She prefers to wake up to the familiar sound of her alarm clock, and if he'd stayed the night, possibly snuggle up to Shawn for a few indulgent minutes longer before getting up and padding into the kitchen to make coffee. What Juliet doesn't want is to find herself in some strange house she's never seen before, with no memory of how she'd gotten here. This is the creepiest thing that has happened to her yet, and that's saying something. She has no idea who is responsible for this or how they had gotten to her, but she isn't going down without a fight. Muscles tense, she tries to stay as silent as possible as she moves slowly along the unfamiliar hallways. She's never wanted back-up more than this moment. ]

B ] PHONE | late morning | unfiltered

[ Okay, creepy. Really. Her initial shock and dread now somewhat abated, Juliet finds herself bemused and… well, creeped out. Come on, how often does something like this happen? How does something like this happen? It’s like that one weird X-Files episode she once saw, about the picture-perfect, Stepfordian community that housed some kind of man-eating monster in the sewers. Or was it in the dirt? Okay, maybe not quite like that. She doesn’t know about the monster part, but what she can see from the windows of the house seems to testify on behalf of the picture-perfect bit, at least. Maybe this is all just one big nightmare that she’ll wake up from any minute now? No more pizza for her after 7 PM, no matter what Shawn says. ]

So, I don’t suppose anyone here can tell me the way back to Santa Barbara? Anyone at all? It doesn't even have to be that specific, just somewhere in the southern California region would do. Or Miami, maybe? I owe the parents a visit, anyway.

[ She tries to go for light and breezy, but the attempt to sound unaffected falls a little flat towards the end - never mind the fact that she's totally rambling. Clearing her throat, Juliet steadies herself and speaks more firmly, like the professional that she is. ]

Or failing that, the local police station. There is one around here, right?

[ There’s a long pause before she speaks again, somewhat hesitant and a touch worried. Hey, it’s worth a shot. It’s not like the capricious psychic has never popped up unexpectedly in strange places before. ]

...Shawn? Any chance that you’re here, somewhere?