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Chapter 18 - Like Little Stars In The Dark  
[Action A - When there were all those hazmats and drone-zombies and crap]

[With what the streets are crawling with, Dakki is sure that she has made the right choice, choosing to trade in her CAST self instead of her weapons. Because she damn sure needs those weapons right now. Even if the library is safe, what will people eat? How will they keep warm? Someone has to be out there, fetching supplies and protecting others.

And that's just what Dakki is doing, making dashes to the stores and suburbs for supplies, and attempting round up anyone in need of rescue. When she's not plugging things full of photon bullets at a distance, she's carving them up at close range. Her form is far from perfect. This human body is far inferior to her real one... but she's had some experience using it, and maybe that'll be the difference between a few wounds and outright death.

Since when did a Guardian fear death, anyway?]

[Action B - Library Steps, After talking to Zemekis]

[Having made it out the other side of Mayfield going to hell, and having talked to Zemekis herself, Dakki.... is wrote. Injured, absolutely bone-tired from all the fighting, and mentally numb. And not sure that the mental numbness is exhaustion, or what she heard and saw inside the church. But surely there was more for her to do? There was always more to do, wasn't there? What she had heard Zemekis say didn't matter. Being a copy was no reason to simply give up. She had to do more...

...just... after taking a little break. She's sitting on the library steps, arms resting on her knees, leaning forward and head bowed, staring blankly at the pavement. Just a bit of a break to catch her breath, and compose her thoughts, and maybe change her bandages and then... something.]
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Chapter 17 - Mistakes Were Made  
[Action A - Backdated to September 30th - 748 Partridge Drive]

[Not long after beating an angry Barricade senseless, Dakki was struck with guilt for what she had done. So she had hoisted the man upon her back and dragged him to Dr. Aston's place. The hospital might have been a better fit... but the fellow had enough mechanical parts that perhaps a specialist was in order. But walking all that way with a large unconsious man on your back... it's suspicious. It gets the neighbors whispering. It gets the town talking.

When Dakki arrives at 748 Partridge Drive, she rings the doorbell. And then suddenly it hits her. She stiffens, drops Barricade's body in a heap on the front step, and her one remaining eye glazes over. When or if someone answers?]

Well hello! I'd hate to be a bother, but I think poor Mr. Cade is in need of a house call.

[There's a drone with a torn dress and some residual signs of battle standing next to a badly beaten and unconscious man. They might even both be familiar. What do?]

[Action B - From September 30th to October 7th - Anywhere]

[Dakki won't be out on her usual jogging route, or doing her usual sword practice in the park. At home, she'll be making pancakes, baking casseroles, and spouting inanities. The town had decreed it, and she was among the ranks of the droned. Perhaps some small comfort could be taken in that she was still visibly a CAST, and nothing of hers had vanished... but how long would it last?]

[Action C - October 7th, Afternoon, Mayfield Suburbs]

[One week from the time of the incident... that's a nice round bit of punishment, right? Drone!Dakki is just finishing off a friendly Sunday gossip-and-coffee visit to one of the houses that have nothing but other drones living there, and as she steps down the walk, the veil lifts. It's done. She's herself again.]

W... what the...?

[Last she recalled was being on Dr. Aston's doorstep. This is confusing and strange and no small amount wrong. An upset panic is slowly rising within her as she stands there, tugging at the pearls around her neck and stumbles unsteadily towards the sidewalk. Where is she? When is it?]
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Chapter 16 - We Are Ready To Walk Again  
[Action A - 458 Stone Street, Morning]

[This morning's mail had a package in it for Dakki, and she greeted it with the usual enthusiasm that she greeted packages addressed to her.]

I've got something! It's here! I've got something!

[...which is to bring it to the kitchen table, tear off the packaging, and prepare to share it with everyone. Out comes a compressed blue item cube, that then immediately blips away in a flash of blue nano transformer light. And in the next instant there's a visor-like set of goggles upon Dakki's face.]


[It's a bit disorienting at first. It's her own pair of goggles from home, but they're still configured for her previous audio and visual sensors. So there's some rapid blinking of her remaining active eye, and a hand comes up to start making some adjustments.]

Well there's something I didn't know I missed until it was gone....

[Action B - Neutron Diner, Lunchtime]

[Why not do something a bit different today? Rather than just fixing herself a sandwich at home, Dakki took it upon herself to have lunch out instead. Just a simple cheeseburger and fries, with a chocolate milkshake to drink... But it felt like a treat. Even if the most she could taste from the food was salty and greasy, the milkshake had a flavor profile more suited for her CAST senses. Sweet, creamy, a sense of vanilla, a sense of chocolate... She seems a bit lost in her own thoughts as she eats, but if she spies anyone that she recognizes? She'll be perking up and waving them over.]

Ah! Hello! Come on over, why don't you have a seat?

[Action C - 458 Stone Street, Afternoon/Early Evening]

[The "novelty" of wearing Mayfield clothing again is starting to wear off, and Dakki would much prefer to have her armor back on... if it weren't so dinged up and scorched and filthy. So that was this afternoon's project. Her armor was laid out in pieces on the front porch, and she was meticulously scrubbing out the dirt and buffing out scratches by hand. Every so often she stops and frowns and looks discouraged, but it's not long before she's back at it again.

Although there are also occasional periods of staring off into nothing and scrubbing very, very slowly. This is a CAST with a lot of things to process, it seems.]
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Chapter 15 - Fail, Fail Again  
[Action A - 458 Stone Street, Morning]

[Dakki hadn't been sleeping, not since she had lost her friends to the fun house. CASTs could go without for quite a while. Perhaps it wasn't unusual. But what was worth staying awake for in a town with the sleepy sort of evenings that Mayfield brought? Guilt. Guilt was worth staying up for.

She was on her third cup of tea as the day dawned and the milk was delivered. She was busy dumping that milk down the sink, same as every other morning, when she was sure that she heard something else on the doorstep. Out she went, taking the milk bottles with her... and there it was, a box with her name on it. A box. And a fair-sized one, too. Down went the bottles. Up into the arms went the delivery. And in to the living room she went to open it up.]


[Her Deathmakers. Two beautiful A-Rank twin handguns. Her loyal partners through so many battles. She picked them up, one for each hand, pleased to feel their weight in her hands once again.]

...where were you before?

[But what good would they have done, really? What use were weapons against this town's tricks and traps? Why couldn't the problem be something that she could just shoot?]

[Action B - 458 Stone Street, Afternoon and later]

[She ought to have gone somewhere for some target practice. She ought to have gone to the fair to empty her firearm's reactors into that wretched fun house. But somehow, she didn't feel that any of that was in her. Or that any of it was at all useful. So she was on the front porch of the house, shaded safely from the sun, with her yarn and her knitting needles. Not a lot of knitting was happening, though. She'd complete a few rows here and there... but mostly she'd stare of into the distance. Occasionally, she'd sigh.]

[Phone, Evening]

It's probably far too late to give the warning now... don't explore the fun house. Don't go into it. I've heard the other calls go out... if people are missing? They probably went in and didn't come out. I've lost two friends so far. Please... please. Don't go in there if you don't have to.
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Chapter 14 - The Darker Path  
AU Information )

[Action A - Locked to residents of 458 Stone Street, Morning of June 1st]

[Dakki awakened from sleep mode, and immediately felt disoriented. Where was this? This wasn't the base. This wasn't the small room that she kept for herself. This was... oh, damn it, this was Mayfield again, wasn't it?]

Curse it...

[And opening her eyes and feeling about lead her to an additional unpleasant conclusion. That wretched Falk Gatt was still her housemate. And still in the same bed with her. With a disgusted noise she gave him a hard kick, then tossed the blankets aside, rising swiftly.]

I'll never be rid of you, will I? Hmmph!

[Action B - Around Town, Any Day]

[Some things will always be the same. Whether or not she has someone to give her orders and missions to fulfill, she must keep herself in proper fighting form. As such, she has considerably stepped up her regular workout routine. While Dakki can usually be found out jogging, she's doing it with much more intensity today. And if she's not jogging, she's out in the park or at the ball field, taking advantage of the open space to practice her swordplay.

[Action C - Makeout Point, Any Late Evening]

[She wanted to be alone, and there was no "alone" to be had down in the town proper. And certainly not in that horrible little house she had to share with her horrible rival. From here, she could sit and watch the stars.

She always liked the stars. And the nighttime. And the sound of the wind in the trees. Though she'd hate to have to admit it to anyone.]
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Chapter 13 - Catering to the Masses  

Ah... Prom's getting closer, isn't it? And there's so much preparation left to do! But this isn't about dresses, or dates... I've volunteered to help with the refreshments! But I might already be out of ideas. I'm not much of a cook, and apparently, the food that the town's cookbooks recommend making isn't actually that good? I want this to be good! I want this to be a night to remember.

If anyone has any suggestions for food that they'd like to see at the prom, please tell me! And oh, I'm also looking for people to help prepare things, too. I'm only one person. It's going to be a big party. If we all pitch in, I'm sure it'll be fine. Right?

[Action A - Mayfield General Store - Late morning]

[The purple android is ambling up and down the rows of goods, taking notes on a note pad. There's no real need to do groceries, and no need to buy the things she needs just yet... things might go bad in the meanwhile. But she has to figure out if she can afford all the food that she intends on making...]

Maybe I'll ask everyone for donations...

[...this is probably the third time that she's been down the produce aisle.]

[Action B - The park, early afternoon]

[Well. This is new. When you catch Dakki in the park she's usually going for a jog or getting in some open-air weapon practice. Today she's sitting on a bench, looking tired. There's a notepad on her lap, that she occasionally flips back open and reads... but it doesn't take much of that to make her groan and flip it shut again.

She had totally tackled a De Ragan far larger than she had imagined.]

[Action C - 458 Stone Street - afternoon]

[Enough about food! Enough for one day! Dakki had arrived home and simply tossed all her plans onto the table, before heading out to the back yard to blow off some steam. After some warm-up stretches, she pulls her photon saber from storage so she can practice her swordplay. Or her stances and basic motions, at least. It had been much too long since the town had a violent event. It seemed more important than ever to try to be ready.]
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Chapter 12 - From CAST to Cat  
[Action A - 458 Stone Street, Morning]

[Waking up in the morning is usually a quick, power-up-and-go affair for Dakki. But this morning was that slow, sleepy, gummy-eyed organic kind of feeling... which immediately had her worried. Had her body been taken away again? But it soon became clear that this wasn't even that poor human substitute body that Mayfield had given her.

She had ears. And tails. And she was shorter. Oh dear.]

AAAAH! What the heck is going on!?

[Have yourself a panicky nekomata, household. And probably a panicky android somewhere upstairs, too.]

[Action B - Around Town]

[Okay, okay. It wasn't so bad being Chen. It was actually kind of neat and different. Because she could float! And also, possibly do that danmaku-spellcard-whee-lotsa-projectiles stuff. So perhaps you'll catch her flying around with a big silly grin on her face. Or maybe you'll have to dodge some stray, wimpy, half-assed little energy bullet things.]

Oops! Ah! I'm sorry! Didn't mean to... really! Hee...

[No wonder Chen was in such good spirits all the time. It was fun to be Chen.]

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Chapter 11 - Armed and Dangerous  
[Around Mayfield, February 2nd, Throughout the Day]

[Upon being deposited in front of the hospital bright and early, Dakki was quick to leave the scene. None of that bleeding and moaning and blinking in confusion for her, no sir. She seemed very enthusiastic about being up and about, even, if the way her body held itself was any indication. Why, it's even taking her along her normal morning jogging route.

The alarming part is that, as she jogs, she's using those assault rifles that have replaced her hands to just... fire at things. Mostly people. The even more alarming part is that she looks absolutely horrified the entire while. The body is all business and violence, but the head is screaming and shouting and pleading every step of the way.]

No! No, no, no, not this way, absolutely not this way... aaah! Up ahead, you, up ahead! Get out of the way! RUN! I can't stop this...!

[But it's a long day, and Mayfield is very large, and Dakki can be found just about anywhere. Downtown, by the school, in the park, darting across Tiger Field... And if you look too familiar or too friendly, she'll be sending a spray of bullets your way.

At least her aim doesn't seem to be too good.]

(OOC: Dakki was operated on and is now possessed by weird black stuff that's making a valiant effort to kill everyone she knows. Tagging into this is probably going to be violent as heck. I am looking for someone who can take her down or disable her, if possible.)