27 February 2012 @ 11:29 pm
[438 Peepers Street]

It isn't everyday Lloyd wakes up to someone else in his bed! Even before, that was terribly rare, especially considering his perchance for dozing off at a desk or table while working. Even stranger would be that the person he's waking up to is...

Oh. This can't end well.

He actually holds very still while he contemplates how to handle this surprise, which is why Cornelia li Britannia is going to wake up to one familiar ex-Earl (with oddly less blue-silver hair, thanks to Mayfield). Without further thought on how to deal with this, he smiles at her, chipper as ever.

Good morning, my dear~!

[Not the best way to kick this off, but after spotting the hideous and impossible wedding photo on the dresser across the way, how could he not?]

[Peepers Street]

[And so Peepers Street will greeted this morning with a window being smashed and a man being thrown right out of it. Into the bushes and snow below goes one Lloyd Asplund. He probably deserved it. But no worries! He'll be fine once he's recovered from that landing, no doubt to the dismay of the princess at the window above.]


[It's just Cornelia on the phone, and she doesn't sound happy.]

Does anyone know how exactly this place chooses who it forces you to live with?

I've certainly found myself with...interesting living arrangements.

[[OOC: This is a joint intro with Cornelia li Britannia and Lloyd Asplund, so replies may come from both! The second action's posting order will be you ---> Lloyd ---> Cornelia]]