04 June 2012 @ 08:51 pm
3 lightyears  
A. Greased Lightning Garage

[It ain't as interesting as working on the Millennium Falcon, but it's a way to pass the time, and Han's starting to really get the hang of the archaic engines the vehicles use.]

B. Olney's Tavern

[If there's one thing Han's been doing a lot of lately, it's drinking. Sure, he's always enjoyed the occasional brandy, but after the Death Star blew up the rebel base... there's been more reason for it. That hasn't really changed with the whole kidnapped to another dimension thing. So he's at the bar after work, enjoying some nice, Earth drinks.]

C. Phone

I've been to a lot of planets, and I don't think any of them reach this place's levels of dullness. There's gotta be somewhere around here that's less... wholesome.

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25 April 2012 @ 12:36 am
2 lightyears  
A. 1127 Taylor Rd and the street outside.

[It's one of those times Han's got to be back in his assigned home... with Luke and Leia's mother. He... pretty clearly doesn't want to be here, so he's spending a lot of the time outside and only sometimes going inside and... kind of attempting to avoid the fake wife.]

B. Greased Lightning Garage.

[Hey, Han has a job! And he's doing it now. The ancient wheeled cars don't even use rudimentary repulsors. Still, the machinery is simple enough, and Han's pretty good at working with the cars that people bring in.

Between customers, he fiddles with an old engine, trying to figure out how to make it go faster.]

C. Around Mayfield

[Between Han's general restlessness and his desire to know his way around Mayfield as well as he can just in case something comes up, it's pretty possible to find him on any random street casually strolling and looking around. If the name on a mailbox catches his eye for any reason, he might pause and take note of it, but otherwise, he's just exploring.]
15 April 2012 @ 01:02 pm
1 lightyear  
A: 1127 Taylor

[Han doesn’t remember his bed being this nice. He also doesn’t remember anyone else being in it when he went to sleep. Actually, he doesn’t remember going to sleep at all. Turns out Ewoks really know how to party. He’s lucky he’s got no hangover.

He knows there’s only one woman he’d be waking up next to, and it fits with the bed that’s more than a cot in the back of the Falcon. So he rolls over, puts his arm around his bed partner, moves in to kiss her, but as soon as he really sees her--]

You’re not Leia!

B: Downtown Mayfield

[First order of business: Find a blaster. Han's seems to have gone missing along with the rest of everything he owns, and he feels naked without it.

He's found his way downtown and is doing his best to look like he belongs as he casually wanders the streets trying to figure out where he can get one.]

C: 846 Goldberg

[And now, it's time to find the actual Leia. Han had gotten an address, so it's not too difficult to make his way down to her street. He walks down the street, looking carefully at the other houses (and any people who happen to be about) until he finally finds his way to the house numbered 846. Then he starts pounding on the door.]