10 February 2012 @ 12:11 am
Feather 12  
[Action: 913 Bilko Boulevard]
[Well, that won’t be a week Nall forgets anytime soon… he’s quite positive the nightmares that resulted from it will plague him for at least the next thousand years. It’s taken him a good day or so post regaining his wings and feet to pep talk himself back to his normal mind frame(sorta), and now he’s gotta go check in on his friends… Althena, he hopes they’ve been okay. Better check the mail first…

Nall opens the mailbox and sees an envelope addressed to him. Huh, wonder what it is this time… He opens it up and stares blankly at the paper inside for a good several minutes. …Really? This is…

Well, what better time to check it out? He holds the paper to his side and focuses, shimmering light enveloping him as it always does when he uses magic. He feels the change affect him, his mass shifting, expanding…

Apologies to housemates and people down the street. There’s now a white dragon sitting in the front lawn of 913 Bilko and Nall roars loudly, celebrating.]

[Over Mayfield]

[Nall enjoys stretching his wings and takes a little fly around town. It’s so good to have wings again, especially big strong wings. But he’s gotta take care of some business too… Gotta report in to Alex and Nash… and find his favorite peeps while he’s at it. Maybe now some people will believe that he’s not really a flying cat? He wonders what the people who see him will think. His kids mistake him for a large bird…]

[Makeout Point, Evening]

[Nall simply chills up in the hills come evening, sky gazing. He’s got some things to think over… But being a friendly dragon, he wouldn’t mind someone to divert his attention, really.]