17 June 2012 @ 11:51 am
â™›Father's Day preparations  
Action : Annie's Flowers : OPEN

[ Maya has never actually been to the shop before, but she like the scents and the pretty flowers that is there, the moment that she steps inside. She's looking for flowers to put on the dining table, but also for flowers for Otoya. She has heard of this Father's Day, and while Otoya isn't the real father of Soul and Django, he is the father of the child in her belly. Whom she is a bit concerned about, in all honesty, but she has decided to ask about it on the phone later on, and perhaps, if it goes further on the same way it has been doing this recent month (that is, nothing happening at all) she might go to the hospital. She is going to give it another week or two, just to make sure she's not simply mistaken, but it does worry her.

Either way, she is looking at the different flowers, trying to decide what to purchase, which flower language she should go with, if she is going to follow any, and such things. ]

Action : Acewood Bakery : OPEN

[ After she had gotten her hands on those flowers, she has gone onwards to the bakery. If you work there, you might be approached with a question. ]

Excuse me. Do you per chance have any cakes that you would recommend?

Action : 503 Ricardo : ONLY NOT!FAMILY

[ Maya has just arrived home, and has placed the cake she has bought in the refridgerator. At the moment, she is pruning the edges of the flowers, and is putting them in a vase. ]

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