10 May 2012 @ 08:57 pm
Test Log Twenty Five - Nice Job Breaking It Hero ...the letter  
[A. GLaDOS has been spending time on her computer lately well she's built something approximately close enough to a printer, though it's Aperture made so who knows how. Anyway. Housemates, she's coming out of the basement with a stack of papers if you'd like to ask what she's been doing. She...seems to be in a good mood if her humming is anything to go by.]

[B. In the science class in the high school.]

And on top of reading the chapter on physics and answering the questions, I'd like you to read this. It's a letter for the town idiots who call themselves heroes when they first arrive. Feel free to take a few to hand out to anyone telling you you're just sitting around and doing nothing instead of trying to escape and saving us all like they are.

[C. The School Teachers lounge. GLaDOS is has put some of the letters out for you guys as well. Feel free to read one. She's just sitting by them, flipping through a science text book and scoffing. She even has a "take one" sign next to the letters.]

[D. In the record store. Tom ....Lehrer... Well this sounds interesting. The Elements...]

....oh is this about science?

[E. She's bored and has a vague reason to visit people. Time to go see Chell. Knocking on the door of 850 Goldberg]


I have a letter written if anyone would like one. It's similar to the introducationary letter, but more aimed towards the people who believe they're going to save us all, simply now that they're here. To put it more simply. Idiot heroes.

If you'd like a few to pass out. I'd be happy to provide them. I know I'm certainly not the only one getting irritated by these people.

[You might also hear something like this playing in the background before she hangs up. She found her soulmate. Sorry science.]
16 January 2012 @ 09:57 pm
Test Log Twenty Four | Science!~  
[Action 1. At Home

GLaDOS is meditating. In the basement. You probably don't want to go down there. There's some faint traces of a sickly green gas seeping out from under the door. If you dare go down, you can find her sitting on the floor and letting the neurotoxin vent around her from the walls. There are turrets looking around the smog. GLaDOS seems peaceful for once. Stay for too long though and the toxin will start to affect you. Get her attention though and she'll probably turn it off, or leave the room if you wanted to talk.]


Good Afternoon.

Let me first get the attention of people I'm looking for.

Let's talk Science.

My name is GLaDOS, I'm an AI turned science teacher in this "lovely" high school of ours. As I just mentioned, I'm looking for people interested or skilled in science. I have a small group. ...A science "club" you might say. And I believe it's time to expand.

AI's, scientists, robots, mechanics. Anyone, any age. Any form. As long as you show an interest in science, then show up in my classroom in the High School.

That being said. If you're an idiotic, science ruining monster. This invitation isn't for you.

[Action 2: The High school.

GLaDOS is sitting at her desk and waiting to see if people show up about science club. She's marking papers as she waits. Muttering a few choice insults about idiots and lack of spelling skills. Show up for science club? Come and complain about the low mark she gave you on your last test? That calling you a moron who couldn't science their way out of a paperbag, isn't very professional?]