30 October 2012 @ 12:21 am
Woke up somewhere that I've never been  
[When Zevran wakes up, it's to the worst existential headache of his life.

Perhaps it's a combination of his memories of his previous time in Mayfield rushing back now that he's returned to the town having a head-on collision with false memories the town is trying to implant, but the simultaneous dump into his brain leaves him so disoriented that for a moment he has trouble enough figuring out who he is, to say nothing of where and why and in what state. This beats any hangover he's ever had, and Antivan brandy has gifted him some extremely potent ones.

He finally half-climbs, half-staggers out of bed, holding his head and looking instinctively for Olivier - but there's no sign of her. He doesn't give this fact any immediate consideration, but instead heads for the bedroom door, ignoring the fact that he's not really dressed in the conventional sense of the word. Or at all.

He's passing a picture on the wall when he stops, shooting it a sharp look - and yes, that family isn't his. Well, technically, Olivier and his various 'children' hadn't been his, either(or so says one half of his still-swimming head), but this family isn't familiar. And after a few moments, Zevran realizes the house isn't familiar, either. He's been moved.

It's tough coming to these conclusions when half of his mind is insisting this is all perfectly normal, that he's always lived here, that he should go put some pants on before his son (???) sees him...it's like listening to two radio stations at once. But Zevran's assassin instincts, honed over a lifetime, give extra weight to the voice in his head insisting that something is wrong, just in case it happens to be true.

His feet make a beeline for the phone, even as he tries to stifle the voice that wants him to accept everything as perfectly fine; how can everything be normal when he's of two minds and they're both trying to shout down the other half? That argument seems to bring him some brief mental clarity - perhaps because there's no easy answer to that question - and when he picks up the handset and begins speaking into it, he merely sounds bewildered.]
I am...quite confused. I don't believe this is the house I was once living in, and - I cannot imagine why I was moved. Or when. Have I been gone? Olivier, are you there? [Then, with a shadow of his usual humor - ] If you are, what terribly unlucky man awoke beside you? Does he live still?
26 September 2012 @ 12:01 pm
CV02 is shutting down.  
[ERROR 1: 947 Beulah/Vocaloid Network]

[Rin and Len have been sharing a bed since he arrived. No big deal, they're very close twins after all. Waking up without him isn't too big of a deal either; he's got his paper route that he gets up early for. She's used to it, although it'd be nice to see him in the mornings too, but it's no different than if she was sleeping in.

And so, the first drone that Rin encounters today will be her former brother, new father; Yosuke Hanamura.]

Morning, honey! Sleep well? How's the new school year?

... Wha - school? ♪

[Rin has forgotten to go for a while with all of this plot-relevant stuff she's been attempting and recovering from the blimp adventure. And since when does Yosuke-nii care about that?]

Wait, did you just call me honey?

Are you getting too old for honey? You kids are growing up way too fast. Before you know it, you'll be married to that boyfriend of yours...

[Oh, great. He's droned.]

-- Hell no! ♪

[Yosuke smiles.]

... I'm feeling sick today. I'm not going to go to school. ♪

[and then she runs back upstairs and slams her door to turn on her group headphones communications.]

Len, I'm going over to your house this week. Yosuke-nii's droned, and now that stupid drone boy is going to come back. Everyone, we'll be on Stone Street this week.

... Len? ♪

Leeeeen? Hey, Gakupo! Tell Len to turn his 'phones on! ♪

[ERROR 2: 947 Beulah

[And suddenly Rin learned that she's lost all of her brothers in one fell swoop.

... She's not taking it well. Her door is locked and the lights are off. She's sitting at her computer, the only sound being innumerable mouse clicks and keyboard taps between desperate sobs.]

[ERROR 3: Phone]

[Rin sounds a little more robotic than usual... and more than a little unhinged]

Submitting request for system restore to December 27 2010. CV02 has deleted all backups. Reason provided:

I've HAD it. All these memories are nothing but a bother. I just want to forget everything. I don't need anyone new. Len was enough. He was always enough. Fuck Mayfield. Fuck 'em all. Fuck!

-- System is currently in emergency maintenance mode and awaiting approval from the proper Crypton authorities [CLASSIFIED] For future reference, an error message has been compiled for perusal by relevant parties.
20 September 2012 @ 06:25 am
A number of songs  

Beulah 948 – possible passer-bys are welcome by.

[ Satsuki don't put on his glasses right away this morning – those days happen, after all – and since his drone parents are yet to wake up, he goes to get the newspaper. Because even if Natsuki does not read the new except browsing for anything about music, Satsuki reads it properly.

That's when he notice that there is a package for him.

When he open it, he's returned to his room, and why is their viola packed this carelessly in a box like this? Satsuki's gonna kill those bastards if it's broken.

So, on experiment, he tries the strings, to see if they sound like they should. ]


John Doe Park – Open

[ The sound of music can be heard from a corner of the park. Natsuki just found he had gotten his viola back (finding himself already in the park, for some reason) and of course he can't refrain from playing some of the strings of music that him and Satsuki had composed.

He seems to be pretty emerged in the sounds, and at first, he won't notice if you come up. But when he pause to make a change to the music sheets, or to change page, he will notice you, and give a huge grin. ]</small>

15 September 2012 @ 11:03 pm
3rd evoking  

[>It's after an event. The postman might come your way.

>You decide to check the mailbox.




>Inside is a card. It has a Persona on it!




[>A light flashes, and the card disappears. Above you is...]

NSFW image behind cut )
26 August 2012 @ 09:59 am
6% Reflowering  
1 946 Beulah Street

[Things certainly had been a little tense lately. No doubt the erratic behavior of the drones and the landscape had something to do with it. While Yuyuko had found much amusement in phasing through walls at first the novelty of it was starting to wear off. Thinking about the things she's been told, asking the right questions and expecting nothing of escape she sits calmly beneath the now sealed Saigyou Ayakashi, a mug of tea cupped in her hands.

Serene, still, at least until the ground gives way underneath her. With a small yelp she drops the mug and tries to claw her way back out of the earth. Normally it wouldn't be a problem, she could easily fly out but the ground re-solidifies around her and she finds herself stuck. If you're walking down Beulah street, you might hear someone calling out]

Excuse me! You couldn't lend me a hand could you?

2 Phone

It seems that I don't know about the true face of this town. What seems innocent, albeit rather boring on the surface houses something much more sinister. Apparently I've been asking the wrong questions but there's still one question that I want to ask. Call it morbid curiosity but I want to know.

What's the worst you've experienced in Mayfield?
20 August 2012 @ 12:49 pm
trisdešimt trys; action  
[Finding out about Mayfield's latest peculiarity would have been far more "annoying and concerning" rather than "sharply unsettling" if he hadn't found out about it via Poland's drone chattering at him a mile a minute, making that particular phrase as close to literal as it could get. And he was only asking Lithuania (or Mr. Laurinaitis) how he was over and over. It's the lack of Poland's pony, his flag, and the lack of nation feel that make Lithuania realize Poland's actually gone.

Backing through a tree is just the icing on the cake, to be honest.]

1333 Benny Road
[Hello, not!family! Lithuania is going through the house checking up on everyone, making sure they're present and accounted for. He's pretty obviously unhappy but he's also just as obviously trying not to look unhappy. He's also obviously on edge, as can easily be noted whenever he jumps at a flickering light or jerks back away from the sound of sudden static crashing out of the television.]

Estonia, Latvia, Ukraine, and America's Houses
[Lithuania is just checking up on you guys to make sure you're okay. As in still here. Also he is looking like a puppy who was kicked into the rain, metaphorically speaking but he's pretending he's fine. He's also trying to ignore any instances of his hand going through doors rather than him knocking like he actually intends to do.]

Are you alright?

Olney's Tavern
[The alcohol here has always been incredibly weak, and that's not when even the structure of the bar and class is so weak as to make it go crashing to the ground for no good reason. Still, Lithuania is trying his best to get himself drunk enough to stop feeling so awful, at least for a few hours.

It's not really working, though.]

They have no idea how to make decent beer here.
16 August 2012 @ 07:18 pm
006 | Aoko Nakamori  
{{ →!Action | Beulah Street | Morning }}

[ Aoko's in a good mood today, a much better one than she's been in recently as she strolls down the street humming to herself, twirling what looks to be pair of dulled silver handcuffs. Yes, handcuffs. ]
16 August 2012 @ 07:14 am
"Finding Yourself in a 'Routine Plot'"  
[Its been a few days since the postman delivered a letter with a small card on it and a larger box, after receiving it Ruri disappeared into the Nadesico, only coming out every so often to not be droned]

Action 1 - Downtown

[Ruri is downtown, she's got a large bag and is walking into various stores and picking up random clothes, makeup, and other things she NEVER gets. She has her usual deadpan attitude, especially with dealing with drone shop keepers.]

Phone - Drone Filtered

The town has returned to me the Nadesico's television studio. I've also picked up some things for costumes so if anyone would like to make use of it to film anything, we can talk about setting up time and compensation.

Also, the Nadesico has had a broadcast channel for a while, so if some of the more scientifically or mechanically inclined people would like to help me see if we can't use it to pirate one of the 7 channels on the television that aren't used, we may be able to provide more of a service to the town.

Action 2 - 947 Beulah Street

[Ruri is hanging some of her acquisitions in the Nadesico's main hangar. She's visible from the ground as she left the ramp open and is currently hanging a nurse's uniform while humming something to herself]
28 July 2012 @ 03:37 pm
4th Record 「Bonds Formed」  
[ Phone ]
Good morning, Mayfield. This is Nanoha Takamachi speaking. [ How formal! But she has a question, so it's only right she does it this way. ] I have a request. I know that we can recover items from home, and such technology was not available in the era this town is modeled after, but does anyone have a more modern television or entertainment system available that I might be able to borrow? It would need to play video discs of DVD quality or higher. I promise to take really good care of it. [ And she is using her mature-but-cheerful voice for this call. ] It would either be that, or I would ask to borrow your property for a time, so that I might show off a film from home. I will even clean up when we are finished.

[ Action : On the streets of Mayfield ]
[ Nanoha is out walking today, dressed simply but outside of Mayfield's usual standards. It's amazing the difference a shorter skirt makes. Those who know her can probably take a guess that her neighbor and friend, Hayate, is the one responsible for this alteration.

The woman is moving with a purpose in mind, but she'll still stop for some pleasant conversation if someone approaches her. ]

[ Action : 945 Beulah : Closed to residents ]
[ There is a knock at the door! But this should come to no surprise as she had called ahead the day before to make certain everyone she wanted to see would be here. Nanoha would very much like to meet Fate's assigned "family". No reason they cannot all get along well, right? ]
15 July 2012 @ 01:41 am
Fourth Solar Flight (backdated before the Shindig, July 13th)  
952 Beulah Street

[Jim has awakened to another morning in Mayfield. Great, stuck in a town that pretty much sucks. He really wished he was back on the RLS, at least he was going to find Treasure Planet and going on an awesome adventure in the process. He slumps downstairs, coming to the kitchen and opening it up lazily. Grabbing a jug of orange juice, he grabs a glass from the cupboard. But before he can have his drink there's a knock at the door.

He looks towards the door, yawning as he slides the glass and jug on the table. Opening the door, he looks around, only to see a very long board lying on the porch, with a tool kit lying across it. His eyes widen as he reaches down, picking both things up. These were his. It was his solar board ! The same one the cops took. Ha! Take that police! He throws his arms up into the air, still holding onto both things and yells.]


Anywhere around town

[If someone were to look into the air, they could see a streak of orange flying across the blue sky. It's no star because a star wouldn't be hanging in the air that long or in the middle of the day. Plus it's moving around. There's only one thing to it.

Jim got his board back.

He's yelling with excitement and enthusiasm as he flies through the air. He swerves in and out, doing complex tricks all the while. He dives downwards towards the streets and soon takes to them, swerving around the cars and people. He's flying straight towards a giant truck as well and it's honking at him. He grins and flies straight at it.]


[He's closing the distance as the truck honks, but soon he pulls up just moments before the truck and him collide. He levels out soon coming closer to the ground, not going as fast as before but he's still flying faster than those on bikes.

Maybe you'll have the chance to wave him down.]

14 July 2012 @ 07:53 pm
5% Reflowering ( backdated to 11th July )  
1 946 Beulah Street

[Anyone walking down Beulah street today might notice the large cherry blossom tree in the garden of 946. It certainly wasn't there yesterday, seemingly sprung up overnight.

It isn't in bloom, but that doesn't make it any less beautiful. The tree boasts a strong structure and each branch seems to be angled in an almost perfect arrangement. The colour and the grain of the wood is magnificent and you can't help but feel drawn to it somehow. The closer you get to it the more you feel at peace. A wholeness, a sense of ease that you've never felt before.

Perhaps a little too much]

2 Phone

It seems like we have another incident on our hands. If there's someone out there with a certain set of skills I'm afraid I'll have to ask for your help.

I need someone who can create a seal.

ooc [Replying to the first action may result in your character going insane or death. If you want to respond but don't want this to happen then message me and we can work around it]
12 July 2012 @ 07:46 pm
6th Soul | RAGNAROK  
[Action | 945 Beulah]

[MAILTIME! What's in the mail, you may be wondering? REGAINS!

Regains that are going to cause a rather loud and nasty disturbance in the house the second Crona makes contact with the odd little cards that showed up in the mail.]

GUEHPIPIPI!! What're you gonna say NOW, you little brat? You need to take your punishment!

[Ragnarok, now finally manifested, makes his first act to noogie, bop and pinch Crona to hell and back. Well...Crona DID talk a lot of shit when Ragnarok wasn't around to defend himself, after all.]

St-stoooooooooop! It huuuuuurrrrrrts! [Have fun with that one-sided child fight, household.]

[Action | Around Mayfield, ending at Makeout Point once again]

[You've probably seen Crona shuffling around town before, gaze cast toward the ground and left hand squeezing the right forearm in nervous habit. Except, this time, there's something new...something...coming out of Crona's back and resting on the top of the kid's head.

Yes, the aforementioned Ragnarok. As Crona shuffles along, the little black...thing...continuously bitches at Crona, bopping the kid on the head every once in a while.]

I don't want toooo...

Be quiet! We gotta find out if everything works right, because it sure didn't before! If something happens I wanna make sure we can handle it!

[Crona just shuts up. Ragnarok's got a point. Do you dare step in to interact with thist...strange display?

Upon reaching makeout point, Crona will be there with Ragnarok, his "fury" finally cooled. Instead of a lead pipe, though, you may catch the odd little creature liquify and re-materialize into a long, thin black sword in Crona's right hand. The kid just dejectedly stares at the ground during the process.]

I don't want to fight anymore...

[A mouth forms on the blade of the sword, complete with creepy lips and everything.] Sometimes you have to! Stop whining and let's figure out what we've got!

[Crona slowly raises the blade vertically.] Scream resonance.

[If anyone hadn't seen Crona there...the incredibly loud screech emanating from both Ragnarok and Crona will certainly give it away. Characters sensitive to it may be feeling the large resonance reaction of two souls, one of them rather easy to feel at a distance. Feel free to investigate.]
24 June 2012 @ 03:56 pm
trisdešimt du; action  
A; Bakery
[Lithunaia is normally a good, quick baker. He's seemed more distracted all day today, though--and, lost in thought wiping down the counter tops far beyond a mirror shine--he doesn't seem to notice that the oven behind him is smoking. Let him know before an actual fire starts?]

B; 946 Beulah {Locked to Estonia}
[Lithuania is knocking on the door. There's the matter of the message to discuss, of course, which is why he's actually here, but there's also the matter of him not really knowing what to do about the issue with Poland and Koharu. He can't exactly go to Ukraine about it (he's pretty sure Koharu already has) and obviously Poland and Koharu aren't options, so despite Estonia probably not really being the best person to go to for this sort of situation, it's Lithuania's best current option.

Mostly he's going for the message, though. Since it is Estonia.]
24 June 2012 @ 01:32 pm
A: Outside 952 Beulah. Backdated to whenever.

[ It's both pleasing and surprising to discover a package waiting for him. Rather than waiting to open it inside, Obi-Wan decides to unwrap it here. His eyebrows rise at the sight of it's contents, and a brief troubled look passes through his gaze.

He produces the cylindrical-shaped hilt, it's allow metal flashing dully in the sunlight. With a frown, Kenobi activates the saber, but only for a moment. Just to test if it works.

It does. ]


B: Today. Phone. Filtered from drones.

Well, that message does not sound very good at all, does it? [ He sighs. ]

I have a bad feeling about this.
17 June 2012 @ 03:14 pm
Third Solar Flight  


[So Jim has seen on his calender that it's father's day. Since it was invented in the early twentieth century, Jim has no knowledge of it really.]

So...what's father's day anyways?

952 Beulah Street

[So hearing about what father's day is, Jim is now subsequently very depressed. He has taken to the garage where he has just found a tool box. Since some of these technologies are  bit unfamiliar to him and well...and very primitive by his world's stand point, he's taking a part the family's car in the garage. Hope you're okay with that not parents. The garage door is wide open so anyone can come in and ask what he's doing.]


16 June 2012 @ 09:34 am
f i r s t s o n g  
Outside 948 Beulah - Mostly for neighbors

[ Take a look at this slight, dark-haired figure stumbling out the door, still in his pajamas. ]

Around Mayfield

[ To say he is absolutely bewildered is an understatement. He treads his way through the town carefully, eyes wide with an expression of pure wonder mingled with shock gracing his features. Startled, he stumbles backwards when a car drives by, even though he's safe in the middle of the sidewalk. If he nearly collides with you when he backs up? Well, so be it. ]

Olney's Tavern

[ Of course he has no idea what he's doing here. Doesn't the look of nervousness give that away? Still, he makes his way up to the counter, asking in a rather soft, but timid voice. ] Ah... a glass of absinthe, perhaps?
13 June 2012 @ 11:28 pm
004 | Aoko Nakamori  
{{ →!Action | Mayfield High | Before School }}

[ Aoko made it to school super early today after cooking a nice healthy breakfast for her lovely Drone!Bro, Drone!Dad and Crazy!Mommy. What could have possibly convinced her to be at school this early you ask? Maybe it was a recent claim about a haunted house, or maybe she has detention, or maybe she just wanted to come early and sweep the front walkway. ]

[ ...Wait a minute... didn't school let out for summer vacation? No matter! As a way to distract herself Aoko is happily humming as she sweeps the front walkway. ]

{{ →!Action | Hospital | After School }}

[ Not ready or willing to go home yet, she's decided to take up some extra volunteer hours and if you're looking for the dear little candy striper you can find her dusting this and scrubbing that clean. She's a very busy girl. ]

{{ →!Phone }}

Does anyone here need a maid? I-I don't exactly like staying at home right now, so I thought maybe I could make myself useful by cleaning houses-that is if anyone wants a maid...
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13 June 2012 @ 04:34 pm
Second Solar Flight  

1. 952 Beulah Street [Open to anyone]

[Jim is getting over the stress of being nearly mauled in this town. He hasn't had quite as many near death experiences as being attacked by zombies. But it made him realize something...what if he had died here? Would his mother ever know what happened to him? Sure, he was told that people were brought back to life in this town, but currently that sounds like a huge lie.

He's sitting on his roof, tossing rocks down off of it. He's looking rather gloomy. Want to approach?]

2. Phone

So, this is a regular thing, huh? Just people randomly going psycho and trying to eat your face?

3. At Make out Point

[Jim climb all the way out there so he could stare out over Mayfield. He liked high places, he usually went to them when he was feeling rather down on himself.]


12 June 2012 @ 02:35 pm
5th Soul | Too weak to be useful  
[Action | 945 Beulah]

["Family" members, if any are home, may notice the scrawny quiet child of the house dragging a rather large steel pipe through the house. Where the heck Crona got something like that may be a concern...but what on earth does the kid intend to do with it?

It's a little hard to sneak through the house with a heavy-ass pipe.]

[Action | Around Town]

[Same as in the house...there is a young gender ambiguous child dragging a large, heavy steel pipe through the streets.

Not much else to say on the matter...except the kid seems to be arguing quietly with nobody in particular.]

[Action | Near Makeout Point]

[Crona really hadn't been sure where to go, but ended up near Makeout Point. Seems there isn't very many people around this time of the day...skipping school seems to have its advantages. Crona finds a reasonably stable place to stand, as well as a place where the kid might not be easily noticed.]

Stooop, I'm doing it okay? [...] It's not my fault you can't do anything.

[Crona lifts that pipe, holding it as one would hold a sword. It's painfully obvious that it's hard for the young waif to lift the thing and keep it suspended, but Crona begins moving through what would probably be the strangest sword-forms anyone has ever seen. Or at least, attempts to. It's hard for Crona to control the heavy implement, and has to set it back down against the ground pretty often.]

I told you, they said you'll probably get more back later. [...] I just want to help if something happens. [...] Because they're nice to me, just like Maka and everyone were...

[Feel free to interrupt, Crona's already growing used to the fact that there's nowhere safe around here...but the kid will probably still be easily surprised by people showing up.]
10 June 2012 @ 12:39 pm
[early morning, Beulah St]

[Rin seems to have caught a cold of some kind while she was out and about. Her skin is flushed, and she occasionally coughs into her forearm. She's trying not to let it get her down, though, so here she is walking out of her house with her dog on a leash.

She gets a ways down the street before she completely falls down on her face. Not moving, not breathing. Her hand is still gripping tightly on the leash though. The dog stands over her, whining with concern and occasionally pulling away as far as he can. Looks like he wants to drag her back home...]

[late afternoon]

[guess what - that thing from before? IT WAS STEP 1 OF RIN JOINING THE UNDEAD. Now that the virus has reactivated her body, she's out for blood in the way she knows best: with her roadroller!

So Mayfield, enjoy the massive yellow machine crushing everything in its path, including you if you're not careful. Occasionally the roadroller's driver screams unintelligible noises - wait was that a WRYYYYYYYYYYN - oh shit!!]