20 June 2012 @ 12:45 pm
Case File Two: Stuck in a horrible job  
[A. 839 Hastings: Clarice is picking up the mail out front when she notices one addressed to her. Curious she opens the letter and pulls out a piece of paper with.... a picture of something. She's distracted though and drops it as something seems to hit her face. A moment later she tentatively touches under her right eye...for anyone that sees her, she appears to have a strange mark ...almost like a burn there.]

[So on top of regaining her gunpowder burn, Clarice also got a message from a place calling to tell her she's going to be fired if she doesn't show up to work. ...as a secretary.]


I'm sure this is a foolish question, but is there anyway to change our jobs here? I'm a federal agent, not a secretary. 

[B. Turns out the answer is no. So Clarice is at work at a generic Mayfield office. Looking quite unhappy as she sorts papers.]

[C. Shooting range. So what do you do when you've had a bad day? Go down and practise shooting things. Which is just what she's doing now. Ignoring the male drones glares as she easily outshoots them.]
07 May 2012 @ 01:55 pm
Case File One: Where am I?  
Action for housemates )

. Trying to dial 911, though she's been told the phones don't work like that.]

Hello. This is Special Agent Clarice Starling of the FBI. I need to get in touch with the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia.

Failing that, and these phones actually don't work normally. Anyone who knows where I am. And what's going on, would be very much appreciated.

[A pause because even if she thinks it's highly unlikely.]

Doctor Lecter. If you're responsible for this. ...alright you've had your laugh. Now I'd like an explanation.


[A. Well you know the drill. A confused woman is looking around town, trying to find a way out.]

[B. Walking into the Police station. Well where else would she end up?]

Excuse me. Is anyone here?

[C. Well probably trying to buy a gun. Trying and failing. If you're nearby she'll walk over. He said she doesn't need one. Bull.]

Excuse me, you wouldn't happen to know why they won't sell a gun to me, would you?