29 November 2012 @ 02:55 pm
Final Wave  
[It was an agonizing respawn, but Hayate was back from her strangling at her daughter's hands. She didn't blame her one bit however, since she was out and about, wielding her device and floating in the air. Each syllable was being choked out as she forced her mana through the weapon, and aimed it at a whole residential square. She hoped no one lived there anymore.]


[A immense beam of power lanced out, and ripped through the housing like tissue paper, as she turned the block into a flaming pile of ash.]

[Someone stop her before she fires again, tears rolling freely down her cheeks as she prepared the same spell again...]
30 July 2012 @ 09:02 am
Hung Over And Out to Dry  
[1. Early Morning - Yagami Household - Open to Housemates and Close CR]

[If one would enter the living room of the household, one would find drone-Vita looking curiously at her "mama", trying to get her up. Hayate was in a state of disarray, her clothing shorn off, pants around her ankles and shirt unbuttoned as she lay on the couch with a melted ice pack on her head. It was like she had tried to cure something and wound up sprawled.]

Not now Vita honey, you need to get cereal for yourself...

[Clearly the stress had finally gotten to Hayate, and she had gone out drinking like a fish, as attributed to the slight smell from her as well. Bother her?]

[2. Outside - Benny Road]

[Hayate had forced herself out of her sprawled state, took a shower and is looking better, but there's deep circles under her eyes like she hadn't slept all night, or just was suffering from the mother of all headaches. She's struggling to do her laundry when her face turns green and she vomits into the bushes.]

Ugh... okay... maybe drinking five boilermakers was a bad idea...
14 June 2012 @ 04:39 pm
Life And A Weirdness Of It  
[Phone - to Rin Tohsaka]

Hey Rin, just wanted to call and say thanks for not going all crazy on me when I was out of my mind back in the beginning of June. I think something messed with me.

[Phone - to Bazett]

You okay? I didn't see you through the Zombie thing and I kept my kidlets all safe so there's something.

[Phone - To Wataru Kurenai's Household aka Nanoha and Co]

Hey all, I'm bringing over food that I promised. I hope you guys like stew and rice cause I got a lot of it.

[Phone - Drone Filter]

Hey all, Hayate here. I've got pies. Who wants some?
03 June 2012 @ 07:22 am
[Anywhere in Town]

[Hayate was running blindly, tears rolling down her eyes. No, no, no, no, this couldn't be! Not Vita, people were leaving her alone... it was cold, really cold...!

She stumbled over the walkway and tumbled to the ground, choking out sobs as she curled up into a ball. She couldn't stay at the house, those things were there as she clutched her hands to herself and sobbed. Not again, not after leaving her alone for so long. Please no...

Hayate had been affected by the town's activities as well, and she was sobbing on the ground, shivering violently as if she was being frozen alive. Her own magic was flaring, if not in the visible spectrum. Anything could set her off at any moment, so tread lightly.]

(ooc: Hayate's come from an AU where she's been frozen for 1000 years since the end of A's and with Vita being droned, it set her off into a unstable fit. Potential combat is here even if Nanoha magic tends not to be lethal.)
21 May 2012 @ 08:44 am
Backdated to End of Prom  
[1334 Benny Road - Open to Housemates]

[Morning in Benny Road. The birds were chirping, the sun was shining and a pair of forms shuffled in bed. It wasn't much but Hayate had made a discovery that night before: that Bazett was comfy.

Read more... )

[1334 Benny Road - Surrounding Areas]

[Hayate is humming to herself, doing the laundry. She's washed up Baz's outfit from last night and is outside in the yard hanging it up.]

I hope it didn't get ruined last night... my goodness she was such an animal...
06 April 2012 @ 12:48 pm
Fourth Diabolic  
[A. 1334 Benny Road - Action]

[Hayate received her box with some trepidation. After the boxing glove that left her lip split and broken and the bee stings, she was wary of any more presents. However upon opening it, she found a card with a picture of a small shining object, one that she recognized as her linker core.

There was a jolt and she felt life surge through her body as the warm, comforting feeling of her full power was swimming in her body. Anyone passing by who was sensitive to magic -- within 4 blocks of the house even -- can feel the tremendous surge of SS rank magic blasting through Hayate before subsiding.]

Whoof, that was a rush! I wonder if getting back regains feels that nice?

[B. Phone to Nanoha cast]

Faaaaaatttteeee~ Vivio~ Ein-chan, Arf~, I got my magic back! Sadly my limiter didn't come with it so lemme know if space-time's being warped and I'll try and reign it in. Okay?

[C. Phone to Bazett]

Baz, I got my magic back just fyi. You probably coulda felt that surge coming from my house. Just wanted ta letcha know.

[D. Ordinary Shopping Time - Anywhere]

[Once Hayate was done all of her calls, she had decided to go out for shopping. Vita went through hot milk like a fiend every morning and they were always running low. So she's out with a bag of groceries from any direction or point, humming to herself. As usual, anyone who is magic sensitive can probably feel Hayate coming from a block away.]
11 March 2012 @ 09:11 pm
Third Diabolic  

[There was a saying in the old Riot 6 members: never ever let General Hayate Yagami get bored. As such, she was connecting to the phone lines with a little trolling to be had.]

T-ou-ma-kun~ I just wanted to thank you for the WONDERFUL love-love date we had! I never knew you could be so manly and skilled! After all you supported my body so nicely under those extreme conditions. I hope you're not aching this long after we parted. Gimme a call, okay?

Oh one of my cute kids arrived here yesterday morning. Do you want me to fix you up with her? Or we could go out on another date~

[Yeah, this has bad written all over it.]

2. [Around Town]

[Gossip spread like wildfire amidst the drone women from that unfiltered call. Mrs. Zaraki had a wild affair with the young Touma boy. How scandalous! What a scarlet woman! After the third upturned nose, she winked and sashayed down the road. Oh god this was fun.]
03 March 2012 @ 12:50 pm
Second Diabolic  
[A. Before and Shortly After Bake Sale]

[Hayate had gotten some fresh cookies and was nibbling on them, enjoying the taste. There was a really good flavor to them, and these drone kids were really good at them. Come bother her?]

[B. And After - Late March 3]

Hayate didn't know what was going on. One minute she had been taller, or she could have sworn that, and now there was a kid in an oversized dress, laying on the ground without her legs working. WHY WAS HER LEGS NOT WORKING?]

Vita? Signum? Shamal? Zafira? Anyone?

[Have a scared ten year old calling for people.]

(ooc: Mentally and physically deaged Hayate! And as a bonus, her legs don't work. She's lost memory of why she's here temporarily too. Tags for option B will come from [personal profile] chibi_tanuki)
17 February 2012 @ 08:15 am
First Diabolic  
[1332 Benny Road - Locked to Housemates]

[The first thing that Hayate realized when she woke up was that this was not her bed. Her bed was done up in silken sheets, something she liked as a luxury at times. Also, last she checked her bed wasn't occupied, even if Zwei or Vita still liked sleeping with her. Sitting up and blinking sleep out of her eyes, she looked around before quietly slipping out into the main room.

Looking around the house, she found the mantle with the pictures of people. Kids, pet, husband, what was going on here?]


I'd like to get a little more info about this place. Also, if anyone's from Midchilda, it would be appreciated to know if they were around as well.

[Around Town - Afternoon]

[Hayate disliked the dress she was wearing. It wasn't bad, but it could USE something. Something more. Even when she was going shopping for food like a "regular housewife", she knew that she had orders to fill when work called her again. But being a seamstress wasn't so bad to be honest; she had a lot of leeway. Already costumes were popping up in her mind and she giggled maniacally.]