22 October 2012 @ 03:39 pm
11th Key: You are...not a pirate...  
[Action A: 7134 Brooks]

[The house is surprisingly quiet, without the hum of Galleon engines overhead. But why would there be that? This is the house of the Marvelous family! Your average down-on-their-luck family; father working hard at the barely-paying job. See him now? He's picking up the paper as breakfast is getting ready. Anyone inside, or on the streets can come up and say hi.]

[Action B: L'D├ęplaisant]

[Marvelous is working hard for once, getting food out to the lunch/supper crowd, his head beginning to twinge in between tables. But he'll still have a smile on his face as you call him over.]

[Action C: Phone]

[Marvelous will be in agony by this point, having found a certain large piece of cardboard in his front closet, along with that strange red coat. He needs someone to talk to about it: anyone he can.]

H-hey....any of you...know what's going on?
21 September 2012 @ 03:27 pm
10th Key: Emergency! Dispatch!  
[Action A: 7134 Brooks]

[Another day, another small package hanging from the mailbox.]

More fun.

[He'll snatch it up and take it inside to open it...]

[Action B: John Doe Park]

[The Galleon is parked on the ground behind some of the park's trees, where Marvelous is practicing some gunplay as DekaRed. He's using the ship as a safety precaution, in case any of his shots go wild and miss his tree-borne targets. But so far, that hasn't happened. Don't worry: he won't shoot you if you approach him! Well...except if you wanna pick a fight; he's always up for a spar.]
17 July 2012 @ 03:29 pm
9th Key: Heeee'sss baaacccckkkk!  
[Action 1: 7134 Brooks: Locked to housemates.]

[Marvelous wrenches up out of bed. He's grabbing at his body to make sure everything's there. It takes him a while to notice that he's in the master bedroom.]

That...damn fog. What the hell did it do to me?

[He's not in any physical pain, but he's feeling disoriented enough that just leaving the bedroom to go get water is pretty darn loud.]

[Action 2: Anywhere in town.]

[Contemplation time for Marvey. He's wandering town, not quite knowing what to do at the moment, or where to go. Come bug him if you want! You may provide him with perspective. Especially if you're familiar with death at all.]
17 June 2012 @ 02:28 pm
9th Key: Yoroshiku...'Tou-san  
[Action: Phone]

So...this Father's day thing. What the heck is it anyway? And why should I care?

[Action: 7134 Brooks. Locked to housemates.]

[Marvelous is actually quite sullen today. Whatever this Father's Day thing is...it's causing him to look at his own life. Specifically...where the hell his own father was. He never really knew the guy at all.]

What a pain in the ass.....
28 May 2012 @ 04:29 pm
Eighth key: Dronings and Depression  
[Action A: Location: 7134 Brooks...specifically on the Gokai Galleon. Locked to housemates and next door neighbors.]

[Marvelous is sitting in his chair, feeling completely destroyed. He'd managed to figure out Joe and Luka's location. What he found set him off. Hence why the main living area of the Galleon around him looks like a hurricane hit it.]

Not a damn thing...not a damn thing.

[Action B: Location: Butcher Shop.]

[Depressed or not, Marvelous is VERY hungry. And for what gorging he feels he needs right now requires a slew of meat, which he's taken out a small fortune to buy. People can either bug him in line, or be overworked when he places his order.]

I don't care how old it is, or what the cut is. I want meat. And a LOT of it.

[And then he'll slam the wad of cash down on the counter.]

[Action C: Around town. Moping.]

[Either to or from the butcher shop, come and see the pirate with the long face and narrow glare at anything in his path of sight.]
13 April 2012 @ 03:37 pm
Seventh Key: The Next Decade  
[Action A: 7135 Brooks]

Ngghhh...why didn't my alarm go off?

[Marvelous drags his sorry carcass out of bed, only to be tackled by drone kids. Ones that shouldn't be there. Suddenly he's looking around the house for his 'family', only to find nothing.]

What in the hell is going on....here?

[He's picked his head up directly in front of a mirror. He sees no one but Tsukasa standing in front of him.]


[Action B: 7134 Brooks. Locked to Tsukasa, and the occupants of the house]

TSUKASA! Where the hell are you!?

[He HAD to be here. It was the only logical place.]

[Action C: Around town]

[Tsukasa!Marvelous is wandering around town. Come bug him!]
06 April 2012 @ 04:18 pm
Sixth Key: The Captain and his Ship  
[Action 1: 7134 Brooks Lane]

[After finally settling down after the event, Marvelous has found three packages sitting in front of him. The first two....hadn't gone very well. So he was now sporting a bruise on his cheek and a couple of stings (he'd managed somehow to get those bees out the window). So now...he was wary of the third.]

This'll probably be a bomb. Stupid postman....

[Housemates...come see! This'll be GREAT!]

[Action 2: In the skies above Mayfield...but not high enough not to hear people.]

[Marvelous crosses his arms and sighs a breath of relief. He's standing on the bow of the Gokai Galleon, and all is right in the world. he's taking a cruise around town.]
02 April 2012 @ 06:14 pm
Fifth Key: It's time for Showy Pranks  
[Action 1: Monday Morning: 3473 Erwin. Locked to AM]

Damn...I waited too long.

[Marvelous was starting to not feel too well. Apparently waiting a day so he could properly plan these things was a bad idea. But he was there early morning, nonetheless, setting up this trap, scarfing down bananas to stuff under the doormat.]

[Action 2: Monday Afternoon: Grocery Store. Locked to Shirley Fenette]

[Marvelous crouched down behind a store aisle, watching his target shop. He had a few ideas, but he needed confirmation on what he REALLY wanted to do. So, he watched for her go for a certain item....]

[Action 3: Tuesday: 624 Topper. Locked to Erika Karisawa]

[Hose in hand, Marvelous stood proudly out of sight, spraying the house, trying to rattle the siding.]

This is gonna be good....

[Action 4: Wednesday/Thursday. Various Locals. Locked to Ruri Hoshino.]

Eh? This one has a ship?

[He had to think about this one for a second, as he stands at the base of the rampway...]

[Action 5: Locations Anywhere: Time Any: Locked to Tsukasa]

[Marvelous whistles as he begind painting the side of his neighbour's house. Though...this isn't as friendly as you might think...]

Perfect excuse. Let the games begin.
13 February 2012 @ 02:53 pm
Fourth Key: Blooming Sails  
[Action A: 7134 Brooks Street, Indoors]

Huh? Where did these things come from?

[He's picked up the vase of roses that's seemingly appeared out of nowhere. He scrutinizes it carefully.]

The kid maybe? Ambrosia doesn't seem the type.

[Action B: Phone]

I seem to have gotten someone's floral delivery. They wanna claim it before I chuck them all out?
15 January 2012 @ 12:58 pm
Third Key: A long-awaited gift  
[Action: Inside House]

[Marvelous balanced the small package in his hands. He frowned at it as he examined every inch. It was like the box that his clothing had come in, but this one he really had no clue. He sets it on the living room table.]

Only one way to find out....

[He slowly peels the packaging apart, and peering inside, just in case something inside is insidious in nature. But, a familiar glint inside makes him plunge his hand inside. He pulls out the small red figurine inside, and then the larger phone-shaped object underneath.]

Looks like this Christmas thing was good for something.

[Action: Downtown]

[Marvelous is roaming the streets, flicking his Ranger key open and closed. If this is here, then the rest should be somewhere else. Come bug him if you wish.]