20 August 2012 @ 02:34 pm
。002 | action + phone  
[ You might notice, if you were to walk around the street, an angel asleep in the sunshine. He's gotten better at the whole 'sleeping for energy' thing, but it's warm and bright outside and he's settled down to enjoy himself. The only thing is that he's not exactly asleep outside his own home - rather, he's outside Crowley's. He really only spends one night every now and then in his own house these days, just so he doesn't upset the balance and get himself killed. Besides, the tree by Crowley's house is much nicer - the demon was probably scaring it in to it's brilliant growth. ]
[ Aziraphale still sounds a little tired and worn down, but at least he's trying to be social! He's just not very good at this sort of thing. ]

I don't suppose anyone could tell me what they do for... Fun here? For pleasure, I mean. I'm rather fond of reading myself, but the library here is somewhat lacking - I've found myself a little at a loss, now, you see.
10 July 2012 @ 07:59 am
。001 | action + phone  
[ It'd be safe to say that waking up in a strange place in a bed is entirely unusual for Aziraphale - considering he doesn't have a bed for any purpose other than for his only friend to nap in and that he doesn't sleep, all of this is very strange. He was a little more happy to find that he'd been given a set of rather fine clothes - but that was less important. He walks downstairs and almost has a very-unangelic heart attack - not a single book in sight. In fact, this is looking less and less like Soho and more and more like some elaborate joke to mess with his head, neither of which he is particularly appreciative of.

Opening the door, he steps outside and looks around - and there he stands, kind of wide-eyed and lost. Because this is not home and he certainly has no idea how to go about explaining it. Divinity only explains so much, after all, and he doesn't think anyone Up There would play this kind of joke on him (no matter how grand his part in stopping the end of the world was). ]

[ There's a long silence before the sound of fumbling and a soft, lost little sigh - and then the angel gets the hang of it. Technology of any kind will always be lost on him. ]

Hello? Is anyone there?
08 February 2012 @ 07:50 pm
[Backdated to 7th Feb]  
[Action 1 - Morning, Outside 1487 Kramden Road]

[Aziraphale looks to be in a good mood as he steps out the door, ready to start the day. He looks a little excited to have a package - he's not learnt to be weary of unexpected presents yet. When he opens it to find a single white feather inside he frowns, before with a loud rip two messy white wings emerge from his back. Without having to look back to see what's happened, he very almost swears.]

Oh... blast it all. [Stretching out his wings, he cranes over to have a look at the mess.] I liked this jumper too.

[Action 2 - Dusk, the makeout point]

[Anyone who comes by in the last hour of daylight will be entertained by an over weight middle aged man trying to take off. His over sized pair of wings work, but sustained flight seems like a bit of a work out, if his huffing and panting and frequent pauses to get his breath is any judge.

Eventually he flops down heavily onto a log, deciding that enough is enough.
] I'm sure it wasn't this hard in the old days.