07 August 2012 @ 01:08 am
001- Your Rhyme is in another castle  
[action, 723 anderson]

[Well, that certainly feels much more comfortable than the usual sleeping arrangements in Shibuya... still, something wasn't right, he certainly doesn't remember this house...and strangely, he didn't feel like he was fading away anymore. Weird. Though, this was still very unsettling. Where's Phones? For that matter, where the heck is he? He stumbles out of the bed, only to realize that his normal threads are completely gone, replaced with some lame crap. He doesn't even have his hat or his chains anymore... Something is seriously up. After getting dressed, he stumbles his way through the house, calling for someone, anyone. Though he's noticing the pictures, and it's not making him feel any weirder. Who are those people, and why isn't Rhyme with him?]

Yo Phones, you here all up in creepsville, too? Phones? Anybody home? We gotta get back to Shibuya, yo! I'm livin' on burrowed time!

[He gets a response, from a drone... He's not liking that empty sounding voice. Not one bit. Especially because it's calling him by name, and telling him to get ready for school.]

School, what'chu talking about, last I checked people in the UG didn't go to school! And how do you know my name?[A pause.] Actually, screw that, I ain't got time for answers!
[Beat heads off to continue his search of the house, only hearing a faint "You've been here your whole life." The hell is that about?]

[Action, around Mayfield]

[Well, after exploring much of the house, he embarks to hopefully find something he knows. Or at the very least, hope to find out exactly what the hell is going on. He's pretty much wandering aimlessly. And by wandering, I mean running. He's just a little bit panicked. He still feels as though he's only got less than a day to live. Feel free to stop him. Or at least try.]