19 April 2012 @ 05:18 pm
Chapter One | Strange Meetings  
A. Action » 627 Topper Street

[Geoffrey isn’t exactly surprised to find a strange woman next to him in bed. But he is a little confused about his surroundings. He slips out of bed (what are these strange bedclothes?) and picks up a small, framed portrait of him and the strange woman. It doesn’t even look like a painting. What’s going on?

He sets off down the hall, looking for anyone that could give him some answers.


[Arya, meanwhile, is more alarmed than puzzled to find herself in a strange room, in strange clothes. What was the last thing she remembered? Yoren about to cut her hair. She raises her hand to it. Still long. Had the Queen’s men found them? Had she been knocked out and brought her, to be held captive like Sansa? Her breath catches in her throat and she nearly panics. But then she hears Syrio’s voice in her head and she repeats his words out loud.]

Don’t just see; look.

[This place was...weird. Cersei could not even imagine decorations like this. If she were captured she would be in the Red Keep or a dungeon and this was neither. That only meant one thing. Time to explore. She dresses herself in the odd clothes she finds in the dresser and sets out into the hallway, keeping her eyes open for anything she could use as a weapon. But then she stumbles across Chaucer. Unitimidating as he was in his nightclothes, she still had to be cautious. Her eyes narrow.]

Who are you?

B. Action » around town

[After discovering that both were equally clueless as to the situation, Arya and Chaucer have decided to go exploring to find some answers.]

Just... stay close. And do keep that knife to yourself.

[Arya frowns, running her fingers over the knife she had nicked from the kitchen.]

Are you stupid? I’m not going to go around stabbing people for fun.

[Chaucer gives her a look.]

Well, my dear, perhaps you should have it hidden. People aren’t likely to talk to us if it looks like you’re going to slash them.
[Feel free to interrupt them. They look a little lost...]

C. Action » All over Uptown

[There is a ten year old girl wandering all around town today. Yes, that’s right. She is not in school and flagrantly walking the streets. Almost as if she has no idea she’s supposed to be in school...
Although she does look nervous, like she’s expecting someone to stop her any second. The observant might even notice that she’s hidden a knife in the waistband of her skirt and keeps running her fingers over the hilt.

There’s a lot in Mayfield that is completely new to her, though, so her caution is mixed with a sense of wonder. So much so, in fact, that she fails to see that person walking in the opposite direction.

Sorry. [She lowers her eyes to the ground, afraid of attracting attention.]

[ooc: This can take place after school too. She’s going to be exploring for a while.]

D. Action » Olney’s Tavern

[Chaucer’s been wandering this strange place for a good part of the day. So, instead of spending this lovely afternoon outside, he decides to duck in a place. Lucky for him, it serves alcohol. He orders a beer and sits at the bar, looking around nervously. But Chaucer, being Chaucer, feels the need to speak up to the person seated next to him... after he receives his beer and takes a big swig.]

So... how long have you lived here, my friend?

[ooc: So A is closed, B is if you want to encounter the two together, C is for just Arya and D is for just Chaucer.]