06 February 2012 @ 03:39 am
003 -- Cotton Candy  
[ Action; Pops awakens at his usual Mayfield area of address wholly himself, which he would consider a lovely change in pace from being droned if he had any idea he'd been droned. As out of the loop goes, it can be safely said that the old chap is as much as one can be.

He has approximately no problems with that. He doesn't often have problems with things.

But oh, if May Field doesn't just seem like it's in a terrible mood today. Never to fear, Pops Maellard knows the cure for all ails, and that cure is lollipops. He's ever unsure if they pass for currency or not, but he's making it his business to hand that shit out like he's in the middle of the best parade ever. It's not quite Halloween anymore, but he and his large mixing bowl are the most oblivious to these societal parameters. Pops is like a candy hipster with pleasant intentions.

Long story short, cheer up because an elderly lollipop-headed man is giving away candy that he's half-sure is money. Yeah he doesn't really work with "probable statistics", he just sort of walks around and says hi to people and rolls with things.

Expect him everywhere!! before and after his work day at the bank, for nothing is safe: and castmates are particularly unsafe because ~the power of friendship~ is a real thing that he believes in and that exists. Also because he loves you guys. ]