17 June 2012 @ 10:32 am
3rd Moonrise  

[The pony is stressed and has slipped back to some of her royal mannerisms. Everyone may want to hold the phone further away from their ear.]

Kreutzer? We have something of yours, and we believe we should return it as we were not ourselves when we accepted it.

We also apologize to our subjects for our behavior in the past week. It was unfit for a pony of Canterlot.

[305 Miller]

[After the sun sets, the princess can be seen attempting to work in the garden around the house. She doesn't actually know anything about gardening, but the man of the house is still very tired and she wants to help fix the mess that was made with the zombies. Especially since she helped make it.

The princess is getting very dirty but not having much success.]

[Around town]

[It's late and Princess Luna is going about town, keeping an eye out for trouble. Some habits are hard to break. She's affected by Father's Day, so if there are any men about she will offer to walk them home because she's a helpful pony like that.]

02 June 2012 @ 06:51 pm
2nd Moonrise  

[This is not a friendly voice.  Or a happy voice.  This is a low, confident, openly demanding voice.  The sun has set and Nightmare Moon is making her plans for the night.]

This place bores me and I find this form confining.  I wish for entertainment.  Subjects, meet me in the park, unless you would rather face my wrath when I have to come and find you.

[No, she has no regains and looks like Princess Luna, but she won't let a little thing like that keep her from making threats.]

John Doe Park

[The princess is waiting for her subjects to arrive.  She's still trying to decide what she'll do with them.  Perhaps they can go find a present for her.  The shops are all closed, surely no one will notice if her subjects pick her out something.  At least not if they're quick and clever about it.  Or perhaps she can find something else for them to do . . .

Of course, anyone else in the park after dark is free to spot the princess pony looking down on everyone as though they are annoying insects.]

Around Town

[Of course some ponies might think it wiser to hide from their dark princess.  Nightmare Moon is looking around town for any stragglers, and she will not be happy if she finds them.]

13 May 2012 @ 09:49 am
1st Moonrise  
A.  305 Miller Street

[She knew something was wrong before she even opened her eyes.  She wasn't in her bed in Canterlot.  It felt like she was on the floor.  Why was she on the floor?  The princess's eyes opened and she saw walls far too close to her on all sides.  Where . . .

Princess Luna dove out of the little house she was in, only to hit the collar and chain that had her secured.  She was chained?  She tried to blast the chain off of the house, but her magic didn't work.  She couldn't unbuckle the collar with her magic, either.  Shock quickly turned to rage. 

There is now a very pissed off winged unicorn pony in the backyard of 305 Miller yelling at the tops of her lungs while attempting to destroy the dog house she woke up in.]

Who dares to chain the princess of the night?!

B.  Around Town

[Having successfully escaped the dog house situation, Princess Luna is trying to figure out where in Equestria she is.  Unfortunately, the more she looks, the more confused she's getting.  There is a dark purple pony flying over Mayfield with an unusually long mane and tail and a very unhappy expression.  She can be also be found reading signs, attempting to interrogate drones, and generally trying to figure out what kind of place she has woken up in.]