26 March 2012 @ 09:17 pm
33rd Invasion  
[Action; 462 Stone Street]

[So, ever since Squid Girl got a new set of role models who happen to be gangsters, she's been behaving more and more erratically and irresponsibly.  And since she's also alienated herself from the only non-drone in her house, there's no one to prevent her from doing incredibly stupid things.  It was really kind of inevitable that eventually she'd end up hurting herself.

And from the looks of things on outside 462 Stone Street, that's exactly what happened today.  Passersby will notice Squid Girl collapsed on her knees on the front lawn, crying hysterically and covering one of her eyes with her hands.  There's also a BB gun lying nearby.  It's probably not too hard to figure out what happened here.]

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...!  My eye!  My eye!  It hurts, it hurts!
19 February 2012 @ 03:45 pm
32nd Invasion  
[Action; 462 Stone Street and surrounding area]

[Well, Squid Girl's all alone again in an empty house.  Caster is gone, just like so many housemates before him.  And to make matters worse, Taiwan has left her too.  It's a pretty solid blow to this little squid's ability to cope with the horrible things in Mayfield, so she's going to deal with it in the best and most productive way she knows how - by throwing a tantrum and making a lot of noise.  Thankfully, she's just opened a new regain that should help with that quite a bit.  Anyone in the general vicinity of 462 Stone Street - or anywhere on the street, really - will hear a five hour long drum solo being loudly and angrily played by Squid Girl throughout most of the afternoon.  She's actually really good, but eventually the sound of drums echoing through the air for that long should grate on even the most patient person's nerves.  But Squid Girl's upset and vulnerable and feeling exceedingly unreasonable right now, so other people are honestly pretty low on her list of priorities.  The door's unlocked, the windows are open, and the phone's available for angry calls, though, so anyone who's reaching their limit can feel free to barge in or yell at her to stop.]

05 February 2012 @ 02:07 pm
31st Invasion  

Fine!  You want me to destroy things?  I'll show you destroying things!  I'll tear down your whole stupid town this time!  Prepare to face the wrath of the ocean, Mayfield!

[Action; all around town]

[Squid Girl is still suffering from the effects of her surgery - eyes on the sides of her head, constant leaking of ink while talking, tentacles in place of her real arms - but she's finally adapted somewhat and is honestly at the point where she's too angry to be sad.  All day long on the 5th, she can be found rampaging around town destroying things just like the man on the telephone said.  She's spitting ink every which way, using her tentacle grafts and the ten she already had to pick up and throw things all over the place, and just causing general mayhem wherever she goes.]

Take that, Mayfield!  And that!  Have I destroyed enough stuff yet?  Are you gonna change me back now?  No?  Okay, then!

[Her rage will continue unabated until the end of the event or until someone puts her down.  Until then, enjoy ink over everything and random debris being tossed around, through windows, into cars, etc.]

29 January 2012 @ 11:13 am
30th Invasion  
[Action; streets of Mayfield]

[Well, it's Sunday morning, and another patient has been discharged from Mayfield's new operating facility.  Those who have met Squid Girl before might recognize her if they look really closely.  Those who haven't met her will probably think she's some sort of horrible Lovecraftian terror from the deep.  Evidently, Mayfield thought if she was going to keep calling herself a squid, she should at least do everyone the courtesy of looking the part.

To this end, she's undergone some rather amazing (if not terrifying) plastic surgery.  Her eyes have been relocated to the sides of her head, periodically blinking out of sync with one another as she stumbles around the street.  Instead of arms, she now has actual tentacles, complete with suckers and the whole nine yards.  Ink dribbles from her mouth every time she opens it, spewing out in greater amounts when she talks.  And finally, her skin is more rubbery and squid-like than before, drying out and cracking quickly underneath Mayfield's winter sun.

She's trying to get back home, but still having trouble navigating with her eyes in such odd positions.  The poor little thing can be found variously walking around in circles, crashing into street signs, tripping over things and falling on her face, and having all sorts of other little trip-ups and accidents.]

[Action; 462 Stone Street]

[Later in the day, Squid Girl's finally made it home.  Just in time, too, since her skin was about to dry out completely if she didn't hurry up.  Anyone passing by 462 Stone Street might notice her floating in the saltwater pond Hajime made for her in the back yard.  She'd have to thank him later - that kid was literally a lifesaver in this instance.  She's mostly trying to relax - floating on her back and sometimes diving underwater and seeing how long she can stay there - but sometimes she can be found leaning over the side of the pond, crying tears from her eyes and ink from her mouth into the snow and grass.]
21 January 2012 @ 05:09 pm
29th Invasion  
[Well, Squid Girl's finally gotten around to opening her Christmas presents from Mayfield.  One of them she's secreted away in the closet for a rainy day, and the other she's clearly not too pleased with.  She can be found outside 462 Stone Street on Saturday afternoon, carrying a rather sizable box with her tentacles out to the curb to throw out with the trash.  It's open at the top, and some of the contents are messily hanging out of the side - for anyone who actually bothers to look, it appears to be filled to the brim with adorable cosplay outfits of all varieties.  Maid uniforms, kimonos, school uniforms, school-issue swimsuits, and all manner of generic anime-themed costumes.]

Won't be needing these here!

[She sets the box down with a heavy thud, reaching over to take the lid off one of the metal trash cans sitting nearby.  Digging into the package, she then starts shoveling costumes out one tentacle-ful at a time, trying to stuff them all down into the trash as best she can.  This is a flagrant waste of such well-made and adorable costumes.  Clearly she should be stopped before she ruins them all.]