28 February 2012 @ 01:12 am
10th Broken Illusion  
[ Neutron Diner : After School ]
[ Phase 3 of Plan "avoid everyone you dated and/or made out with around Valentine's Day"? Continue to show up to your crappy part-time fry cook job after classes let out, every day, despite not really liking it all that much.

Clearly the one place one would never find him is the very same place he would be expected to be found. Something about hiding in plain sight?

Honestly, he just needs the distraction at this point. There's still a lot going on in his mind and the less he talks to others about it, the more it eats at him. Maybe once he's done here he'll head home and hit the phones, or go walking. This should be done in person... ]
20 February 2012 @ 07:45 pm
9th Broken Illusion  
[ Action : Mayfield High ]
[ Yes, today's a holiday and the school is closed.

No, Touma didn't seem to care ... or didn't remember this in advance and showed up anyhow.

The point is that he's here and that he's taking the time to enjoy the relative solitude. His book-bag is on the outdoor table, and he's using that as a sort of pillow as he lays there on the surface, an arm up and shading his eyes from the glare a bit as he stares up at the sky.

Something's on this boy's mind today, and it's best that he isn't where anyone can find him while he thinks things through. Or he hopes he can't be found. It'd be just his luck if that happened anyway... ]

[ Phone : Drone Filter ]
I need driving lessons. I can pay you, or tip you, or whatever you want to call it. I thought that if it came down to it and I needed to use the "family car" for any kind of emergency, I'd better be able to drive it without ending up in a ditch or wrapped around a tree.
30 January 2012 @ 07:17 pm
8th Broken Illusion  
[ Action : 840 Hastings Blvd. : Something after this thread ]
[ There is nothing out of place about two kids sitting in the living room and watching TV. They are even behaving just as proper children should, sitting on different surfaces - the boy is laying on the couch and the girl is seated in a chair from the kitchen!

There is no reason to suspect that the silence between them has anything to do with the fact that he's trying to sleep off a massive headache, and that she is unconscious from the blow that has left her cheek marred with dirt. That is not the imprint of a set of knuckles there, no sir.

And there is absolutely nothing wrong with the bandages wrapped around his left arm or the jump-rope used to tie the girl to the seat she's in.

Nothing at all to see here, folks. Move along... ]

((OOC: Expect Touma and Nia (when awake) in these threads. Tag order is in set after the first round unless you say otherwise!))

[ Phone : Even later ]
How can you tell if someone else's jaw is broken? [ Just a question. Don't read into it. ]

And, if it is, what do you do with it? Is there even a brace for that...
17 January 2012 @ 10:43 pm
7th Broken Illusion  
[ Action : Neutron Diner : Late afternoon ]
[ Guess who's now on staff in the kitchen at the diner downtown?

If your answer was: "That boy who could probably start a grease fire by looking at the cooker the wrong way", you're halfway there!

It's not that Touma can't cook, or doesn't like to. He's had to do it while he lived on his own back home, and he does a fair bit of it around the house (when his "mother" lets him). No, he's pretty content (and by content I mean listless) as he works at filling orders and setting them up for others to take to the tables.

But things just happen around him. It's kind of like that clause in insurance policies that mention "act of God" or "force of nature". Except these kinds of acts of misfortune are not the sort he can do anything about, even if he does have his abilities back. ]

[ Right now the kitchen has been temporarily evacuated as the Mayfield Fire Department handles a bit of a mess in there and he is standing outside away from the drone crew, work uniform and apron on and looking just a bit scorched.

Looking at the building with despair, he sighs quietly to himself and hunches his shoulders. ]
This is just my luck...


[ Phone : Drone Filter : Evening ]
Anyone ever switch jobs? I literally woke up with one, and I'm not cut out for it at all.

((OOC: Open to action at the diner or 840 Hastings if you want to talk to Touma. If your character is part of the fire department, feel free to involve them more directly in the first scene!))