11 April 2012 @ 07:59 pm
First Wake Up.  
[ Action: 1336 Benny Road. Morning. ]

[ To Wataru, he had expected to wake up in his bed and begin his day. However, as soon as he noticed that he wasn't in his house or...anywhere familiar, he instantly snapped to attention and looked around to what was in the room.

Yep, this wasn't Japan at all. And the picture on his bedside was definitely telling. He wasn't married, he didn't have children and, more importantly, where was his father's violin? Kivat? Or his friends?

He had a feeling that calling for them would be useless, but he had to at least try. ]

K-Kivat...? Are you around here?

[ He'll go searching around for the bat in hopes of finding it, however do feel free to run into him, housemates! ]

[ Action: Around Mayfield. Mid-morning. ]

[ When searching for Kivat became fruitless, Wataru set out to look for his friends. Though, with not knowing where he was had been unsettling. Still, he was hoping to see at least a familiar face around here.

Though, as soon as Wataru feels like his searching isn't bringing anything up, he decided to sit at a park bench and he rubs at his arm a bit uncomfortably. Just where had he been taken to? ]