15 May 2012 @ 09:56 am
Sixth Horror: Phone Call  
 [Hey Quinn guess who saw her name down for prom queen. Guess who is not happy. Guess who isn't going to the prom anymore. Hint. It's the person whose phoning you right now.]

You lied.
04 May 2012 @ 04:41 pm
Fifth Horror: Prom = bad memories  
[She's still not sure about going. But at least doing something will be nice.

A. Carrie is buying some fabric for a dress. Maybe she'll go, maybe she won't. Either way, right now she's standing off to the side, waiting to get the attention of the drone lady who seems to be ignoring her.

B. At the library, she's picking out some cook books. The pile is just floating in the air next to her. Yup, practise makes perfect.

C. At home, ignoring the drone mother, she's making some supper.] 


.....Um, if people need help with prom dresses....I'm good at making them. I can help.

....has anything bad...ever happened at a prom? ...here...I mean.... really bad.

[Phone/Filtered to Fate.]

.....Can...I talk to you? ...in person, I mean.
07 April 2012 @ 04:02 pm
Fourth Horror: I don't want to go home  
[Carrie, somehow managed to avoid getting any pranks pulled on her. For once in her life. She's very relieved because of that. She also found her rocking chair in the mail for her. Which was nice.

She was starting to get used to ...well her freedom in Mayfield. Momma wasn't here to tell her what to do, or to yell at her, or to make her pray. They weren't here to make her life miserable. She could ...be normal here. Wear normal clothes, do normal things and not be the freak.  It was a strange feeling she wasn't really sure what to do with yet.

A. Housemates can find her carrying a rocking chair up to her room, carefully.

B. She's outside for a walk. Today, is ...actually a pretty nice day. She's looking up at the sky for the moment and might walk into anyone walking down the sidewalk. 

C. The park. She's flexing her mind and lifting up a park bench. Standing off to the side and staring at it. Practise after all. Maybe if she practises she won't lose control when she gets angry.]


....I'm sorry to bother people ...again. But I was wondering. Is....changing your citizenship to a country...really just as easy as getting some papers? If...If I change it....I don't have to go back to America do I? .....Can you just leave like that? ...Not this place. I mean ...back home. Is it really that easy to leave?
05 February 2012 @ 08:37 pm
Third Horror: It was bound to happen sooner or later  
[Carrie like others, heard about breaking the town and while she wasn't affected it seemed like something you should help out in. She could use it as a way to practise with her powers too. She hadn't really done much with that anyway.

And the best place to destroy?]

[Action: The High School: Carrie stands still in the middle of the school parking lot. Maybe this isn't such a good idea...after all there might be people still in it. Sometimes drones came....

As though on call she hears drones on the other side of the parking lot. A group of jocks are kicking a drone nerd who is on the ground.

She narrows her eyes and walks over. This time. This time she can help....]

Leave him alone.

"Get lost freak."

I said....leave him alone! Now!

[They turn on her. The nerd not even stopping as he get's up and runs away. Leaving her there with the three large teens.]

"That an order?"

[One of them pushes her to the ground and the other drones just laugh. And Carrie's blood boils, as memories of being horribly treated her entire life come back. She slowly get's up and glares.]

"Oh look, she's mad now. What are you going to do-"

[He doesn't get to finish as suddenly he's slammed backwards by an unseen force into the fence behind him. Carrie's head snaps to the side as she looks at the other two...or where they were. They ran away the moment their leader was thrown backwards. Carrie turns back to where he is in the fence. She crumples the metal fence around him as though it were tinfoil but turns back to the school. Now...now she was in the right mood.]

[A. Witness Carrie's attack on the bullies? See what she's going to do next?

B. Carrie is now in the mood to destroy...the high school is burning. Electical wiring is being broken and Carrie watching the building burn from the side walk.

C. Around town. There is a girl walking down the street. Street lights break as she goes by them. Cars smash. Windows shatter. She looks high strung and is walking stiffly as the path of destruction follows her down the street.]