04 March 2012 @ 04:27 pm
[ 02 ] ❀❀ [ Phone ◦ Action ◦ Player Plot ]  
►►► 849 GOLDBERG (HOME);
[ Despite the warnings to not drink the milk in Mayfield, Sakura hadn't heard anything about dangerous baked goods. Naturally, when a child comes by to sell some for some reason or the other, she can't help but buy them. After all, it was a kind gesture for the two she lived with. After a while though, the temptation got to her, so she munched away on a couple. A hour later, Sakura's walking around the house with ribbons in her hair and acting shy towards the drone of Jiraiya. Later on, the house can be found decorated with hundreds of flowers arranged in various places.. After all, she has to practice a lot and there's nothing strange with that at all. Nope. Yes, those are daises floating in the toilet bowl, just aim around them. ]

►►► PHONE;
[ For some reason, anyone who makes a call today might get a soft-spoken Sakura who sounds uncertain of herself and her words. In fact, she even makes a strange request. ]

Is there anyone available who can give me a hair cut? My bangs are too long right now. I'll find a way to pay you back, I promise. T-Thank you...

[ Now that she has her HUMONGOUS forehead covered with her bangs with a new hair cut and ribbons in her hair (it's the best she can do without Ino here to guide her), Sakura can be found around the town completing various tasks:
( A ) The flower shop. Here she's buying a selection of flowers that would make a perfect bouquet for a certain someone, but she seems to be running into a slight bit of trouble.

( B ) The bakery. What better way to surprise her family than with some more baked goods? She's already forgotten about the ones she ate this morning, but that's alright. They bake some pretty good stuff here.

( C ) The park. For some reason, she has strange memories of being able to scale trees at a genin-level, but she's not too sure on how to do it. When she thinks no one is looking though, she'll leap towards the trunk to try to run up alongside it, her feet flat against it - only to fall back on her back with a loud "OOF!" Yes, that teenager girl did just fall down flat on her ass. ]
24 February 2012 @ 03:15 am
[ 01 ] ❀❀ [ Phone ◦ Action ]  
[ Sakura Haruno Pervysage knew her day was off to a great start when she ended up with a new teacher who insisted on calling her Miss Pervysage. In front of everyone. Every single time he addressed her. Unfortunately for someone who's notorious for being a know-it-all, she heard enough 'Miss Pervysage' to last a lifetime.

Walking out of the boy's restroom is one pleasant Sakura cracking her knuckles. Naturally, running out of the very same door within seconds is the teacher from before with his hair drenched. He may or may not be screaming about calling a 'Mrs. Pervysage' to reprimand her out of control daughter. Oh well. Now it's Tsunade's problem and not her own. Even if there's a bit of guilt in her heart for sending the 'reminder' straight to her face, it's one that she no longer has to deal with for the day. ]

[ After that embarrassing morning, Sakura chooses to ditch the rest of her classes for a bit of personal time and reflection before work. Throughout the day, she can be found at any of the following locations:
( A ) The comic book shop. Here she seems to be flipping through the pages with a look of disbelief. Did 'heroes' really dress so ridiculous? This was the sort of thing she would expect from Bushy Eyebrows.

( B ) The park. What better place to get caught missing school at than at a public park? Her task for the day may come off as looking over various plants, but she's actually trying to locate any herbs familiar to her.

( C ) The pharmacy near Mayfield Hospital. Familiarizing herself with what glances at medicine she can get, she's shooed out the door after a while.

( D ) Neutron Diner. It's her first evening of work and she's struggling to grasp the concept of roller skates today. The best substitute she can come up with for now is using each and every car as a way to stop her skates. So if you've come by for a meal? Expect it to arrive at a very fast speed. All while she's complaining under her breath about it being too cold and concerns of any ice that may remain on the ground. ]
►►► PHONE;
Heya everyone. I haven't had a chance to really sit down and talk much on the phone lately. [ Unless it was relevant to her interests and all. ] They aren't really popular back home, so I'm trying my best to acknowledge it better. This is the main form of communication here, right? There's no secret letter exchange or anything else a bit more formal, is there?

Oh! It's rude of me to just start asking questions without introducing myself. I'm Sakura. Some of you might have seen me at school or around a bunch. I arrived during a lot of strange incidents. [ She sounds uncertain of herself now, as though struggling to figure out how to approach this topic. ] I was told that those trials happen during holidays, so does anyone have a good list of weeks to prepare for? Well, mentally at least. I don't think I stand much of a chance preparing physically for some of these things. I'd be thankful for any help.