16 July 2012 @ 07:28 pm
First Ribbon  
[Stevens Road and Surrounding Area]

[There was nothing to be said about waking up in a household full of drones. For Makie Sasaki, it was downright unnerving as she pushed the door open, dressed in some kind of frumpy housecoat as she carried a frying pan with her. Well, being abducted wasn't on her to-do list right now, and she was grumbling.]

I thought we were done with the whole abductions thing. But no. And now they have my pactio card and my ribbon and my clothes... this can't get any worse.

[With a heavy sigh, she started going door to door, knocking on them.] Excuse me? Anyone home? Anyone that isn't a creepy guy saying he's married to me? With kids? That don't look a thing like me? Hello?