19 February 2012 @ 05:00 pm
Phone // public, unfiltered:

Ah, so everything is back to normal again now? As normal as it ever gets around here, I mean. [Nina pauses briefly, as if she's thinking about something.] I was lucky, for once. Whatever happened seemed to have skipped over me.

I had a question, though. How many people have had their jobs changed since they came here? It's happened to my brother, and now it's happened to me too. I was wondering how often it happens, and if there's a reason for it, or if it's just something Mayfield does from time to time.

Action A. // Mayfield Hospital:

[Nina seems to be taking to her new job as a nurse! The hospital still holds certain memories and associations for her, of course, and she tries to avoid running into Tenma's drone as much as she can. But despite that, when she goes over to you for whatever reason -- maybe she recognizes you, maybe you're a patient, maybe you call her over for something -- she is smiling kindly.]


Action B. // Taiwan's Cosplay Cafe:

[Nina still finds time to help Taiwan at the cosplay cafe, too, just like she said she would! Funnily enough, the costume she's wearing now is remniscient of a nurse's uniform -- but a lot shorter! And cuter.

Smiling, she holds a pen and paper as she approaches her next customer.]

Can I take your order?

Action C. // Streets of Mayfield:

[Walking home now, and looking a lot more... thoughtful, now that she's not having to tend to others. But she still has time for friends and people with questions! Come and say hi.]
05 February 2012 @ 10:08 am
Does this mean we're helping him? Helping them? ...I guess we don't have a choice, do we? [After all, she said once she would help fix the machine, and she meant it.]

Just don't blow up the hospital. Whatever you do. There are too many injured people there who can't be moved. We can't endanger them. Not even for this.

Action // 836 Hastings Boulevard:
[Clutching her stomach, Nina is going to hunt around the house for her brother until she finds him.]

Johan? I need your advice.

Action // The Beauty Salon:
[Nina is going into the beauty salon.

And a gun. She doesn't fire it yet, but she's willing to if nobody listens the first time.]

Everybody out of here! Right now!

[Sharp-eyed observers might also notice there are several containers of gasoline in the beauty salon that weren't there before.]

Action // Outside the salon, after:
[Nina is standing some ways outside the beauty salon, watching it burn down from a safe distance. A young man who looks very similar to her is with her. There's something different about Nina herself too, though it's difficult to tell until you get close. But her expression seems to have changed slightly, and there's something glittering in her eyes. She isn't smiling, but somehow it feels as though she might be.]

[ooc: Just a note, Johan is with Nina and may threadjack any of her action tags, unless you explicitly specify you don't want that. You can also explicitly request to interact with both of them if you want, too!]
25 January 2012 @ 04:48 pm
Introspection )

It's Nina Fortner. Some of you might know me as Anna Liebert. That's what the town calls me.

I feel like I have to come forward now. I wasn't responsible for the final explosion, and I don't know who was, but I was one of the people who may have caused some damage to the revival machine. At the time, I didn't know that was what it was, but there's still no excuse for my recklessness.

I feel like I should explain something. Many of you who weren't here last March might not know this, but we were made to believe that a machine that looked identical to the one that was found in the dairy housed the souls of everyone who had been droned. We found out later it was just a joke, so we should have been more thoughtful, but I believed that doing what I did might free the people who were trapped inside. I think many of the people who did the same kind of things I did believed the same thing. I thought that maybe there was a grain of truth to the joke that Lucy Smith and the town officials played on us. I knew harm might come to Mayfield as a result of damaging the machine, but so many people who are important to me have been droned. I...

I was wrong. I should have known better, and I shouldn't have acted the way that I did. I don't begrudge anyone their anger. If you don't want to speak with me again, I understand.

I don't plan to give up trying to find out what's going on here. We need to look for answers. But I won't be so stupid about it ever again. There's a right way and a wrong way to do things.

In the meantime, I want to do what I can to help. It's only right. I'm not a doctor, but I know a little bit about treating wounds, and I've learned CPR while I was here. I can show you, too, if you need to know. I'm not sure what I can do, but I want to try to make this right somehow. If you don't already have my address, I can give it to you if you need anything from me.

Action // 836 Hastings Boulevard:
[It doesn't take long for Nina to start feeling woozy, and dizzy. It's nothing major. There's a nausea that comes and goes, along with a numbness. She recognizes the sensations, faint though they are, and can't help flashing back to the deaths she knows the phantom sensations come from.

That's not all, though. There are scars on her body -- not painful, but frightening in their appearance, deep red and marring -- from her first death. One is right over her heart where she was stabbed. She stares at it in the bathroom mirror for a few seconds, blouse unbuttoned so she can examine the marking, before she buttons up.

It doesn't take her long to grow concerned from her housemates as well. After all, they've both died in Mayfield, too. They could be worse off than she is. Nina will immediately go looking for them, perhaps stumbling when a bit of wooziness threatens to overwhelm her.]

Johan! Rarity! Are you okay? Are you hurt?
22 January 2012 @ 12:58 pm

Did anyone else get a visit from Jill Smith the other day? She came by my house. No one was hurt. It was just very strange. But I was wondering if anyone else had had anything similar happen to them, or had heard of anything happening.


[You can find Nina:

A. At the High School, waiting for Johan to be done with his class. While she's waiting, though, she notices one of the greaser drones trying to cram someone into a locker. It takes one quick aikido move to disable him, and shove him inside the locker instead. If the person she helped wasn't a drone themselves, she'll turn and ask if they're okay.

Or maybe you'll just bump into one another in the hallway?

B. At the Grocery Store the next morning, out shopping. She seems to be having trouble reaching some on one of the shelves, though, hopping up to try to get it and still not quite making it! Help her out?

C. Throughout the week, Nina will also be in and out of the Library, like she's supposed to be. She'll go right over if she sees anyone she knows, though... or anyone important to talk to.]