17 July 2012 @ 05:50 pm
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[ Action // 306 Miller Street ]

[Last night, Sansa fell asleep in her quarters at the castle. This morning, she wakes up...somewhere else. For a second, she panics. Has she been kidnapped? Ser Dontos would have told her before taking her anywhere, she's sure of it. But how could kidnappers have gotten into the Red Keep? And who would ever take her to such a strange place as this?

Then she sees the pictures on the wall and panics harder.

It's her. Her as a very small child, grinning a gap-toothed grin in the arms of a man she's never seen before in her life. Her the age she is now, sitting at a table in a funny hat with a cake in front of her, surrounded by more strangers. 

Letting out a little shout of fear, she half-leaps, half-falls out of her bed and crashes to the floor, knocking over her nightstand in the process. She scrambles to her feet quickly and rushes out of the bedroom. Anything to be away from those - what? Paintings? Not even the best painter could make something so lifelike. But she doesn't know those people. She doesn't remember those things. Something is very, very wrong.

Residents of 306 Miller, there is now a white-faced, wide-eyed teenage girl wandering around your house and peeking into the rooms. She's trying her best to stay composed, to stay regal and calm, but failing spectacularly - she's trembling hard as she examines her new surroundings, and her hands, clasped properly in front of her, are white-knuckled.]


[Her voice is trembling, too, but she tries hard to conceal it. And, again, fails.]

If - if there is anyone here, I should very much like to know where I am.

[ Action // Streets of Mayfield ]

[She's never seen streets like this before, either. Where Sansa comes from, roads inside of towns are made to walk on - so that's just what she's doing. Right down the middle of the street. Currently there's no traffic, which is lucky for her. She still looks frightened, is still desperately trying to pretend that she's not. Where's she going? Well. Uh. She's not sure. But there must be a lord of this place who can help her. In the meantime, she's got a small kitchen knife held tightly in one hand. Just in case.

If you're driving, you're about to spot a redheaded roadblock with no concept of cars. If you're walking around town...it might be a good idea to stop her from getting smeared all over the pavement. Just a thought.]