11 April 2012 @ 04:06 pm
[ACTION 1 @ 340 Brady (indoors)]
[Koakuma wasn't expecting to find a package addressed to her, much less two. Both were unmarked save for identifying her as the recipient, which made them somewhat-suspicious. Out of curiosity and against her better judgment, however, she chose to open the larger one.

The contents? A well-deserved surprise punch to the face.

Recovering from the shock of the blow after a few moments, she immediately tossed that package away and proceeded to the cabinet in order to grab a cotton ball or two for her nose. The second package could wait, especially if it also turned out to be a prank of some kind.]

[ACTION 2 @ anywhere (outdoors)]
[A little bit later in the day, after opening her second package and now sporting a pair of wings--wait, that couldn't be right. They weren't on her back where one would expect wings to be; they were on her head.

Anyway, Koa decided she needed to take a walk outside to just get away from things for a bit. She started with a walk around the block, but soon enough decided that just walking around the same place over and over was boring, so she took to wandering aimlessly. Hopefully she wouldn't get herself lost in the process.]

[ACTION 3 @ the library (indoors)]
[Her wandering eventually led her back to the library again, meaning she had been fortunate enough to not get lost. Inside the library, she picked out a random selection of books as usual, then sat herself down to start skimming through them just in case she would ever find anything that was actually interesting, as unlikely as that was in this place.

Every so often, she would glance under the table as if expecting to find something there.]
03 April 2012 @ 11:59 am
For Nozomi: )

For Marisa: )

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27 March 2012 @ 06:52 pm
[ACTION @ Brady Lane in general]
[Koakuma hadn't had much difficulty figuring out what was going on. She wasn't terribly-concerned with it either, because the mist was ultimately harmless. At least, it was harmless until people or the occasional drones started bumping into each other by accident as it was getting harder to see. Then it started to get amusing.

So, if anyone is trying to walk up or down Brady Lane today? If you bump into anything or anyone, chances are you're going to hear a girl somewhere nearby giggling at your misfortune, even if she can't quite see where you are herself. It's probably quite annoying.]

(ooc: Related to this post and the related player plot.)
11 February 2012 @ 06:48 pm
[#1: ACTION for housemates or visitors @ 340 Brady Lane]
[When she wakes up, the first thing Koakuma notices is that she is in a completely unfamiliar room. During the subsequent investigation of her new surroundings, the second thing she notices—upon passing by a mirror and staring at the reflection—is that she isn't herself; instead of a red-haired and red-eyed demon girl with two pairs of bat wings, a brown-haired and blue-eyed human girl stares back.

This is either a really weird dream or a really weird incident, and at this moment, she suspects that it's the former. If it turns out to be the latter and Patchouli or anyone else saw her like this, there's no way that they would recognize her.

Continuing her investigation leads her from one room to another, until eventually she comes across a familiar and somewhat-calming sight: a shelf loaded with books, and a respectable number of them as well. She picks up one of the two sitting loosely on top of the rest and begins to flip through it, her confused expression shifting closer and closer to something akin to nostalgia with each page she turns.]

[#2: PHONE]
[Sometime later, the girl discovers her house's phone. Having never used anything like it before, naturally, her curiosity gets the better of her. She first tries dialing some random numbers without picking up the handset, which of course doesn't really get her anywhere. Then, figuring that she must be missing a step seeing as nothing is happening, she tries picking up the handset and dials some random numbers again.

Does she dial yours?]