14 January 2012 @ 05:57 pm
1st Movie Sign!  
1) [Action: 948 Beulah Street]

[Things seem a little out of the ordinary. First things first - this wasn't Servo's room. Where's his race car bed? Where's his underwear collection? Where's his Interocitor?!]

Ahh... I don't think I'm in Kansas anymore...! Oh, jeez, don't tell me that wormhole tossed us somewhere else!

[he hovers up and starts wandering across the house]

'Ello! Miiiike? Gypsy? Crow? Where are you guys? Cambot? Cambot, c'mere! [nothing. No sign of any of them.] Alright, now THIS isn't funny!

2) [Outside, wandering around anywhere]

[after what hijinx might have happened in the house, Tom's elected to wander across Mayfield to figure out more of where he is... and he doesn't like it!]

I STILL say this looks like the set to Leave It To Beaver...