05 February 2012 @ 11:30 am


You foolish man! Do you understand what you've done...!? You've invited all of us to a feast with decadence of unprecedented magnitude! So be it! You only need to ask and I shall deliver.

Let the gates of Hell open once again to deliver an end to your foolish comedy! From here on out, the story of Mayfield shall be one of tragedies. I shall give you a spectacle unlike any other you have witnessed. There is no going back, my friends.

From the seas of the damned, the end beckons!

[Action: The Park]

[True to his word, Caster has early in the morning made his way towards the Park. It's the only area with a large body of water to begin his magic, after all. Like before, with an excited look, he rushes over towards the lake. As he reaches the body of water, the man stops only to walk now. It was as if the water was solid for Caster walks on top of it with relative ease. He then makes his way towards the center and turns around, giving a bow as if the show was about to start.

Caster takes out his flesh-bound tome from his robes and begins to mutter words in an arcane language. The pages of the book in his hands releases a purple mist that begin dispersing all around the waters. The man will continue this process for quite a while. Should he be disturbed, and the chances of that are likely, he already has a few leftover monsters stationed to guard the waters.

But he's open to conversation, of course, if you yell loudly enough...]

[Action: Anywhere]

[And the ritual has finally concluded long ago. Any unwitting observer may see from the distance a towering shadow of something remarkable, yet grotesque nearing the streets of Mayfield. As it is now, it's about nearly the size of, say, a city bridge, a skyscraper, or a mobile suit. Its plan, of course, is to destroy all that it can whether they are people or buildings. What may seem like a laugh echoes from the encroaching abomination...]