12 October 2012 @ 10:10 am
thirteenth tonfa - let's make fireworks  
A : 1647 Albright Lane : Closed to Cain

[ Hibari's been collecting different things for making fireworks, because it's something that he both like to create and set off. Alone, at least.

As it is now, he's sitting up on top of the roof of 1647 Albright, boxes of material for both fireworks and fuses for them. The most he had things for was sparklers, but he had for other simple types as well. Making fireworks out of the different items.

On his knee, his little Hibird sat fluffed up and softly cooing, while his cloud hedgehog Roll lay curled under the shadow of his other knee. ]

B : High School : Open to All

[ What is he doing napping again? He sure like to nap, doesn't he? With Hibird on top of his head and Roll on his stomach, he lay spread on top of a few low lockers, only half asleep right now. He's paying just a little attention to the students milling through the corridor, and his fingertips are itching to reach for his tonfa. ]

C : Anywhere in Mayfield

[ He is bored, really, really bored. So with Hibird flying around his head and singing Namimori's school's anthem (taught to it by Hibari), he is looking for a fight. Preferrably a good fight, but as long as it's a fight, he won't be picky. Unless his opponent turn out to be really weak. Or if they're Belphegor – but that guy is weak, after all. And he won't measure Cain or Tohsaka Rin, either, because those are some of the few he's not looking to fight with at the moment. Instead, those two might get a passing glance, before he looks to the next prey-- person.

So he scrutinizes everyone he sees, measuring their strength. This is why you might feel his sharp stare in your back, because he's not concealing his observing. ]
27 September 2012 @ 10:31 am
Mission: 009  
-Regains were amazing. Especially when they were useful! With his navigation systems functional once again, this guy can be seen teleporting wherever he wishes! Did he appear on a lamp post? Why yes he did... on purpose this time.-

Why hello, Mayfield. How are we doing today? Good? Bad? Maybe you don't even feel like speaking to me. Have we learned anything new in regards to the town? Yes? No?

Humor me at least. I'm rather bored.
27 August 2012 @ 08:34 pm
Mission: 008  
[Action: 1650 Albright]

-There was a crash just outside as Dynamo found himself randomly teleporting himself upon awakening from the droning process. He shook his head to clear it and looked around, almost in a stupor. Just what happened? Standing up, he decided he needed to investigate.-


Oh, Mayfield~ Seems I had a bit of a glitch in my teleportation program. Minor annoyance, but I must say... I can't help but notice a few oddities around the town. I don't really recall the past few weeks, but it seems I've missed something. Perhaps one of you can help me catch up?
10 August 2012 @ 05:57 pm
Kitty-robics! Cats-ercise! Nya-thletics!  
[Action - 1649 Albright]

[There's a package on the doorstep for Nyanpire, but it's several times larger than him. And heavy, very heavy. He's trying his best to shove it inside so he can open it, but there's no real progress being made. It's stuck against the bottom of the door frame.]

Help! I need help! Nyaaaaaaa!

[Action - Park]

[Mayfield was a pretty scary place. The phone had some people saying some pretty serious stuff. Something bad could happen to his friends and any moment, and he didn't want that! He'd have to protect them! And the only way to do that, tiny-tiny as he was, was to get stronger. Up until now, he hadn't been too sure how to go about this. But he had just gotten back the giant pile of fitness gear and health products that Masamunya had bought for him. So now he was gonna use them! And get strong! And protect everyone!

So there's a little kitty with little kitty-sized weights on his legs, and a sweatband on his head, and a wagon full of highly questionable vitamin supplements nearby. The kitty is working out quite hard, doing side lunges and squats and running around in circles... and occasionally just falling over and panting and looking quite exhausted.]

N... nyaa... it's hard to be strong...
08 August 2012 @ 06:17 pm
Twenty-Seventh File.  

[ Well, hello, housemates! Did you expect to see the robots suddenly drifting to and fro in the house as if they own the place or taking care of things? No? Well, they're there and making as little noise as possible. On top of that, the basement is now transformed into Diana's lab with all of her supplies in it. So, then, where is Diana herself?

Still sleeping in her room until she wakes up, which would be now. She takes a look around and finds that she's not home, but her mind is still loud as ever thanks to people's thoughts buzzing around in it.

Great. She was back here again. How many times did this make it now - three? Where was her frequent flier miles card? ]

...Well, guess I ought to see where I've been placed in now.

[ She stumbles out of bed and walks down the stairs, sitting down at the kitchen table. Anyone expecting her to cook breakfast is wrongly mistaken. She's horrid at cooking for herself.

So, housemates. Wish to meet your new mom? ]


[ Today was the last straw for her job, apparently. If she was serious about being a nurse, she had to get her butt immediately to the hospital ASAP. Coworkers, doctors, etc - you can expect her to be flitting here and there in between rooms changing sheets and also making sure that people are taking their prescribed doses of medication. Don't worry, she's a woman of science and can do the other things herself.

When there's a lull, she'll be in the main entrance and lean against the counter while looking to see if anyone needs help. ]

Need a hand?


[ After her shift, Diana is observing her surroundings to see if anything has been changed since her time in Mayfield. That, and she's also checking to see if there's any old faces around. So, if your character remembers Diana or had interactions with her, she'll be around investigating. ]


Hello once more, Mayfield. For those who don't remember me or are new, I am Diana Ethelbert and I hope that you've all kept yourselves relatively out of harm's way. Would anyone care to fill a girl in as to what's been going on since my departure?

If it'll make things easier, I was last here in June. I believe it's August right now.

Though, to the newbies, should you have any questions, I should be fine with telling you the basics.

Have a good day.
07 August 2012 @ 01:23 pm
[Action A - 1649 Albright Lane]

-Charlie has decided that he would start a routine work out right after breakfast. His housemates or neighbors are welcome to question the rather impressive flips and kicks that he's performing.-

-... If you're lucky enough, you might see him pull off a move he thought was taken from him by the town. Just make sure you're quick enough to dodge a spinning arc of energy. That's right. He accidentally set off a "Sonic Boom" attack. Whoops.-

-... If you didn't get the chance to see him accidentally set off the move, fear not! Now that he knows he's got it back, he'll strike out with a punch now and again to perform the attack. What's he attacking though? ... Apparently he's using the garbage can as target practice.-

[Action B - Elsewhere in Mayfield...]

-He's decided to take a better look around the town. Maybe there's something he's missed. Every now and again, he reaches into his coat pocket to take out a notebook to look things over, or jot something down. He can be seen mostly within the downtown area. Care to approach and question him? ... Or, make a comment on his choice of hairstyle.-
05 August 2012 @ 10:35 pm
➤ 11th Transmutation [Backdated to 8/1]  
A. » Phone

[Ed's been keeping to himself ever since he got back from the whole carnival thing. He's been in an awful state even before it, but when he died there it all seemed to hit him at once. He felt useless and pathetic and he wasn't able to help anyone. He couldn't even help himself! He's been here almost a year now and what has he accomplished? Nothing.

But after having an inspirational talk with his brother (read: he got his ass thoroughly kicked because he was being an IDIOT and now he kind of has a black eye and a broken nose) he figured it was finally time to break the radio silence.

Hey, I wanted to apologize for this past month. I was being... I was being an idiot and I know it.

B. » Action 「Grocery Store」

[In an attempt to make up for being a giant ass, Ed decided to make dinner for Winry tonight and can be found wandering the aisles in thought.]

What should I even make...?

C. » Action 「Around Town」

[Ed bought all the groceries he needed and is headed for home. He's carrying two large bags in his hands and it's kind of hard for him to see over the top of them. What is paying attention to where you're walking? ]
29 July 2012 @ 08:33 pm
.005 Resolutions  
[A: Phone (Open to All)]

[It's pretty late at night and Al is at the end of his rope. Ed has been avoiding him, he utterly failed to protect anyone he cared about when the town went to hell, and he was once more trapped in this stupid armour body. His voice is high pitched in a mix of distress and determination, coming all in a rush down the phones.]

I've had enough!

I'm not going to let this town hurt anyone I care about any more, and I'm not going to let anyone else get hurt. I know... I know I can't protect everybody, but I can help teach people who don't know how to protect themselves.

So... come to the park in the morning if you want to learn, and together we can help make sure that we can give this place a really good fight!

[B: Park (Open to All)]

[Sure enough, mid morning finds one Alphonse Elric in the park, ready to teach anyone who shows up. He knows a lot of people here are competent already, and that some wouldn't want his lessons. But if he can help even one person get better at defending themselves, then he's done a good job.]

[C: 1649 Albright Lane (Locked to Ed)]

[He has had more than enough of Ed avoiding him. He knew from others what had happened to Brother during the carnival, and he is furious that Ed hadn't come to find him as soon as it was all over. He has been around himself a few times since, but he always seems to mysteriously miss his big brother.

Not today.

He's hammering on the door loudly, big metal fist making a furious pounding that shakes the door.]

21 July 2012 @ 08:14 pm
twelfth tonfa - bracelets and flames  
Albright Lane 1647 - outdoors; open to anyone nearby

[ This was quite a nice surprise, he guessed. The bracelet did fit nicely on his wrist, after all, and he could even feel the surge of power inside of him. Those Flame things had come back, had they? Hmm, that was good. Of course, he still preferred fighting with his tonfa rather than using flames, but giving the strikes an extra boost with the flames was always something, right? ]


[ He whips out a tonfa from his shirt sleeve, and focus on the flames. Irritation, yeah, he always felt a slight irritation since he came to Mayfield - well, almost all the time, at least.

Soon, a purple flame wraps around the tonfa, flickering as it grows in strength. Half of a smirk grows on his face when it does. ]


[ Now if only he'd had Roll back, he could use Cambio Forma to kick Byakuran's and Belphegor's asses once and for all. ]
19 July 2012 @ 07:00 pm
[Action A - 1649 Albright Lane]

-It was just like last time. Charlie had awoke that morning in an early fashion as he normally did. Getting dressed and going to make a pot of coffee. It was almost a habit by now, but it helped to keep his own mind in check. Pouring himself a small cup he went to sit outside on the front porch.

There it was again. Sitting just at the bottom of the steps, one of those regained items from home... both addressed to-- Oh, he wasn't used to seeing two packages. Setting down his cup, he reached down to pick them up and calmly opened them. Of course, he was met with that symbol code and his eyes narrowed. Shaking his head he set it aside and went to the next package. Opening that one, left a small smile tug at his mouth. He placed the glasses on his face and tidied up the small mess caused from paper bits.-

[Action B - At the park]

-He's decided to spend some time at the park. When the urge to do so strikes him, he can be seen training. A few kicks and punches to the air. Nothing fancy, other than those Flash Kicks he performs now and again. He's doing his best to keep to himself. After all, he didn't wish to accidentally hit someone, as it's been known to happen to him every now and again...

If you're too close, he'll simply stop.-


Excuse me, Mayfield. An odd request, if you don't mind. I am curious, if any of you out there have anything worth reading? If so... I would very much like to borrow a book or two...
18 July 2012 @ 09:23 pm
A:) morning; 1648 ALRBRIGHT LANE. closed to housemates.

[ever since the Carnival, the days that Abel isn't spending watching over his little brother newly returned from the dead are instead passed by in the basement (which has been converted into something of a make-shift workroom). a workbench sits against the far wall, and there are various small parts littered atop it; he's been attempting to replicate the earpiece long-range Vatican-issue AX radios from home, but his efforts have been half-hearted as best. it's more an excuse to remain away from things down here then it is to make any real progress.

it's doubtful any of his loving 'family' have use for him, but... should you be looking for the rumpled mopey priest, it's where you'll find him.

B:) early evening; CHURCH OF SALVATION. open.

[the good Father has been absent from this familiar place as of late, it's true; those who are used to seeing his face here probably won't think much of his reappearance. it's like an old piece of furniture being back in the room, right? his cassock is missing and a keen eye might notice he's a bit less composed, a little more sleepless than usual -- but Abel is Abel, at the end of the day.

he's keeping to himself for once, and in the act of something outside the routine one would expect from him; instead of being found in the kitchens heartily devouring whatever sweets Ciel has left in sight, he's behind the altar with match and candle. once it's lit, he's taking a small step back and observing the way the little flame glows before closing his eyes to hang his head in a familiar position of prayer. his fingers are clasped loosely around the rosary that never leaves him, however much everything else might change.

it may take him a while to notice an onlooker or newcomer, but... he will, if you give him a little time. or maybe you have a prayer to offer with him? either way, the Church is pleasantly calm this time of day... isn't it? peace is a precious commodity in Mayfield, so enjoy it with him while it lasts, hm?


[though he's been reluctant to stray from his brother's side, Abel finds himself discontent to keep himself locked up in the house tonight. perhaps it's something about the sight of the moon, but... he's inevitably pining for fresh air and night sky.

hands in his pockets, he's ambling the streets in search of absolutely nothing in particular... but it must be coincidence that his feet bring him before one residence in particular with more frequency than the rest. it's the only house he halts before, as well -- to give a long and hard stare from eyes sharper than they had been a moment prior.

but it must be a trick of the light -- because they're softening again whenever his walk continues and takes him away from the Johnson's plot. yes... just a trick of the light. hopefully he doesn't carelessly walk into you in his absent journey!!
15 July 2012 @ 11:53 pm
Mission: 007  
[Action: 1650 Albright]

-It was that time again. When the mail delivered something from home, and Dynamo found nothing bad to happen to him yet! So he was quite eager to open the packages addressed to him. The first was a simple envelope, with some computer coding on it. As he looked it over, he realized it was the programming for his teleportation systems.

That was handy.

The next was a small box. Looking it over, he gave it a small shake in an attempt to hear what it could be. It didn't work out too well, so he simply went to opening it. Peeking inside, he was more than pleased to find what he had been hoping for. It was his double edged beam saber.

That was also handy.-

Huh. Well, seems my systems are nearly complete now. That's a relief. Now then... Where to test these out...?

[Action: Anywhere else...]

-Dynamo was having a bit too much fun with teleporting. He's taking advantage of it. Feel free to notice him appear or disappear in a flash of electric energy. He might be on your roof... on a car... or in rare cases, misjudge and wind up dangling from a light pole in a comedic manner.-
13 July 2012 @ 07:30 pm
fourth prayer  
[A: Action for 1650 Albright Lane]

[Esther has been trying to get it together since the Carnival. It shouldn't be that hard for her in theory. She's seen plenty of horrors in her short life. Seeing Cain like that and losing Father (or more accurately being abandoned by him) shook her. Esther can't bring herself to acknowledge it so she sticks with a half hearted routine of taking care of the family and listening to the phones. It's the same messages over and over again with different wording. (Are there answers? Was it all for nothing? We should do something!) None of it reaches her.

It's the package that starts to stir Esther back to life. She takes it inside, sets it on the kitchen table, and begins to opening it. Her side burns immediately. Esther lifts up part of her dress to see what happened (enjoy seeing her panties housemates) only to be distracted by the rest of the boxes contents.
Her habit is inside. She drops her dress (you should notice there's a star shaped mark on side above her hip if you're around housemates) and runs her fingers over the white fabric.

Esther already felt more like herself.]

[B: Phone | filter to Abel]

... If you don't answer this I'm stopping by the house and everywhere I can think of to talk to you. [Her voice is soft at first. This second sentence is more Esther-like; stubborn and impatient.] We're going to talk!

[C: Phone | filter to Cain]

[She tries her best to sound cheerful. It's a mixed bag.] Hello! I'm sorry for being so quiet. If you're around, would you like to stop by for some tea or anything like that? I realized today we haven't done that in a while.

[D: Phone | Open to all]

I know we've got a lot of messages asking where everyone is and if there are any answers to be found so I won't be adding to them. I will say that I'm going to the church in a little while. I'm going to make some snacks and a fresh pot of tea. Anyone who wants to see me or enjoy that is welcome to come.

[E:  Action for Church of Salvation]

[True to her word Esther can be found in the kitchen working on making some food and tea. She's in her newly regained habit (linked above!). Esther is humming a little tune to no one while doing this. She is going to make herself be useful again regardless of everything.]
12 July 2012 @ 07:20 pm
004 ♥ | backdated to the day after Welcomefield  
A. Action | 1646 Albright Lane | Locked to household and passerby

[ Bella wakes up surprisingly peacefully, with a yawn and a stretch. But it only takes a second for it to hit her.

She's alive.

Somehow, despite the fact that she'd gotten eaten by the creepy fog, she's alive. But she'd definitely died. She remembers it, the way it felt, the panic and the fear, and all the pain.

She sits up in bed, trying to get a handle on herself. Okay, so she died. But she's alive now, right? It's probably just some wacky town shenanigans or whatever. Something she'll have to just get used to. But she's okay. She has to be okay. She'll make herself okay.

Calming herself down seems to be working. Until she notices something off. Her heart isn't pounding hard in her chest like it should be. Her pulse isn't thumping in her wrist and neck. That, combined with the sight of her little pink flashlight suddenly on her bedside table, ruins it.

Wrapping her arms around her legs, she rests her forehead on her knees and starts what's probably going to be a very long session of crying. ]

[[ooc: sticking your head through her window here is totally acceptable! c:]]

B. Action | All around town

[ Maybe a walk will clear her head and help her calm down. While getting some of her old clothes back doesn't really make up for what happened, she's wearing them anyway. Instead of the fifties clothes she's had to settle on, she's got on modern day clothes, all of them by high end designers. Unfortunately, her appearance is somewhat diminished due to the fact that her hair has been thrown into a messy ponytail.

She looks tired, and a bit down, but totally approachable. ]

C. Action | Church of Salvation

[ Eventually, Bella finds herself at the church. Surprise surprise. When in doubt, go to God. Even though she's stuck in this place, and all these terrible things keep happening, she's not going to let it ruin her faith.

So she can be found sitting on a pew, head tilted back, looking at the ceiling. ]
01 July 2012 @ 02:04 am
Indigestion Strikes  

N...nyaa, I feel terrible... [Are you at all familiar with that 'urp'ing sound that cats make when they're about to throw up? That's the sound that's coming through on the phone. Urp, and urp, and then... yeah.

Then there's a bit of pitiful whining, before Nyanpire speaks again.]

Greed... Greed told me it wasn't good for me, but... but I ate the pie, and the hot dogs, and... and the milkshakes, and the pie... Nyaaaa, I'm sorry.... It tasted so good...

[Action, 1649 Albright, Saturday afternoon]

[Getting something in the mail was normally a joyous occasion. At least, it was for Nyanpire. It was always a little piece of home that made him smile and was even fun, like his yarn or his favorite ketchup. But the box that was waiting for him contained a simple green candied apple.

The one Masamunya bought him at the summer festival. The one that he hadn't even liked.

Nyanpire wasn't even sure what emotion he was feeling now, but it wasn't a good one. It was a completely lousy one. So there he sits on the front step with his candied apple in his paws, taking the occasional sad and sulky lick.]
14 June 2012 @ 03:58 pm
[Action A - 1649 Albright Lane]

-Charlie would have to get used to another... house mate, but that should be easy enough. Eventually. That morning, after getting dressed he went down to make himself a cup of coffee. After going about the process of making it, he poured himself a cup and headed outside to sit on the front porch.

That's when he noticed the small package. He frowned as he picked it up to look it over... and raised a brow at the fact it was addressed to him. He set the coffee down and carefully opened the box. Inside was an envelope... and opening that, a small piece of paper was removed. Upon reading what was written, Charlie was left simply confused.-

[Action B - Anywhere]

-The guy with the large forelock of hair is going about, minding his own business while he runs a few errands. Feel free to talk to him as he's making his rounds, he might even ask about regains. After all... he still doesn't understand what he exactly regained.-
14 June 2012 @ 05:32 am
-1: 『Enter the Minus!』  
[action 1, around town, morning]

[ There's a new face in town -- a rather ordinary-looking young man of average height and build, with black hair, blue eyes, and a pleasant smile on his face. Hands stuffed into his pant pockets, he is walking down the sidewalk, seemingly minding his own business as he approaches a random pedestrian and-- ]


[ --In an instant, he's all up in their grill, his smiling mug just inches away from theirs. ]

『Hello! Excuse me! You there! Yes, you! If you're not too busy, may I please have a moment of your time?』

[ And even after he finishes speaking, the young man continues to stand rather closely to the other person, totally invading their personal space.

And he is still smiling. ]

[action 2, late afternoon, 1649 albright]

[ After spending several hours trying to gather as much information as he could, and another hour or two trying to recall his address, Kumagawa once again finds himself at the front steps of his new "home" -- 1649 Albright Lane. Once inside, he removes his shoes, leaves them at the front door, steps into the living room and, after taking a deep breath, announces quite loudly: ]

『I'm hooooooome, my wonderful, caring, loving family!! I'm soooooo sorry for sneaking out while you were all asleep this morning, but I'm back now, and I'm determined to be the best family member I can possibly be!』
14 June 2012 @ 10:23 am
13th Adventure  
[Action A - Household, 7135 Brooks: Your kitchen is a total wreck today. Hurricane Aurora has passed though in an attempt to bake. There's flour everywhere, ingredients scattered, pots and pans overflowing the sink. The master baker herself is hovering (literally!) in the kitchen, looking over a recipe book. Her hair is tied up high on her head (as best as it could be), her apron has more flour on it than is probably used in recipes, and she's deep in thought as she mutters what she's reading aloud. ]

Let's see... oh no, did I add a tablespoon of the salt, or sugar?

[Being a ghost cook is suffering.]


[Action B: Brooks Street Out in front of their house, Aurora has set up a lovely little bake sale stand! It's decorated with colorful signs and flowers and streamers, and Aurora herself is all cleaned up and perfectly dressed. But the baked goods... Well, maybe they don't look as nice, but Aurora looks very excited for people to try them.

Here's the thing. Sometimes she got the recipe right. Sometimes she didn't. Maybe you got a good brownie or cookie, or maybe you didn't. Try at your own risk!]


[Action C - 1648 Albright Lane: There's a knock at the door! It's Aurora, looking a bit anxious and worried. She's carrying a small container of cookies, and she's looking to speak with Abel. Privately.]

10 June 2012 @ 04:00 pm
❦ the fourth rose  

Whether or not these zombies are due to the work of the town or an individual, I must say it is so terribly uncreative. If I recall correctly, it was nearly around the same time last year where a similar incident happened as well. Really, if you are out to terrify and maim us, do try a bit harder next time. A boring game of repetition is no entertainment at all.

And as terribly bored as I am, I will offer a great kindness in hopes that it will relieve such boredom. Do take note of it as I can assure you such a thing will not happen again. [Kindness only comes once in a million years alright!!] If anyone is interested, I shall be sharing tea at 1648 Albright Lane. It is as good a time as any for a good cup of tea and enjoyable conversation.

Of course, should you be attacked on your way here if you choose to come--well, I suppose that is simply not my problem. [And with that she hangs up. What a lovely young girl, right...]

Action: 1648 Albright Lane

[And true to her word, housemates and guests will be able to find Rachel in the kitchen sipping tea and having a pastry or two. The pot of tea is still hot, and there's a plate of other pastries on the table too. Clearly a zombie invasion is the time to enjoy yourself with tea. u_u]
11 June 2012 @ 12:23 am
eleventh tonfa - Birds and Zombies  
A ))) 1647 Albright Lane – Morning (backdated)

[ Possibly, someone opened the package before he had the time to. Possibly, the thing inside it got impatient and hacked itself out of the box.

Either way, when Hibari is about to walk down the stairs, he hear a small voice calling his name. ”Hibari! Hibari!” and when he see a small fluff of yellow, ”Bite to death, bite to death!”.

He follow the flying bird with his gaze. ]


[ How had his bird end up in Mayfield? ]

B ))) Pet Shop – Early Afternoon (backdated)

[ Hibari is just entering the store, with a small, yellow and fluffy bird perched on top of his head. He's only been inside the pet shop once before, when he was turned into a vampire of sorts, but he didn't put in his mind to remember where the bird food was. Unfortunately for him. He looks around, trying to spot it. ]

C ))) Around Mayfield - Afternoon (backdated)

[ He's carrying a bag filled with food for his pet bird, who is flying around his head, singing his school's anthem. He's on his way back “home”, and don't care at all about the fact that he's supposed to be in school at the moment. Or possibly, school's already ended, he's not really sure, nor does he think of it. ]

D ))) Around Mayfield – Saturday, Zombiefield

[ Due to certain … misadventures … Hibari has been infected. Thankfully, Hibird has not, but the Namimori Head Prefect is slashing at anything that he can see. Or anyone, for that matter. Anything that moves, really. Hibird is flying above him, keeping his proper distance without losing sight of Hibari. While Hibari says nothing, however, Hibird is. ”Bite to death! Bite to death!” because Hibari can only growl.

And even if Hibird's warning isn't enough, biting people to death is what he's aiming for.

And this time, it's not just a threat of a beating. ]