13 February 2012 @ 06:16 pm
Fighting with blood 1 - Hey did I always have such a family? & it's flirting time!  
[Action; evening of the 13th; 1128 taylor road]
[ Kamui got there in the morning, but when he first woke up it was only to turn in bed and fall asleep right away again. But now, after having slept all day (no Abuto to drag him out of bed after all), he finally sit up, looking around. ]


[ Standing up, he leaves the room, checking the house. ]

This doesn't look like Takasugi-san's ship..

Hi~ It says it's the 13th, does that mean it's Valentines tomorrow? [ He only knows about the events that's got to do with food, is that surprising? ]

[Action; 14th; around town]
[He's had a sniff of that mint he found. And he's not just his normal self, he feels like everyone's looking particularily attractive today.

So he's out walking, of course with an open umbrella hiding him from the winter sun.

Whoever you are, he comes up to you, al smiles. Not that that's any odd for him. It's the flower he pushes into your hand that is. ]

(ooc: he'll only flirt with adults/near adults though. no kiddies.)