10 June 2012 @ 11:20 pm
☠Fifth Reel: UGH, zombies... [PHONE]  
I simply detest soulless automatons. What's worse is that they are actually intelligent. Quite a nuisance.

If anyone needs me, I'll be...indisposed.
13 May 2012 @ 03:15 pm
☠Fourth Reel: Rubbing Elbows with the Locals  

Today is a special day. A day where mothers are given the praise they rightly deserve for going the distance time and time again, as well as enduring the hardships men simply CANNOT handle. In all honestly, women should be wearing those britches the men are unable to fit.

Truth be told, I could care less about this holiday for my own personal reasons, but there are those that deserve a proper celebration, and how can I turn down a petty reason to celebrate~?

At the moment, it's seven in the morning. At noon, there will be a brunch for the mothers of Mayfield in my home at 1670 Nelson. Please keep in mind that I do reserve the right to refuse entry.

Don't worry. There will be spirits and other refreshments to enjoy~.


[At 1670 Nelson, Grell awaits with an open door, and classical music playing in the background. The food is probably store bought, since Grell is still improving on her cooking skills. The tea is made by her, though. It's not over-steeped this time!]
04 May 2012 @ 01:15 pm
☠Third Reel: PSA + Charity  

Denizens of Mayfield, lend me your ears.

I, Grell Sutcliff, have caught win of a title that is up for grabs. Who better to grab it than I? A queen fit for a crown, and with such healthy tresses~! Come now, the choice must be obvious.

Besides, I'd certainly KILL for that crown. A fair warning~!

Also, I'm having a charity yard sale for the time being, at 1670 Nelson. All proceeds go to those in need!

[1670 Nelson]

[Grell is sitting in a lawn chair, wearing a bright sundress, with a wide primmed hat and sunglasses. For her yard sale, is her old reaper uniform, minus the coat (THAT COAT IS HERS). That dreary thing! How could she ever wear it again with such fabulous dressed like the one she has on?]
23 March 2012 @ 01:05 pm
☠Second Reel: Avon Calling!  
[Around Town]

[The only job Grell ever had was being a reaper. Ferrying souls to the beyond. Killing a few whores. Watching lives pass before her eyes. Slaying zombies. That sort of thing. Her new venture as a door-to-door cosmetic saleswoman is new, exciting, and SO HER THING! Making over the drab and dreadful of Mayfield is like needing to buy new shoes!

There is a bounce in her step as Grell rings a doorbell, smoothing down her hair and straightening her suit. Once the door opens, she greets her potential client with a pleasant smile.]

Good day~! I'd like to make you THE offer of a lifetime! Would you be able to spare a moment of your time~?

[The Park]

[Grell is simply minding her own business, deciding to stroll around the park since the day is so lovely, and a duck began following her. At first, she thought nothing of it, but it kept following her, even after she offered a few of her snack crackers. She decides to leave the area, but the duck has other ideas.

Her heels click on the pavement trail, while the distinctive sound of a mallard comes from behind her. On the spot, Grell turns around on her heels and stomps her foot.]

I have no time for fowl play, especially not from the water kind!

[This bird simply would not give up! It obviously does not know the glorious fury of this scarlet beauty. It soon will, since Grell pulls out a small dagger, grinning maniacally.]

[1670 Nelson]

[As she steps inside the door, she has a bag in her hands, and it was dripping with blood.]

Darling~? I brought home dinner~! [Hope he likes duck He better like duck.]
17 February 2012 @ 11:45 am
☠First Reel: Not in Kansas?  
[Grell is curently standing in front of a house right out of a daydream. A well manicured lawn, white picket fence...children running around.

What makes this too good to be true is that her clothing has changed. Not that she's complaining. Whoever chose this dress certainly has good taste! But that is besides the point.]

Morpheus, how cruel are you to play such a hoax! [As Grell stares, dumbfounded, a hand rises and pinches her arm, startling her.] OUCH! [Okay, not a dream. A hallucination?]

Oh, there you are, angel! I thought you got tied up at the grocery store.

[Green eyes immediately go over to the handsome man. Nicely dressed, smart looking, a charming smile.

Better play along.]

Well, I'm home now~. [The smile she gives is just a mask. She would like to know what the Hell is going on.]

(ooc: the blue font is her drone husband.)