01 May 2012 @ 11:41 am
❄ eighteenth reminder  
[ phone ]

Hi again, Mayfield! Uh, still Jade, how are you doing?

I just wanted to ask, is prom the same thing as homecoming? All the fliers make it seem like it's another fancy dance, so I figure it's more or less the same thing. People sure like to dance in school! I guess it's a good thing I'm such a good dancer, I guess! I will probably just use the same dress I wore to homecoming! But maybe with a new bowtie, just to change things up...

Oh, one more question, uh, say someone wanted to experimentally turn you reeeeally small, without a way to make you bigger again, would you want to do that? Probably not, huh...

[ park ]

[ Jade is playing in the park on this sunny spring day, surrounded by a field of strange looking flowers.

Wait a second... are those flowers? If you approach for a closer inspection, you'll find those definitely aren't flowers-- they're trees! Tiny, tiny trees. Jade's laying flat on her stomach, squinting at them through her glasses and writing notes in a book beside her. ]

[ in front of 1338 benny ]

[ Jade's playing in her front yard with what appears to be the world's best dollhouse. And those dolls sure are... lifelike. And moving on their own. Which is probably because they're all little drones.

One of them has wandered away from the safety of her play area, towards the sidewalk. ]

Hey, come back!
15 March 2012 @ 07:52 pm
❄ seventeenth reminder  
[ phone ]

Hi everyone! Jade Harley here again, and I had an idea I wanted to talk about! I got back one of my computers a while ago, but I haven't really been able to do anything with it. I think I remember someone mentioning they had set up a wireless network for Mayfield, but if only a few of us have computers, that's not doing us a whole lot of good, right?

So I was thinking, we have a lot of really smart people here, and people with cool magic powers, and I know a lot about computers myself too! I think that maybe if we put the brains and the magic together, we could make some more computers, and set them up somewhere, like the library! Then anyone could use them, and, I dunno, computers are pretty great and with more people able to use them, I bet we could accomplish a lot of stuff!

Uh... I don't really know what kind of stuff yet, but we can come up with that later!

Is anyone interested?

[ mayfield high ]

[ Jade's skipping class to hole up in an empty classroom, where she is dissecting her lunchtop with the utmost care. She doesn't seem particularly worried about being caught out of class, as she's left the door wide open while she works. ]

[ hardware store ]

[ At some point after school, Jade can be found perusing the shelves of the hardware store. Sadly, a 1950s hardware store is hardly equipped to build any sort of computer. She frowns, folding her arms and loitering about. ]

Well that sucks!
11 February 2012 @ 11:43 am
❄ sixteenth reminder  
[ phone ; fail filtered to the ladies of mayfield ]

Uh... hi...

[ someone is sounding a little awkward. ]

So I think I am a woman now, or my flower has bloomed, or some other metaphor for getting my period, but that happened and it's not like I haven't read about periods online but actually getting it is kind of, um-

Can someone... help me?

[ 1338 benny ]

[ Jade has cloistered herself in the bathroom; the cord of the phone stretches beneath the door. Sounds of distress come from within. ]
03 February 2012 @ 11:54 pm
❄ fifteenth reminder  
[ phone ]

Um... [ This is not the usual bright, cheerful Jade speaking on the phone. She sounds exhausted and empty, and definitely like she just got done crying. ] I, sorry, I'm bothering you right now- I, um, just need-

[ She wails, somewhat dramatically, and the tears come again. ]

I can't do anything right...

[ mayfield high ]

[ The weather outside is cold and wintery, but inside the school the temperature is about as normal as it gets. Jade however, is completely bundled up from head to toe, trying to hide the new glowing green state of her body. A soft glow still emanates through her clothing, but she's doing her best to avoid notice. Occasionally a whimper escapes the moving pile of clothes, but she doesn't have much of anything to say. ]

[ around mayfield ]

[ She's less bundled up than before, having determined that trying to hide the horrible glowing is as unequivocally hopeless as everything else. It doesn't matter where she is, in a store, on the street, something manages to set off the water works and she finds herself reaching for the nearest dry think to wipe her tears and blow her nose - your shirt. ]
21 January 2012 @ 10:28 pm
❄ fourteenth reminder  
[ 1338 benny rd ]

[ Jade's been feeling a little... strange, lately, like there's some little itch that can't be scratched. An itch that might be right behind one of her ears, maybe...

The past few nights have had her tossing and turning, and it seems the last night has her sleepwalking, because when you wake up you'll find her curled up at the foot of your bed, fast asleep.

Not like a dog don't even say it. ]

[ afternoon ; the park ]

[ Jade's all bundled up against the chilly winter weather, head to toe, save for a lack of hat, leaving her ears twitching in the wind. She's gripping a tennis ball in one hand, bouncing it against the ground, but not paying too much attention to it. Her eyes are elsewhere, glancing around and making sure no one is watching.

When she thinks the coast is clear, she sends the ball flying away from her, and is quick to scamper after it. ]

[ early evening ; grocery store ]

[ Jade is in the pet food aisle, eyeing up a bag of dog food on the top shelf. When she spots you, especially if you are taller than her (which is very likely), she waves to get your attention. ]

Hi, could you help me with something?